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  1. My initial guesses are as follows - 1)Abandoning your current architecture. 2)You are going to a more powerful Ryzen chip. My guess - A Threadripper. Liquid cooled of course. 3)This has caused a slight delay in shipping, but don't worry kick starters will get it first. 4)Because you over deliver - And with your earlier answer - Since the USB-C is data and power... You will be offering an eGPU with Dual RTX-2080's. So we get ray traced Farkle and Cornhole. - IN 4K! 5)Price may go up slightly. I may be confusing some of this with another retro game system coming out. Hey they offer two controllers too. For $389.00!!! Plus you get ZERO games with it. - Not hating. I really want both to succeed.
  2. Silly question of the day - Is the USB-C connection on the back of the Amico Power only? Or Power/Data?
  3. OK Tommy - Your Order of importance is: 1)Get Amico out. 2)Resurrect the Vectrex. 3)Get Tron 3 made. I'm sure you can get that done within 2-3 years No Pressure!
  4. I keep forgetting about the 200K mark.. You are already a decent amount there. And that is with just preorders. If math serves me correct. You are over 5% there already. Prior to any marketing. Speaking for myself here. If it comes down to it. As much as I want you to hit the 10/10 mark, if it comes down to it, I'd rather wait and get a better quality product. I'm sure that will fuel the Nay Sayers. But that is OK. I'm sure that you will have a very good reason and you will communicate it. If we end up with a better system overall, no arguments from me.
  5. I watched the video knowing exactly what it was going to be. Didn't disappoint. I will give him credit, he does play his N64 with his friends. That is good! One step closer. But a lot of his facts are not facts. I think basement kid vs person who showed off his awards and the listing of all the video games he had a hand in is a perfect example of who has the most industry knowledge. Again, more power him, I think that opinions are a good thing to have. But opinion does not equal fact. The comments section for his 23 subscribers says it all. Get ready for the 50 year old people who will attack you. The last person who did this.. bla bla bla. Someone even says that there is no way that the Intellivision is 16 bit. But when someone points out that the chip is 16 bit.. And gives the link to the wiki... I'm stopping. I believe that we should all do the same. I had other things to write. But the bottom line is: get more facts. And nice pic in the background! If you find value in playing that old system that originated with Mid 90's tech, that means that graphics are not the number one thing in your brain. Another plus in my book!!! That means that there may be an Amico person in there someplace. IF you are open to something non-traditional. Almost none of us on this forum have seen or played an Amico yet. We are all putting out our money as we are sold on the concept. And Tommy. We don't know anything about the execution. Yet. But so far I like what I see. I like some of the vision. Not all of the games. But I see the vision. I'm positive that most games will be fun. Think of it this way: I liken prordering my Amico to preordering a new xbox or PS. Almost note of us have touched those either. We have barely seen any gameplay. But some are sold here on one or both of them. Because we like what we've played in the past. Same here.
  6. Sorry brain somewhere else. I'm not implying that Tommy is the MCP.
  7. I was thinking about this and the speculation of a Saturn and or Dreamcast Mini. Sorry to add to the Amico thread, but revolutionary would be if they made the mini console and have the ability to purchase more games for it. The cheapest method would be: Make a digital shop. Buy and download. My dream(cast) would be for them to release Mini Packs of games in a physical format that is scaled to the mini DC. For all the Crazy collectors. Now back to regularly scheduled Amico program: Is there a time frame of when we will be seeing the retail packaging? I know that you are doing something special for that. Same with the physical games. Would love to finally see the packaging and media. (Don't want to say cartridges).
  8. An amazing board game to add to the list would be Big Trouble in Little China. It's out of print now. A good way of preserving some of these. https://www.everythingepic.us/big-trouble-in-little-china On that same preserving note: If you create a game that has been around for a while, maybe you can have the multiple versions. For instance: The board game Mouse Trap from the 70's/80's is different than the current version. It would be neat to see an evolution of the game. Same with Life. Monopoly. Sorry.. ETC. Even if it's just a graphical change. I had already given my vote for Dark Tower a while back. (Both old and new versions).
  9. Hey All, Were there ever any OST's made for 3DO games? I pulled the audio from my PC version of Killing Time at one point. (Toot Suite I believe was the band) Road Rash had the OST CD. But that is about it that I can remember. There is some great music my trusty old 3DO, I'd love to hear it again. Not just while playing the games.
  10. Love Windjammers. Have the AES version. Bought the Limited Run Games Switch version. All around fun. Would love to see a lot of the NEO GEO games on the Amico. As much as I love Metal Slug, I don't think that it would cut the mustard on the Amico. But other games would fit nicely.
  11. Hey Tommy, If you could get at least input from Jeff Minter that would be fantastic! If David Theurer AND Jeff Minter worked together on the new Tempest... Wow.. WTBS - Wouldn't That Be Something.
  12. I've preached multiple times about my love for Tempest. And Jeff Minters take on it. I sound like this: A re-imagined Star Control with updated graphics would be amazing!!!
  13. I had an Amico-less weekend. started to catch up late yesterday. Wow. We were treated to (maybe) angry people possibly trolling us. Not sure if they like to to torture themselves over semantics or what. With the hours of interviews out there. All completely off the cuff. I'd expect to have a few flubs throughout. How hard is that to process? I'd assume that someone will be offended at any type of brevity anywhere any more. It's the sad state of comedy these days. Until we get the press releases and info in our hot little hands, I don't take anything Tommy says as a contract to make it happen. Although I don't doubt that the Amico will deliver the games. Including games that have been requested and acknowledged. Wouldn't that be something? If you don't want to buy an Amico, or don't have a genuine interest in it, why come here? I want THAT MUCH TIME to devote to endlessly pick nits on a particular product. Especially if we don't have a full picture yet. I guess some people have a need to have the last word on everything. No matter how much people try and clarify. To cap off the weekend we got to learn about Butt Pinball on the Switch. (That is what I'm calling it anyway). While not a prude, I'm no perv either. Odd that Nintendo wouldn't put blood into games for a long time. But now.. Slice as many things in bloody detail as you want. Use the touch screen to really touch things... EWwwwww. I can respect Tommy for drawing that line. In the meantime, we got a press release. AND the promise of more to come. Not to mention more fun videos throughout. Wow what a weekend!!!!
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