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  1. I have a 520 ST (original, external floppy version). It used to mostly function... It would boot to TOS, but floppies wouldn't work. It worked intermittently when I first got it...then less and less then not at all. I took it out recently, determined to figure it out...and I did. I noted that it seemed to be trying to work...and then it did...for a single boot. Hurrah. Then it didn't when I put it all back together. I determined that it was likely a bad solder joint. Got out a hair dryer and warmed up the board. It would work. Let it cool down, flaky as biscuits. I suspected that it was either the floppy port or the socketed DMA chip. So, in the hopes of narrowing it down...and not wanting to resolder ever damned joint on the board...I got out some foil to shield the rest of the board...so I could heat things individually... See where this is going? I got sloppy, turned it on with the foil in place, while I had the DMA chip uncovered...but surrounded with foil. It then booted to either a uniform blank screen, or, sometimes a black box in the middle with wavy lines...and some rectangles. Sometimes gray with some vertical lines. You should have heard the sad little noise I made. At any rate, I was very upset, was hopeful that it was just a loose something...started pulling/reseating chips. In my panic/sadness, I reseated the DMA chip backwards...that got quite toasty. Fixed it, turned back on...still does the same thing...So...that DMA chip is probably dead. Believe it or not, I'm usually quite competent in electronics repair/diagnoses. At any rate, I've ordered a new DMA chip, which will take a few weeks to get here. Anybody have any ideas for me to fiddle with it in the meantime? Should it boot to TOS without the DMA chip? Or did I bork something bigger like the 68000? Also, there's a local ST on craigslist...a 1040 which I can get for about $100 bucks. Should I just throw in the towel and get a new one? Advice?
  2. I have a blue PlayStation debugger. You should go to www.assemblergames.com to get your fill of debits and other obscurities.
  3. There is a store in my area that is a disappointment factory. They have no prices on any of the games. You want to know a price? Bring it up to the counter. The dude looks it up on Amazon/Ebay right in front of you and gives you a price...and then for the next item and then for the next item. That's if you're lucky. If its anything remotely obscure, he has to call up the owner and ask him. It's god awful.
  4. 1. Give Sonic R some time. I found it to be pretty good after getting over the initial shock of the graphics and strange controls. 2. Stunts 4D Sports Driving is Definitely a PC clone of the Hard Driving Series. I'm stretching my mind on the subject of bad racing games. The first thing that comes to my mind is Automobili Lamborghini on N64. It was just a snooze.
  5. Sony PVM monitors--high end displays that were used for video production. I didn't believe the hype...but kept an eye out and got a 20 inch for 20$. Nicest CRT I've ever had.
  6. In a world without hope, one man, against all odds, bumped.
  7. Well, I don't even need the cables if the price is right.
  8. I'm looking to buy a Battlestation II multi-console joystick. There seemed to be a glut of them about a few years ago and I missed out. While I'll enjoy it on old consoles, I'm looking to take advantage of that DB25 and use it as a joystick for my supergun. Anybody have an extra?
  9. I have a table or two. As usual, I just bring interesting things for people to toy around with that they might not have fudged with before. I expect to bring a Supergun/Jamma stuff and some interesting and not-often-seen consoles/games. Some form of Neo Geo, I think, and a heaping helping of multiplayer stuff.
  10. I feel the need to mention that, if you're interested in this sort of stuff, you should probably mosey on over to ASSEMbler's website at www.assemblergames.com
  11. I enjoy these kinds of threads: Atari 2600 (8 or so, various models) Odyssey 2 Colecovision (4 or so, various models) Intellivision Vectrex Nintendo NES Sega Master System Atari 8 bit (3? 800XL, 1XEGS) C64 (ok...maybe not a straight console, but I use it like one) TI99 Atari 7800 PC Engine Turbo Duo Sega Genesis (Countless...) Sega 32x (x2?) Sega CD (x2) SNES (5 or 6 left? They make good gifts) Neo Geo AES Amiga CD32 Phillips CdI (dubious in its ability to work on demand) Sega Saturn (x3) Playstation (4 or 5?) N64 (4 or 5?) Dreamcast (x5? Some have some weak lasers) Playstation 2 (1 or 2) Xbox (x2) Gamecube Xbox 360 Wii Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Game Gear Atari Lynx Neo Geo Pocket Color PSP Nintendo DS Supeguns x2 (Don't know if these should be counted. Don't realliy play straight games...but combine them with a MVS board or something else JAMMA...blammo. Looks like a video game system to me.) I choose to count vintage computers...bottom line is, they're pretty much only useful to play games anymore.
  12. Ah, Craigslist. Jamma PCBS: Soul Edge ver. II Soul Calibur $20 Total I already own the DC Soul Calibur and was more excited about Soul Edge as I have nostalgia for it---remember playing it with my brother in the arcade. Long story short, Soul Edge is a little bit dull (ungh, no pun intended), but Soul Calibur is like butter. It might not look as good as the DC, but I think it plays better on PCB
  13. Blur2040

    CORGS Con 2011

    Just a week to go! Wow!
  14. Blur2040

    CORGS Con 2011

    CORGS CON 2011 -- * July 16th, 9am to 6pm. 3795 South High Street, Columbus OH, 43207 * They've pulled out all of the stops this year! Stores selling, collectors selling, rare stuff to see, rare stuff to play, LAN gaming, nicer venue, awkward conversations, that one guy with poor hygiene. You know. It'll be a video game show! Buying, Selling, Playing, Contests, good times for all. And did I mention...TWO COOL TABLES STARRING ME! Yes, you can come to my table, and play my video games with me, Blur2040. Fun! I'll be running high score contests on various arcade and Neo Geo games. I'll also probably give away prizes or something! I have entirely too many duplicate consoles... Might be time to get rid of a Colecovision or a Sega Genesis...or a N64...or something. ALSO, LIVE AND IN PERSON: At least 2 guys named Gary, and, making a very special appearance, if he doesn't have anything better to do: My friend, Alan. He can make a noise that sounds just like Predator from the movies AND is really good at juggling. AMAZING! Haha! Ok, I've had my fun... COME TO THE SHOW!
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