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  1. Quick question for all the "Adventure" fans out there: With the retro re-imagined version of Adventure that is coming, do you want them to keep the main character a Square/Dot? Running man? Zelda-like overhead figure? A choice of characters/abilities/characteristics/traits? Also would you prefer the dragons to look like the dragon on the box art, or a duck-dragon like the original?
  2. I have re-written a reply to this multiple times. But when it all boils down , I stopped buying mobile games for most of the reasons stated in the article. Along with a few others. At most, I'll try them. Then stop playing after a bit because of controls or the pay wall. Then I promptly delete. The only current game on my phone is the Dark Tower game. (Yes the board/electronic game). -Insert another plea for Dark Tower on Amico-
  3. This is a snippit from the latest Geeks with Cash interview with Tommy. He picked this up and said... "a bag of discs"... My inner 12 year old chuckled. I'm sure that we all have a few people in our lives we could say "Go eat a bag of discs!" I could see a Tee shirt with this..
  4. With all the talk of the launch wave of games. Pete's new countdown video. And the talk of wiki, It got me thinking: What is everyone's most anticipated games AFTER the initial 35-50 games come out? Things we have not seen any videos on, but know are in development. Head over to the Wiki page for the Amico for the semi-official list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellivision_Amico Then come back here and chime in. There are a few absences from that list that have been mentioned. Notably Adventure. I think that we should stick to this list for now. Everyone would put Tron... Maybe even ET. But they are still at the Wouldn't that be somethingtm? phase.
  5. I remember a few years back. OK more than a few years. There was a war on a certain high profile attorney's Wiki page stating that they walked around on cloven hooves,horns on their head, etc. Just written into the biography of the person. It would disappear.. Then get edited back in a little later on. This went on for a long time. I love Wiki
  6. Wait... Wiki is wrong sometimes? Next thing you will be telling us is that youtube is full of lies as well. I'm shocked I tell you.. Shocked...
  7. Quick question for @Tommy Tallarico - I understand that with the delay that you are baking some dev time into both the initial batch of games. Plus solidifying the 2nd wave and beyond! Dropping little hints here and there. I've also heard you mention that the hardware is 99.8% (or 99.9%) done. This leads me to my question - Has this delay changed anything on the hardware front? I think it was about this time last year that you doubled the onboard storage. With some of the parts shortages going on. Has this changed anything else? I know the quality will be there, so I'm not worried. Has the delay caused a "rethink" on the lifecycle of some of the components? For example: The Snapdragon (whatever model it is) is one year older than when you chose it and were expecting it on market. That means one year closer to the end of life cycle for that specific chip. Are you going with a different model than original Amico test machines? Same with other components. I'm happy to watch the sausage being made! Or the Candy: His store in Florida would be a fun place for Amico. I know it's a one off store. But this is a unique place. Not just candy. He has Games.Toys. Food. Family fun. (Plus over 500K subscribers on youtube).
  8. Is this a confirmation of a certain game that we've all asked about? I'm asking Bit.. 'Cause Bit knows all: Bit? Bit says YES!
  9. Hey Tommy, My selfish choice is 1. But I think you don't need to have the conversation about how all those games are a Work in Progress. I think 2 would be an amazing video. (Don't give away too much as you want to save some surprises). Same with the console. Keep some of the cool things in your pocket. Call these hybrids of 3: Think of it as not really an interview. An open "letter" to people interested in the system. Or even on the fence. Get people that have been in the industry for a bit. Especially people who have worked on previous platforms. Or even the 3 newest ones. Showcasing what makes the Amico different. Have them address some of the criticisms of the Amico. Including the perceived lack of power of the system. Show off something cool about the system that none of the others can do. Another version of 3 would be to have some of the backers come out and say why they have backed the Amico. While not mentioning by name, they could compare the other crowd sourced consoles out there and how this is different. The more I think about it.. A montage of #5 would be pretty cool - Ask the focus group/moms/seniors/devs one question: Something along the lines of "What was your favorite part of the system"? OR "What surprised you the most after playing the system"? If they give you answers about aspects of the system that you have not yet revealed... Put a censored mark over their lips like they are swearing. With a disclaimer at the beginning of the video about the bleeping of the words. Keep it humorous. Sneak Reggie into any of the videos as Soccer dad 12... Or Partner number 18... And have him talk about the console.
  10. For those late night Astrosmash, EWJ4,Tron, Tempest, Rigid Force Redux, Gex, and ET sessions when everyone is asleep, will we be able to pair our headphones with the Amico? I don't want to wake up the family.
  11. Called up the local Gamestop and they are putting my name on the poster they received.. Hopefully they can give them out due to the Virus that shall not be named. Fingers crossed.
  12. Amidst all this cool stuff. Another Retail casualty. I was hoping to at least get one Amico game at Fry's electronics. It doesn't look like I get to do that now.. Fry's is no more. http://frys.com/ If you don't know - Think of a Best Buy and a Micro Center tossed together under one roof. About the size of a Super Walmart. Sad to see it go. The Fry's of the 80's/90's/early2k's was amazing. Rows of everything. Plus most of the stores had amazing themes. From Myan, to Egyptian. To Almost Steampunk. (Fremont California). The original Fremont fry's was right next to the NeXt factory. That big gazebo thing in the center, was a Tesla Coil. It would go off at random times. VERY LOUD... But soo fun. I bought soooo much stuff here.
  13. Question for the team here: If your Amico is in a component shelf. Recessed. Will there be an issue with the lighting and some games? Or should I have it on top of a shelf to get the full effect?
  14. Yes. But the groundwork is there for a solid game. The ships will change as it is a OEB edict ... (Pun intended Pete). Backgrounds. And other things will change as well. I'm sure we will see a nice polished game by the time it hits either the physical or virtual shelves. I thought the rule was right now.. No FPS's... More fuel for the haters out there.. Tommy lied again.. Flying [email protected]#*s Ships!!! Clear as day! Sorry can't help myself.
  15. Loved the original.. Hopeful for this one. With all of the controller features being used. Very cool. Can't wait to see gameplay and how it will all work. I've got tons of questions.. I'm sure most of us will, but I'll start with 2 simple ones. Will we (meaning 2 or more people) be able to play at the same time? or one by one? and the 2nd: Was that an actual level? other than the popout telling us about the controller, of course. Good tease Tommy!!!
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