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  1. nice……can I have my Amico early as well……😁😁 In all honesty - I think a few of the steady posters should their Amico's early. FE or VIP. Whatever they ordered. Same with some of the 'Tubers out there. I don't consider myself a Steady enough poster to include in that list. -----BUT----- To get them out for those people, I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again, if it comes down to it and you need to have some hand built. My kids and I are 20 minutes on a bad day from the SLC office. I'm sure I could find some volunteers as well. We could have a build party!! Full disclosure: My kids are really young adults.. But will always be my kids. My wife just starts working on Saturday's, so I will have some free time coming up. And I think I could get more volunteers on weekends. Just sayin'
  2. Here you go... You can pass go.. You can collect your Amico..
  3. The Wyze camera does look good. I didn't know they existed until the video. I will always think of the terminal when I say the name though. Had to swap out too many of them for dead CRTs. Congrats again on the Marquee!!!
  4. This is a good watch. Even if you don't agree with them. Apart from a few facts being wrong, they seem to bring up mostly valid stuff. They are also fairly decent about it. Both sort of understand the delay. One didn't know about console until the other raised the topic. One understands the price point fairly well. One had some interesting reasons why the console may not be for him. I don't think they bashed it at all. I especially liked when one of them said something along the lines of "I'm glad they got away from the blocky graphics". At one point one of them made a remark about re-imagining games unnecessarily. I thought about some of the remakes in the past that were ... Not good. I may not agree with it, but I can respect them for their opinion. Especially some of the remakes they have done over the years. Crud.. According to some that have been on the forum, and on youtube, we are supposed to blindly follow. And we are supposed to bash anyone who says anything remotely negative about the Amico.. THEY SUCK!!... Hope that makes some people out there feel better.
  5. Love the video.. But I have to say.. Every time I see the word Wyse... I see: A Wyse 150 terminal. From the Dark Times.... The "terminal" I want to see come back is: I hope this does eventually make it out of the Willy Wonka Wish Book that Tommy carries with him... I know there are more pressing matters at hand. Like getting the Amico out. But it's always a fun distraction to think of an updated Vectrex.
  6. OMG, leaked Intellivision classic update? I like the use of compact design, physical media, built-in Intellivoice, and coiled wire for the funky controller which has a microphone and speaker built-in. Obviously it's a single-player device, so must support playing the games over a network, via dial-up. I hope the case is made of Bakelite with front-panel "bulb" lighting. I see also that except for the telephone cable, it's wireless, with buttons on the controller. Disc thumb pad? It's a winner in my book. Just tell me $99. I was told that this is a lie and that there is lag with the controller, according to some people on U-Toob. Games and firmware are nowhere near completed. To top it off, there is a controversy that people are complaining about the physical media not really being really physical. Really. Oh yes, lets not forget, the people that like this are cultists.. Another fine CurlyQ masterpiece!!!!
  7. New stuff!! Can you whet our appetite? Give us a little morsel of a hint.. Something tasty... OK. Rule 1- Stop posting when I'm hungry... Any nugget of info would be great.. Dang ... There I go again.
  8. All of my personalities will enjoy the game... OK except that one, he's always cranky and doesn't like to participate.
  9. Saw the Evel on Bike this weekend and thought about all the people in Irvine playing it. Come to Salt Lake!!!!
  10. Back before the interwebs. Back when you had to get your gaming news on a monthly basis... In the dark ages. I was reading an old issue of Electronic Games (Winter 1981). To be fair.. I was reading it online.. So not the original paper copy. Enjoying all the fun ad's. Good articles. Lots of "Wow, I remember that" moments. I came across the below little article. I thought you all would like to read it. I believe that this is the first mention of an Easter Egg in any major magazine. I could be wrong. I know I will be corrected if so. It got me thinking: With Adventure coming to Amico, would you rather see a "dot" for your character.? Running man? Or something else? ALSO - Will there be Easter Eggs in games? WTBS?tm
  11. Wait.. What you both are saying is that if ONE ingredient is missing due to -insert reason here- . That could cause a delay in getting the finished product? That is no excuse, to some people. Just buy the ingredients at 10times the cost and sell it for the same price.. OR swap in ingredients that you can get. I'm sure that there is no oversight board/agency that would have a problem with that.
  12. It's not just chips.. My local Ramen House is having a problem getting Fresh (quality) anything... Takoyaki will not be on the menu today. They are having issues getting (printed) napkins and chopsticks. Go to your local Target or Walmart. Walk down the toy isles. The toy shelves are not barren due to everyone buying up all the toys. OK.. Maybe a good portion of the lego isle. I've mentioned before, but Lego would be a fun partner. Wouldn't that be something?tm Things like the 44 container ships stuck off of the California coast does not help either. https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2021/35105/record-breaking-44-container-ships-are-stuck-outsi/
  13. Along the lines of my last post... I'm not sure you have the infrastructure for this.. (AWS?) If you did, I'd love to see a Development Diary for all the games on the store. Have them unlockable when purchased. Sort of a bonus. If not every game. Maybe just the physical? Each Dev team could make it in their own style. I think that would be a load of fun to watch them get creative.
  14. Tron - I can hope! Dynablaster - I know the basic game, but want to see how this version works with the controller. Plus the difference in the version(s) we've seen previously. Space Strikers - Other than the Devs talking about it , and using the xbox controllers, we haven't seem much of this one. I remember a discussion a few dozen pages back about the gameplay being different from the first showing. Would like to see more. Intellivision Pool - Interested in the controls as well.. Not on my "must get" list currently.. But Maybe if the controls are good. I did enjoy Imagic Pool... So a possible yes. Missile Command - I'd like to see how it's been updated for multiple players. Not sure if I like having the launchers on the top and bottom of the screen. I don't know if it will FEEL like Missile Command. Finnigan Fox - I'm already sold on this one.. So No need to show me any more. Evel Knievel - Same here.. For all of the above, I think it would be nice to see the progression. From the initial version until today. Warts and all. I know that will open up some people to say.. Look Lag!!! or FRAMERATE!!!
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