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  1. PC Pinball FX3 41 X360 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate 521 Joyride Turbo 78 XOne Mass Effect Legendary Edition 60
  2. I just want to say congratulations for posting EXACTLY the right way to ask for help on this type of thing. You got everything right down to the subforum, and you can tell by all the helpful responses. Many a forum member has stumbled into hostile waters while attempting the same thing . . . Also - I had a friend who owned an A500 bitd and we spent lots of time playing North and South, Pirates, and Siege and the Sword. That's quite the nostalgia bundle you've stumbled on there (for me at least).
  3. Here's me NOT forgetting to post this week: PC Pinball Arcade 35 Pinball FX3 47 X360 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate 254 Pinball FX2 40 XOne Bridge Constructor Portal 82 Mass Effect Legendary Edition 455 Pikuniku 70 Stranger Things 3: The Game 276 Twelve Minutes 406 Yes, Your Grace 121
  4. Does 3d Tic Tac Toe count? That game seems to get sh!+ all over, but I find it very challenging and fun. How about Picross games? Mario's Picross has several iterations on handheld platforms and they are quite fun. Another - I had never played Wario's Woods until the NES Remix came along. I liked it enough that I played the original for quite a while too.
  5. I made it through Mass Effect 2 from the Legendary Edition collection (on Insanity). I also played through the Point n Click inspired Twelve Minutes. ME2 is probably my least favorite game from the series, but I REALLY enjoyed it anyway. I did everything and explored everywhere. I've never had such a complete playthrough before. As for Twelve Minutes. The game starts in a very promising way. The first 3 or 4 hours were very interesting, but the last 2 or 3 became too repetitive and obscure and by the time it was over, I was ready to never pick it up again. My advice is don't try to binge this game, play it for 90 minutes at a time. OR - just play a different Point N Click in your backlog.
  6. I've never played it but this version of Jumpman for sale on Steam looks like complete crap: Jumpman on Steam (steampowered.com)
  7. Whoops - I forgot to post. The Labor Day holiday in the USA got me off schedule. I will just post next week..
  8. I noticed "The Video Game Years" being re-released on the Pat the Nes Punk channel recently and went looking for comments here on AtariAge. I never saw this series before, has anyone done a comparison to see if there are any changes? The Video Game Years 1977 - Full Gaming History Documentary - YouTube I like Pat in small doses, but he and Ian are kind of the worst part of this thing. They are almost mocking the show at certain points.
  9. This AND - there has to be a cutoff at some point. Monday makes perfect sense to me, and I don't see a compelling reason to change it.
  10. It was a publicity thing - they offered a prize to whoever could "Name This Game." Someone eventually was chosen and the game name changed (to Octopus in PAL regions), but many more copies were sold with the original title. You should try the game variations. One lets you sort of guide your shots and the others are interesting too. I kinda like playing with guided shots on one of the harder game variations.
  11. Do I have a favorite . . . great question but perhaps impossible for me to answer. I've played the FarSight studios games on multiple different platforms and had a good time with them all. I wasn't really someone who understood how to play pinball before FarSight gave me instructions and unlimited tries, so I kinda owe them a lot. I have really great memories of playing their versions of Space Shuttle and Sorcerer. Space Shuttle may have been the first table where I ever achieved all the "wizard" goals and Sorcerer had a specifically challenging set of goals that, with much practice, I was able to achieve - felt like quite an accomplishment. Honorable mention to World Cup Soccer which is the only table I have purchased individually, and I absolutely love it in real life. The FarSight version is pretty great, but I think it is actually a bit harder than the real table. AND Fallout 4 - I dunno. My wife has played this A LOT and I've given it a go a few times. Each time I play it, I am sorta convinced that it is the best Bethesda RPG to skip. I have other games of theirs in my backlog . . . but there are some nice things in F4.
  12. I'm totally with you on this one. BIG step back from the original game for me.
  13. Do people listen to music that they might not normally listen to because of reviews or awards? Movies? TV Shows? Books? Of course they do. Why should games be any different?
  14. PC Hades 152 Nowhere Prophet 82 Pinball Arcade 166 XOne Fallout 4 136 Mass Effect Legendary Edition 590 Stranger Things 3: The Game 363
  15. Boom Blox is the greatest game that nobody talks about. It is like a Katamari Damacy that nobody can remember. I love it and still pull it out every so often.
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