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  1. I have AirCars the game looks like some thing off the XEGS! The team that coded AirCars Just slapped the game together in 3 days form the looks of things! hehe... Thunderbird wrote: lol
  2. Clint Thompson wrote: Ive got the CD version and I like it. Im not going to get the cut up cart version what was Telegames thinking thay could have put out one of the unreleased carts! o.0 but no thay had a better idea! hehe....
  3. Gaztee wrote: How hard would it be to make clones of J-64 Carts? Bootlagers have been doing this for some time like back in the day of the 2600!
  4. I dont know about the 2600 end of Telegames carts, but thay are doing the same for the J-64(Jaguar) Iron Solder II if I recall!
  5. ForceASPI worked but Gens is not working, Ive think the Aadaptec Drivers are making Gens unusable Ive might have to reinstall my os after all Ive got 98 SE kicking around! If any thing comes out of this Ive can use my Bleem that dont work in Xp either!
  6. Ho no Ive Ignored Belgarath how do i Undo that? Ok Ive undid the ignor !
  7. Ive got dead cat(jag) if you like have it let me know!
  8. Xp is [email protected]#$%$^&*() me off now Gens is not working any more I cant win! Im all better now! Im going back to ME!!!! Thank you Bill Gates!
  9. I had the 32x and Sega CD at one time and the funny thing was Ive didnt have any 16-bit carts at all. All I had was just Sega CDs and 32x Carts But Ive traded it for the PS1 when It first cam out! Duhh! thanks for the help
  10. Im using Gens I cant get the SEGA-CD to work ive looked at the read me files and i need latest ASPI drivers I have no idea what to get Ive got the SEGA-CD bios!
  11. T-mek is the first game of 2003 Im playing on 32x emulation! I was looking at unreleased Jaguar games and seen it on the list I kwen it was on the 32x cool game!
  12. If I have my way I would have a VooDoo 5500! and 3DFX wouldn't have gone out of business!
  13. 1. yes 2. yes 3. nop 4. I dont have that one! 5.nop My list! 1. M.U.L.E 2. Spy vs. Spy I,II,III 3. Jump Man and Jr. 4. BallBlaster 5. PitFall II
  14. Ive just got me I new Maniboard and CPU I hope I can run PT now! Ive got an AMD 1700 Athlon running @1.10 Ghz and the Maniboard is an Elitegroup I know its not an A-open but any way! Ive put it together all my self!
  15. Powerslide Telegames Virtuoso Telegames Any one know how far thay got with these games?,finished-but-unreleased, or ever produced?
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