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  1. Here's the picture so you don't have to click away from AtariAge: I always thought the numbers in the stall were from horny dudes. Unlike what that very lengthy blogpost suggests, I might say you'd have a better argument looking in the rearview and labeling this homophobic. Well and then there is the anti-religious message in the photo used by the author to demonstrate that "Raunchy and weird graffiti doesn’t have to be sexist." If only Parker had been forward thinking enough to offend our religions liberties instead of our sexual freedoms. Then we could look back and call them heroes, right?
  2. I logged a bunch of time against Uncharted 4 earlier this year. At least I think it was this year . . . I have a PS4 and a pretty amazing backlog of highly rated games. I don't know why but for some reason, I always play a different system. More than likely, I'll go through PS4 phase at some point and get it back on our charts.
  3. Activision was good at ripping off other companies too. Megamania is based off an arcade game called Astro Blaster https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=6943 There are so many Space Invaders rip-offs closer to the original that I hardly think Megamania qualifies.
  4. Yeah, I mean think of all the dumb stuff you've spent $60 on in the past. This is kind of a no-brainer if you are in the market. Next move is to buy a Harmony cart.
  5. I don't know that game. Is it "The Great Escape?"
  6. FM Towns Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis 27 NES Lolo II 115 SNES Pinball Dreams 16 Super Pinball: Behind the Mask 30
  7. A2600 Hunchy II 3 FM Towns Indian Jones and Fate of Atlantis 5 I was flying around this week and planned to play more, but I slept and watched movies in stead. These were both played while configuring an emulator.
  8. I resisted the NES and SNES mini, but I'll say that I didn't even want the C64 mini or PlayStation Classic and yet somehow I now own both. One was so discounted I couldn't resist and the other was given to me as a gift. They are both really "cute."
  9. I dunno, I feel like I've already gone past this point. We've had emulators and thousands of games for years now. It's no longer about having it at my fingertips for me. I'm now looking for quality gaming experiences, Highly rated games, hidden gems and interesting homebrews. I don't necessarily value the convenience or value of pirating ROMs as much as I once did.
  10. I would try to sell these locally. Especially if you are in N Cali. Shipping could damage them even if you are the greatest packer of all time. Post on Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, and Craigslist.
  11. Nice Review! This is usually the game I suggest as the worst 5200 game too. Its not a good game on any platform and is a huge disappointment for Bond fans.
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