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  1. DVD Based Superman's Last Stand (c. 2007) 4 PC Monster Train 557 Slay the Spire 60 XOne Mass Effect Legendary Edition 103 Slay the Spire 524 100% modern game time for me this week as I dipped deeply into the card building genre. I also flipped around the special features on my Death of Superman DVD and found a little interactive game that functioned well with the d-pad on my X360 controller.
  2. I agree that CV would have been a much more natural sequel to RE2. Nemesis always felt like the add-on that it started out as. But I liked it at the time. It was kinda arcade-y. I think CV just kinda fell in a weird gap in terms of timing, and when I finally got to it, I couldn't appreciate it. Maybe if I had waited X more years like @juansolo, I would have had a different impression.
  3. Arcade Major Havoc 31 Millipede 88 Pong 2 Space Duel 6 Atari 2600 Blackjack 31 Race (aka Indy 500) 66 Yars' Revenge 52 These were all via the Flashback collections on Xbox One. I've been trying to go for some specific achievements and some of them are much more difficult than I would like. The Indy 500/Race achievement is to play game 8 (crash and score) and get 40 points. That sounds fun except the controls just aren't configured quite right and you have to play with the D-pad which works but ends up being pretty lame. I didn't make it to 40. Millipede's achievement is simply to break the default high score which is MUCH harder than any other classic game that I think I've ever played. I think arcade Millipede is just too chaotic for me. I never really seem to get better.
  4. PC Monster Train 258 XOne Catastronauts 36 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 705 Monster Train 330 Turned up the dial on Monster Train this weekend. Its a good game, but I think Slay the Spire has slightly more to offer in terms of replay value. Still in Mass Effect I in the Legendary edition. I really expected to get bored with this faster, but instead, I'm taking my time with it all over again. I even broke out the strategy guide I have for it from 10+ years ago.
  5. PC Monster Train 87 XOne Lonely Mountains Downhill 87 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 876 Monster Train 168 Trine: Enchanted Edition 57 Unruly Heroes 29 Walking Dead, The: Michonne 236 Wheel of Fortune 78 Xenocrisis 48 Last Monday was a holiday so that gave me a chance to get a little more variety than I probably would have otherwise. I started and finished TWD: Michonne. I liked that one similar to how I enjoyed playing TWD: A New Frontier last week. It seems that the appropriate amount of time has passed to allow me to enjoy The Walking Dead again. Mass Effect Legendary continues to entertain. I'm still surprised at how much patience I have with a story and characters that I've already spent MANY hours with. I guess the recent theme for me is that "you can go back again" because both of these are things I thought I had enough of a several years ago. Monster Train . . . it's good. I haven't decided if I like it better than Slay the Spire. There is a different sort of finality to the play sessions with MT. I usually don't find myself wanting to binge it. One run is enough.
  6. Arcade Millipede 30 Pong 4 Atari 2600 3d Tic Tac Toe 21 Blackjack 36 River Raid 15
  7. Wow, I don't normally find myself in this position, but just like with Rez - I'm not with you on this. I loved Resident Evil 1-3, and even found a way to play the non-US version of Survivor with the light gun. I never bought a Dreamcast when it was new, but Code Veronica was the game more than any other that made me want one. However, when I did finally play Code Veronica on PS2, it became the game that convinced me that the Resident Evil format had run its course. It was still all there just like the first games, but I was tired of opening inventory boxes and playing quartermaster while tanking my way to a fight with another bulbous creature that had slightly more pixels than the ones in the last game. It is also very long compared to the others. As a RE superfan, that seemed great at the time but proved to be a disadvantage. I actually pulled out RE2 and did some of the HUNK challenges when I finally quit playing CV for good.
  8. FYI that I have also been playing these, but because they are basically just emulators, I tend to log the time for the individual games in the classic tracker. However, if you aren't used to tracking classic time then I can see how that would be a PITA. I have logged time for classic compilations here in the modern tracker before. Especially Rare Replay, but that has these "meta" elements where they set up challenges for you that weren't part of the original games. Flashback Classics is really just the games as they were. I wish it had more of that Rare Replay and NES Remix type meta-gaming, but its not there.
  9. The list was made up of a bunch of games that finished last in some world-cup style group runoffs. Some games had tougher competition than others which means a relatively good game might have finished last or near the bottom of its group and then popped onto this list.
  10. PC Beholder 113 Monster Train 100 XOne Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 1062 Monster Train 114 Walking Dead: A New Frontier 293 Wheel of Fortune 119 Xenocrisis 36 I got into Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. I think it is different enough to track as its own game. There's a bunch of graphical updates, but also some gameplay changes that make it its own thing. And of course it isn't an XBox 360 game but a full-fledged XBox One game. I also played through Telltale's Walking Dead: A New Frontier. I was really tired of TWD a few years ago, but it has been long enough now that I got some distance and really liked this game. I sort of started playing it on a whim, but I got into it and enjoyed it quite a bit. I remember not really liking TWD Season II, but maybe if I played it in 2021, I would appreciate it more? Also, Monster Train is great.
  11. Arcade Centipede 20 Millipede 62 A2600 Yars' Revenge 75 I played these via the Atari Flashback collection on XOne. I was going for some high scores and didn't quite make it on Millipede or Yars' Revenge.
  12. Yeah, Andromeda was just an average game for me. I had a lot of complaints, but I got to a point where I just decided to push through, and I did finish it. Talk about your choices not mattering . . . I talked to one of the factions one time, and they still showed up at the end of that game. I have now played ME1 Legendary for about 10 hours. The updated visuals are nice and the gameplay feels barely updated at all, so if you liked ME1 (as some of us on this thread have expressed we did) they didn't eff it up or anything. I suppose it is possible that I don't really remember ME1 gameplay, but I played that game A LOT. Got 100% achievements with all the character specific ones and bugs etc. Overall what I am struck with is the "cinematic" quality of the game. It is reminding me that once upon a time (more than photo-realism) imitating cinema was what games were pushing for - putting you into the feel of a movie/film/flick aka cinema experience. I'm not sure that any form of entertainment is really imitating that anymore - even cinema itself. On top of the deliberate camera moves of the in-game cut scenes, the rising crescendos of the incredible soundtrack, and the guiding hand of character development, the game dips away from cinema and becomes part fictional encyclopedia which I also enjoy very much. However, no one I know or who is related to me who hasn't graduated High School will ever enjoy that and might not even notice it exists. Words on a screen (even if they are read to you) are now something to be ignored unless they tell you why you can't access the internet (or some equally desperate scenario). Preferences and mediums of entertainment are changing so fast now that I think we are going to see the gap widen between entertainment for adults and for children until of course the children become adults and things probably change again just as fast. Mass Effect 1 will never be made again. At least not as a piece of entertainment intended to have mass appeal (no pun intended).
  13. I played through the campaign stories in Battlefield I. You may remember that I had finished several versions of the game Wings earlier in the year, so I stuck with the WWI theme and pushed through BOne. I also played some of the multiplayer operations which are certainly impressive, but I don't have the patience to actually improve in multi-player. Among the campaign scenarios, I enjoyed being thrown into the Dardanelles campaign in "The Runner" the best, but they were all pretty engaging.
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