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  1. He replied to me on Facebook @atarinut76 JIC that's to much sharing, I will delete that upon request.
  2. Will the AtariAge user in this video please stand up? I'd be interested to know who has such an awesome collection.
  3. I did install a GDEMU in my Dreamcast which involved going to a local hardware store to buy a correctly sized 'through-hole' standoff. I am still evaluating if I want to disable the 12v regulator on the power board of that thing. I also configured all the software for a soft-mod PS2 project. Holy crap was that time consuming. I filled a 2tb drive with PS2 ISOs, and I never want to do it again.
  4. Thank You! I knew there was something with the hamster, but I couldn't remember exactly
  5. Does anyone else think that 7.5B is a bit high? I'm thinking about the other products MS owns that are worth 7B. Maybe something like System Center or Sharepoint? SQL, Office and Windows are all worth double digit Billions. Those products have existing user bases that pay them either upon upgrade or per cloud usage. However, with this purchase, I guess you are getting: The entire back catalog and can re-sell that or package it with GamePass Fallout 76 and Old Republic subscribers To produce revenue on almost everything else requires more untested product to be released and sell. And as we've observed, the talent generally drifts away over time, so there's no guarantee of producing similar products in the future. I'd say it was a VERY good day for ZeniMax ownership. Well done for them.
  6. I know that this is the origin of the Gilbert and Schafer philosophy of never creating a no-win situation. However, I want to say that I have indeed died in MM at some point. I have a memory of being locked in the dungeon and getting a game over. It seems like there are other ways to get killed along the way too. You have to work at it though, they don't kill you easily.
  7. If the pattern follows (Bungee) then they will release what is in the pipe then people will leave and this studio will simply become a nameplate, serving only to remind you of what it used to be. In this case, that journey may have already been close to the end anyway.
  8. A7800 Asteroids 101 Baby Pac-Man 42 Pac-Man Collection 14 Scrapyard Dog 141 Space Invaders 5 Xevious 57 More 7800 time from me. I'd never really given Scrapyard Dog a chance before. Side-scrolling platformers are really not my favorite genre, but there's definitely some enjoyment to be had, and I was surprised that I was motivated to actually go back to it during the week. I keep trying to like Xevious, but I really don't. There's something unsatisfying about it. I think its the way that the flying enemies sort of tease you by flying in patterns to avoid you (at the beginning). I can't remember the arcade version very well, but I think it happens there too. There's also what seem to be invisible enemies and other shots that come at you from offscreen . . . The game doesn't seem that hard just kinda unfair. I've still never actually destroyed the first boss tank thingy. How do you do it? Sigh . . . I wish the 7800 had 1942 instead.
  9. PS2 Muppets Party Cruise 73 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 12 I tried MPC on a whim and found it an enjoyable little party game in the spirit of Mario Party. I would actually enjoy playing this with some friends.
  10. I am just now starting to play this game. I got into one of the sewer rooms on 1-3 and navigated all the way through the pipes to the end. There was some object there at the end (marker 19 visible). It looked like a black pot with a flower growing out of it. The manual doesn't seem to mention this object. When I touch it, I don't seem to get anything. It just puts be out of the room. What is the point of this?
  11. I hear where you are coming from here, but this bullsh!+ below is also very believable. "I want more funds for my product. I've reviewed the numbers, can't you see how much better it is? Just look at the difference" <points at wrong screen>. I mean, I've been in that meeting! I got chills reading that last part. The more things change . . .
  12. Have always appreciated your perspective on this Bill
  13. It was all on the classic side for me this week. Looks like we could be headed to our lowest total mins for 2020.
  14. The pinball parts of BPM are excellent Kurt. Thank you for the effort you put in to help make it a reality. I'm actually not really that big a fan of Pac-Man in general, but the hybrid cabinet was always intriguing, and in recent years, I've had a chance to play it in real life a few times. On this version, I do find that when the captive ball is in the position above the left flipper it seems much more difficult to hit than when above the right flipper. Sometimes I will play an entire game and even earn an extra ball before I dislodge it from the left position. Although, I will say that I spent most of my time playing with a CX40 and when I switched to a Proline or gamepad the result was slightly different. Whatever, I'm not complaining. The game is great. Regarding Balloon trip. I downloaded it once and played it about as long as you. I believe it is inspired by the often overlooked Balloon Fight for NES. Balloon Fight is one of those NES games that somehow missed its window for popularity (at least in the USA). It is clearly a new take on Joust, but has a few different modes and offers a great high score challenge. I think if it came out in 1984 it would have been a huge hit, but it didn't reach much of the world until gaming had sort of moved on from wanting to challenge for high scores.
  15. A2600 Frostbite 45 Star Wars ESB 39 A7800 Asteroids 13 Baby Pac-Man 55 Commando 61 Desert Falcon 13 Ms. Pac-Man 21 Pole Position II 52 (top score on Fuji 65,550) Rikki & Vikki 519 Robotron: 2084 35 Scrapyard Dog 45 T:me Salvo 11 Touchdown Football 35 I continued my tour of my 7800 library and a couple 2600 games. These were all played on actual carts. Rikki & Vikki took over once it arrived. What a great game, and a fantastic addition to the 7800 library. If you've been on the fence about buying one, they are (finally) running out. I got #513 of 550. The team at PenguinNet says there are no plans to make more. Of course in this case, you can purchase the game for Windows too.
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