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  1. If I can get it working on *any* version, I'll try it on all the versions I have and report back here...
  2. Lotharek's internal Ultrasatan and adapter work fine together with NO soldering. You can even mount it into the Mega STe's hard drive bay. No external P/S needed. You can even use the Mega STe's original hard drive LED to show access. Last time I checked, the CosmosEx was unavailable. Does Masteries HD version have 2 SD card slots or 1? Just something else to think about...but I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. HTH's.
  3. First of all, thanks for the quick response on a 2 year old message thread. Okay, because I'm overly literal and a slight moron, I'm going to assume that the instructions mean this: 1. While holding down the MASTER VOLUME button, 2. Press the PART 5 button. 3. Let go of the MASTER VOLUME button and the PART 5 button. 4. Press the PART 1 button. I'll try this as soon as I can. I'll have to look into Atari ST software to play the file into the MT-32. Thanks again.
  4. I actually found a replacement P/S specifically for the MT-32 on Amazon and have ordered it. Looks like it's gonna be a few weeks before it gets here, despite Amazon Primes' "2 day shipping". Hopefully this is the issue and the replacement will resolve it. I'll report back here once it's arrived and in place.
  5. Okay, still trying to get the Ultima games to work with the Roland MT-32. I followed a couple of links to guides, and this is what I did: 1. While holding down MASTER VOLUME, press PART 5 2. Press PART 1 This is supposed to change the default receive channels from 2-9 and 10, to 1-8 and 10. This showed "Channel 1-8 ? [1] Pressing 1 returns it to the default screen. I'm assuming this is what it's supposed to show when it works? Thanks all.
  6. Hello. I just recently (finally) got around to hooking up a Roland MT-32 and trying to use it with some Atari ST games. I've had some issues, the LCD screen is super dim and I have a background hum which is annoying and increases the more you turn up the volume. I'm looking for a replacement P/S to see if that is the problem. Anyway, I used the MUSIC.PRG software with the Sierra games like Spacequest 1-2-3 and that works fine. Amazing sounds. Love it. However, I've been unable to get Ultima III, IV, or V to work. I did google and performed the following: 1. Hold down MASTER VOLUME 2. Press PART 5 3. Press PART 1 This showed "Channel 1-8 ? [1] Pressing 1 returns it to the default screen. I'm assuming this is what it's supposed to show when it works? Still none of the Ultima games give any MIDI sound. Any help is appreciated, thanks. PS I also downloaded the U4 file for the MT-32 but I'm unsure what to do with it? Drop it in the Ultima IV folder? Thanks again... PSS Oh...it seems that file has to be "played" into the MT-32. I have no idea how to do that, thanks. PSSS Yep, I'm that guy who is resurrecting a +2 year old thread...
  7. I'm leaning that way too guys. The one that came with it looks like the original and seems to meet the specs, as far as I can tell but I think it's a good idea to start looking for a replacement. Thanks for all the help and comments, appreciated!
  8. If you are wanting to go internal, then Lotharek sells an adapter (as I think others mentioned): https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=49 Now it says Mega STe, but as Peter stated, it's the same for the STacy and the Mega STe. As far as what was originally shipped, some STacy's actually came with 2 floppy drives (even on the 1 floppy drive models there is wiring left for 2 internal floppy drives):
  9. Okay, a little Google search led me here: I grabbed the archive and watched the video but I'm still not clear - is the file(s) from the archive simply supposed to be dropped into the Ultima III folder or is there some other way that it's supposed to be loaded into the MT-32? Thanks.
  10. Oh, I also tried the Ultima games but I couldn't get any MIDI sound from them at all. They don't have a separate MUSIC.PRG program to enable MIDI so I'm not sure how to get them to use the MT-32? Thanks everyone.
  11. Okay, some progress to report. I opened the MT-32 up and looked around. First impressions, the board is very clean, no dust, nothing obvious like an exploded cap or burn marks. No loose connectors or wires. Nothing that easy of course. However, I did remove everything that could be unplugged, cleaned the connectors and hooked everything back up. Some improvement. It's faint, very faint, but I can now see the text in the LED screen. Not something I'd want to read by, that's for sure. Point is, I can see the Roland name when I turn it on, followed by (from what I've seen in the pics) a normal screen. Holding volume or master volume and turning the knob does show a digital count, up or down. I can't get it to do a demo song, so I'm going to assume that is because it's not one of the newer models (doesn't have the head jack on the back panel). I found the MUSIC.PRG software in the SpaceQuest III folder and ran it. Pretty straightforward, easy to use. I started the game and boom! I've got MIDI sound. Compared to the beeps and boops of the original game it's pretty amazing sounding. I've still got a problem though (aside from the almost unreadable LED screen). I've got a background hum coming through both my speakers. It goes up and down as I turn the volume up or down on the speakers. I tried moving the speakers around, tried moving the cables around (thinking maybe something was too close to a power cord) but nothing has helped so far. It does really detract from the wonderful sound of the game. Any ideas? Thanks all...
