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  1. You'll never hear me knock the TT's - they are great machines!
  2. I'm in - I'll take 1 for sure. Thanks for this project, much appreciated!
  3. Okay, posted this on DarkForce, but I'll repeat it here for everyone. I've decided to stay with telnet mode for now. It works so I'm not going to make any drastic changes at this time. That's not to say that I'm giving up or that's the final verdict on the matter. I'm planning on trying again at a later date when I've got more time and have read up a bit on what's what. For now, when I set the UDS10 to 80 or 81 on disconnect, DarkForce's scripts, which are a huge part of its operation, don't work right. Just wanted to update everyone as to where we are. I've also updated the information screen that first appears when you go into the BBS's File Sig areas - it now shows menu item #5, which simply states that files must be downloaded in telnet mode. Thanks everyone for all the help and input - we'll try again at a later date.
  4. Always something eh? Speaking of mice, my son had a Mazda CX-5 when they used to live in a small apartment (rural) complex. They used to park it at night next to a garbage dumpster. One night, him and his wife pull out to go to dinner and the car just dies. Won't restart, won't do anything.. When they got it into the shop (it was still under warranty, fortunately) the mechanics found that mice had built a nest in the wiring harness and chewed through it in several places. They think they crawled in there at night, when the motor was shut off but still warm. PS Good thing about the warranty - total bill was close to $3000.00!
  5. Oh, you don't have a Falcon? Yeah, you'll have to work on that. Really uber cool machines. We're very happy to have you as part of our family.
  6. Nicely done. Wish I had that kind of talent. PS Love the reflective surfaces!
  7. Now that is some seriously cool stuff! Bah, who needs an Amiga and Babylon 5 season one.
  8. Don't be afraid to price these fairly - you're doing all the work so you deserve a profit. I'm in for sure. That's one. Ouch, sorry about that machine. Hate to see any Atari not working but especially the higher end/rarer ones....
  9. Wow. Was just browsing through Youtube this morning and found this. Check out what the girl is wearing in the first part of the video. Good STuff.
  10. I remember that message thread on the plastic repair. Good stuff. This is all looking pretty good to me. I guess either way would be okay. Maybe hot glue gun the loose one or use the larger size.... Thanks.
  11. Ugh, still trying to figure that out - not sure how to make Ztelnet on Kubuntu do that. Downloaded PuTTY for Windows but couldn't seem to get it to connect at all. Gonna have to break down and RTFM's, methinks.
  12. Hey, that would be great. I don't do Facebook but keep me in mind and mark me down for one when you do finish it. Thanks!
  13. Okay, just in the interest of experimentation (and if it ain't broke, I'm just not trying hard enough :), I set the disconnect mode to 80 and 81. DarkForce doesn't respond well to these settings. First off, the script I use to auto detect ANSI terminal callers doesn't work. Also, your login is now shown instead of being *'s. Further, once it gets to last screen after login, it acts like <return> is being hit 2-3 times in a row. Many screens won't let you input any keys, it just moves on. So....is there some other settings that are supposed to be changed when you use 80 or 81? Thanks all.
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