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  1. Usually you only see a session variable (which is what that string is) if you have cookies disabled or are browsing in some sort of "safe" mode (depending on the browser). If you bookmarked a link with a session variable and go back to it later, the session that variable refers to will no longer be valid, which could be why you're being redirected to the forum index. Do you normally switch between IE8 and Firefox, or were you doing that just to troubleshoot this issue? ..Al Just to troubleshoot. I do use noscript with FF, so that probably had something to do with it. While I have no such plugin with IE, perhaps just using the bookmark with the session variable caused it to happen with that browser. I'll bring the topic up again if it happens again. Hopefully removing the variable from the bookmark (and my browser history) will correct it once and for all. Thanks.
  2. Just noticed that the forum can't seem to decide which time zone I'm in- mostly shows an hour ahead, but once tonight it showed the right time for me. Just checked, the time zone was set to GMT-5 which was wrong for me (meaning mostly it was showing up right as far as it knew). Just changed it and now it showed an hour earlier?? (GMT-7) Hmm. EDIT: I just reloaded the index as the settings said, and now it shows up correct again. I'll whine again if it shows up wrong again.
  3. I'll have to play with it a bit to see if I can reproduce the issue. When you are seeing this, can you copy the links that are not working (not sure in IE8, but you can typically right-click a link and then copy the link location)? That would help. Thanks, ..Al Will do. Odd thing though, I *think* the links were showing up oddly when I tried before, like: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php? s=98bb407b1b7c2fddb79cb3577d351ff0 &automodule=blog&blogid=87&cat= instead of www.atariage.com|forums|index.php?automodule=blog&blogid=87&cat=106 (both of these links bring me to his page, but if I recall correctly the nonworking links may have looked similar, as if his page didn't load correctly.) EDIT: urls did not show up as I typed them. Spaces added to first url because the s=98... part kept getting removed for some reason. EDIT2: That seems to be it! I just loaded the page in IE again after waiting a bit and found the links to be in error, replacing "/blog/87-chronogamer/" in each link with "/s=df21c0fa17e379dc0cb0d9878f3acad9/" in the urls, and sure enough, they didn't work. Just going back then in my browser history fixed the links. I do notice my bookmarked link to his page contains the s= part (see first code block above). I'll see if fixing this bookmark causes the problem to go away.
  4. I don't know of any pattern, sorry. It just worked fine for me on FF3.5 before reading this thread again, but I just loaded up IE 8 to see and the problem happened again.
  5. Talk about a fast reply! Thanks. EDIT: Oh, I forgot to add- it happens in both Firefox 3.5 and IE 8.
  6. This isn't related to the forums per se, but since the upgrade half the time when I click certain links in Mezrabad's Chronogamer blog (may be more than just his, I haven't checked) instead of acting on the link it takes me to the forum root instead. Affected links include the ones sorting by category (1978, 1979, etc) and the ones to go to the post (to see the comments and/or add a comment) like the post title and "comments:x" link. This only happens part of the time, and happens whether or not I am logged in.
  7. No edit function on this forum? Ah, well. I just wanted to add that I guess the file sizes (208k vs. 945k) should have been an obvious clue that I didn't know what I was thinking. And me, an emulation veteran...
  8. Ah. I see now. I didn't realize StellaX was just a front end- I had assumed it was a GUI version of Stella while stella.exe was command-line, like Mame32 vs. Mame. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. Yes I joined this forum just to ask a dumb question. I am using StellaX (1.41). The manual says to press the TAB key to go to event mapping, but when I press it all that happens is cycling through the active button or area in the window. I tried it on both the main screen and the options screen. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
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