  12. Just a couple of quick thoughts. Like TGB1718, I highly recommend using authentic SanDisk SD cards. They just seem to do the best and have the least amount of problems. Second, keep a blank (as in no ACC's, no AUTO folder, etc) already formatted floppy disk in the floppy drive and your STacy will boot up in mere moments vs half a minute while it tries to find a floppy disk in your floppy drive. Third, Peters' software is usually very very good. But to be on the safe side and to rule things out, use your hard drive software to setup a new SanDisk SD card and see if everything works like it's supposed to and put that Peters' large file image away (just for the moment). Fourth, and I should have asked this first - does your STacy have a working internal hard drive? They originally came with hard drives of about 10-20 megs or so....IIRC. Just want to make sure there's no conflict between an internal hard drive and your external Ultrasatan... PS Oh, like Peter mentioned - where did you get that Ultrasatan from?
  13. Don't have time at the moment, but when I get the chance I'll take it apart and see if anything appears out of place. I'll report back here if/when I find something solid. Thanks everyone.
  14. I have to admit, I like Chessmaster 2xxx and Battle Chess. Love those animations!
  15. The description does say "4 conductor configuration". Does this have anything to do with anything? Thanks.
  16. I posted pictures of my WiModem 232 setup as well as Amis's (I think it was Amis). Did you get those? The pictures show all the settings. As far as BBS Express! ST goes, I have 3 modem files in use: BOOT.MDM RESET.MDM F10.MDM Each do pretty much what their name says. BOOT is read upon Express starting. RESET is used whenever there's a reset and F10 is used whenever you hit F10 to exit from Express. All 3 have 2 line and only 2 lines in them: ATH ATM And that's it... My perception is that BBS Express! ST literally handles everything else. Sorry if this doesn't help much.
  17. Well, the MIDI cable I purchased is a Roland brand with gold connectors... I hope it's okay. https://www.amazon.com/Roland-Midi-Cable-Gold-RMIDI-G3/dp/B07284ZC25/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=roland+midi+cable&qid=1637452326&sr=8-8
  18. Okay, the cables all arrived so... I've got the R + L 1/4" sockets/cable from the MT-32 to R + L on my speakers. I've got the MIDI cable from "OUT" on the Mega STe to "IN" on the MT-32. Is there anything else special I'm supposed to do? From posts I browsed through on the 'Net, just starting a game that supports MIDI is supposed to do all the work and send what needs to be sent to the MT-32 and then output to the speakers. I've got nothing. I've got the sound from the game coming through the monitor on my SC-1224 and I've got sound from my speakers from the RCA jacks on the Mega ST to the RCA jacks on my speakers. Nothing else, unfortunately. Open to any suggestions and ideas...
  19. I've got the MIDI cables and 1/4" cables for output ordered, they should be here today (Saturday), if the tracking is correct. Once here, I'll hook everything up and see if it's operating correctly, even if it's not clear by the LED. I'm no musician, BTW. The only purpose here is so I can hear games like Ultima III, IV, and V with their MIDI support. Or all the Sierra games... Thanks.
  20. Thanks for the schematic. I tried it, but....with no LED output, how can I tell if it's working or not? 😕
  21. Yeah, I googled for working Roland MT-32's and saw the normal LED output. I was just trying to figure out if it gave that with nothing else hooked up but the P/S. I guess it does. So...I've got something wrong somewhere.
  22. Hey gang. I finally unpacked the Roland MT-32 that I bought off E-bay a few years ago. Externally, it looks great and I actually got it for a fair price (for the time). This is the older model - it doesn't have the additional headphone jack on the rear panel. So I don't have any cables other than the P/S hooked up to it. It's the P/S that came with it, 9v rating. It powers on, green power light and an off-green colored LED display. However...(always a catch, isn't there?), the LED shows nothing. The buttons are all responsive and feel solid. Using any of them, including holding down volume or Master volume and turning the far left knob does nothing. My question, does it have to have the output and/or MIDI cable(s) hooked up before it displays? I tend to doubt this but thought I would ask since I'm not familiar with it. I'm attaching a screenshot of what I'm seeing here: Thanks everyone...
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