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  1. PC To the Moon 272 X360 Rayman Legends 396 XOne Batman Arkham Knight 1048 Stern Pinball Arcade 45 What Remains of Edith Finch 136 Well, kind of a big week for me. Although, we've all seen bigger in my past . . . Early in the week, I took the time to play the story driven games To the Moon and What Remains of Edith Finch. These were fine, although I think the story was told better in What Remains . . . To the Moon ended up being confusing for me as I didn't really understand the motivation behind a late plot point. I think I would recommend them both however if you like very character and story-heavy games. Arkham Knight has been a game that I've been meaning to get to for some time. I really like it as I did its predecessors. It seemed to get some not-so-positive reviews when it came out. I'm not sure why exactly except that perhaps the old saying that bigger isn't always better might be true. There is A LOT of stuff to do in this game. Raymand Legends . . . I've played lots of Rayman games over the years. I think my favorite is Rayman 2. Although Rayman Origins was very good. This game is very good too, but the Rayman series manages to do something that seems almost impossible. The strengths of the game are somehow simultaneously the weaknesses. For example, they manage to create unique and interesting characters, but then they try to pawn off different variations of those characters as new unlockables. In reality, all the characters play exactly the same way and are just skins on one single character. It is still impossible to hate those characters as they are all expertly animated, voiced, and thought through. I just seem to love and hate them all at the same time . . . The same goes with the general gameplay and design of the levels. It seems that in every level I'm confronted with some powerful moments of joy where the controls and design come together to really deliver a great gameplay experience. However, it is almost without fail that in the next level, I have to play through some memorization-heavy section that makes me swear I will never play it again no matter what. The whole experience generally leaves me with memories of being satisfied, but I can't get past a nagging feeling that the game somehow equals less than the overall sum of its parts.
  2. PS1 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain 792 Rayman 50 A bit more time on the Playstation Classic for me. Blood Omen continues to entertain, but there are some big faults from the era that come through on that one. Namely that you spend a lot of time in the least interesting parts of the game like waiting for menus to load or trying to get to the map. The game over screen requires you to wait through a scrolling animation, and then you still have to pick Load Game from a one click removed options menu. There are even a few more little things that you can tell people have just thought about harder since 1995. It is a really good game though. I just wish I could spend more time actually playing the game during a session. Rayman is always a confusing experience. If you check the modern tracker you'll see I also played quite a bit of Rayman Legends this week. The original game is full of REALLY high production values, but I find it sooo frustrating. I'll say more about Legends in the other thread.
  3. I did finally play a Death Race cab earlier this year at the Texas Pinball Festival, but I've never seen an Omega Race.
  4. Wargames and 2010 would be cool. Both games are basically Colecovision exclusives. Although the color variations might not bee to interesting. Some other ideas might be Alcazar and Fortune Builder.
  5. Wow - I considered playing both of these games this week - coincidence . . . My wife played a game in Gamepass called Graveyard Keeper which is also similar to Stardew Valley. If you get bored with Portia, give it a try!
  6. PC To the Moon 106 XOne Batman Arkham Knight 247 Overcooked II 265 What Remains of Edith Finch 64
  7. PS1 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain 140 Just one classic game for me. This was played again this week via the Playstation Classic.
  8. That other place that closed was called Electronic Discount Sales. They had this pile of stuff around the store that they referred to as a "museum" that was basically a bunch of untested classic hardware. Apparently the guy who runs (ran) Computer reset got a bunch of stuff from them when they went out of business.
  9. I've been in Dallas for 20+ years and never heard of it. I even went through a phase where I was looking around for old dealers and this one didn't come up. I DID go to some place in Arlington that had stacks of old Commodore and PC stuff probably about 12 years ago, but it was super overpriced, and I never went back. That place also didn't guarantee anything, the were trying to sell used batteries. I arrived wanting to like the place and left sorta hating them. Others in the area seem to know about it though: https://www.facebook.com/events/2275900895798377/
  10. Thank you, I appreciate the work you put into that, but even to pick it up from where you left off is not worth it to me. If I want to use a different controller, I'll just use Vice in Windows.
  11. Every controller I tried was official. I have 2 different no-name adapters that adapt to Xbox, Gamecube, and USB. One of them works with the analog button always on and the other lets me turn it off and on. It didn't matter which I used or if the analog light was on or off. They did nothing. The other controllers all did nothing. I could swap the competition pro that it came with in and out with no problem even without turning off the device.
  12. What controllers are worth using? I have made no attempt to update the device besides installing the newest firmware, and I tried a bunch of different controllers this weekend (PS3, PS4, Xbox, PS2 with adapter). None of them did anything.
  13. Right, it was the co-op that attracted me, but I guess there is no local co-op available? You need two devices and copies of the game, right?
  14. PC Stardew Valley 173 To the Moon 1 X360 N+ 24 XOne Batman Arkham Knight 176 Monster Hunter World 164 I may have had all I need of Stardew Valley for a while. Its fine, I just don't feel compelled to play it. Same with Monster Hunter which I tried out this week to get some extra Microsoft Rewards points as part of Gamepass. I can tell both are great games, but I don't know if they are really for me. Arkham Knight and To the Moon are probably games I'll be logging more time to in coming weeks.
  15. PS1 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain 65 Cool Boarders 2 15 Destruction Derby 59 Mr Driller 24 Wipeout 7 Wipeout 3 7 My birthday was Sunday, and a family member sent me a Playstation Classic and one of those True Blue USB sticks with like 100 games on it. I wasn't going to buy the PS Classic for myself, so it was nice to get it as a gift. I played a handfull or so of the games over the weekend, and I honestly don't think the built-in game selection is really all THAT bad. They've got the first game from a lot of modern series in there. However, I still can't understand how Sony couldn't have put Gran Turismo and either Warhawk or Air Combat on there. I thought those were published by Sony? I guess the ways of IP rights move in mysterious ways (or something). I never played Blood Omen BITD, so I gave it a go off the USB stick. I was surprised at how much I liked playing it. Feels like a single player version of Gauntlet Legends with a "better" story.
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