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  1. One of these might still be for sale. $1500 would be a bargain though. VideoLife with box - Buy, Sell, and Trade - AtariAge Forums For Sale: New In Box - Atari 2600 - VideoLife - Buy, Sell, and Trade - AtariAge Forums There can't be that many collectors who want to pony up for a single game worth that much, and those that do probably already have a copy.
  2. This actually reminded me that one time I took a box of C64 game boxes on a business trip and met up with another member for a trade. I had forgotten about that one.
  3. Yeah, those don't look good. The original XBox does suffer from a problem where one of the caps leaks and actually corrodes the line to the power switch. I was just chatting online with someone about replacing these caps and that person said they used these: Amazon.com: Yohii Aluminum Radial Capacitor 3300uF 6.3v 105C for LCD TV & Monitor Repair - 20pcs: Industrial & Scientific. Note - I have never repaired an XBox using those caps personally. Reference: I Am A Classic Videogamer | Facebook
  4. I've done trades on here - even trading systems before. Although, it has been a while since I did one. You have to be persistent because your threads will get lost with the rest of the posts AND keep in mind that many of the folks "active" here already have A LOT of crap - LOL.
  5. Came to look at Bradd's Jaguar stuff. Stayed for the Big Lebowski references:
  6. There are a lot of very popular series that COULD appear 4+ in the top list, but the likelihood that we would actually play them enough in the same week is low. Some classic series that are among my favorites include: Pitfall -> besides I and II, there are sequels for the arcade, NES, and Genesis Wing Commander Monkey Island Donkey Kong -> if you add the "Country" series of games it really opens it up Resident Evil and of course all things "Mario" I'll probably think of more quickly . . . like Star Wars games, Ultima, or The Bard's Tale
  7. I did not know about this character or the controversy. After reading the article, I really want to play: "Hungry Horace Goes To The Job Centre Because His IP Holder Took A Shit On Literally The Only People Who Give A Fuck About The Character".
  8. Bummer - this would have been the perfect year for me to finally attend. Except for all the disease and stuff of course.
  9. Threads, people, games like this make AtariAge so awesome
  10. Regarding Rimworld, isn't that a new record for total minutes for a single game (in one week)?
  11. Those PSUs are drop-in and can be replaced easily. Figure out what XBOX model you have and then find the right replacement on Ebay (or wherever). I've replaced them before and it amounts to just turning a few screws and unplugging a cable. Someone local to you should be able to handle this. Look on Craigslist (Facebook Mktplc, OfferUp) for people offering XBox mod services. They should know what to do.
  12. I have beaten a few classic games here in 2021 already: Nitro for the Amiga - This is a top down racing game that I only had to play 2x to get to the end. I was doing a bit of a tour of various Amiga top down racing games, and this one was interesting enough to try for a second time. At which point, I unexpectedly beat it. It is a pretty satisfying racer. The gimmick is that it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to survive the tracks without getting killed. There wasn't much actual car combat, but you could have your car destroyed. The tracks have no laps and the main limiting factor was having enough fuel to finish each race. I read some reviews suggesting that it was a difficult game, but I didn't think so. Maybe I got lucky 3/5 Zelda: Oracle of Seasons on the GBC - I had put off playing this one for years. I got Oracle of Ages around the same time when GBC games were going on clearance at GameStop. I played Ages . . . ages ago, but never Seasons. I put most of my time into this on the GameBoy player connected to a Gamecube and display lag was VERY noticeable. I probably would have had an all-around better time with it had I just played it on a handheld. On the GameBoy player, I tried to defeat the final boss 7-10 times before giving up and trying on a Gameboy Advance. I defeated him on my first attempt once I switched over. It is hard not to give this game a 5/5, but they forced a lot of bullsh!+ on you in the form of riding mine cars and kinda silly temporary animal companions. Also the final boss required using the spin attack which I had to look up. I don't remember any Zelda boss ever who could ONLY be damaged by a spin attack. That same fight also required you to use the Staff of Seasons as a weapon which was the only time the entire game it was used that way. Even for Zelda these things felt a little cryptic and off somehow. 4/5 Sydney Hunter & the Sacred Tribe for ColecoVision. I got the rom for this when I purchased the CollectorVision Phoenix. I dinked around with it last year a little, but I decided to go back recently. It reminds me most of Montezuma's Revenge. There's a lot of repetition of the first screens, but once you get the hang of things the progress starts to be rewarding . . . and then they reveal a bonus lives code which kinda made the final stretch of the game too easy. Still a really nice experience and it has the bonus of not forcing you to do the annoying "ropes" section that ruined Caverns of Death for me. 4/5
  13. Look to the C64 classic Le Mans for inspiration. If you hold down the button, it accelerates and moves "up" the playfield. Release to move back "down." I love this style and have played Le Mans to death over the years. C64 Gamevideo 03 - LeMans - YouTube
  14. NEAT! I love these twitchy race games. I've only tried it in the browser so far. Does it work with paddle controllers on real hardware?
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