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  1. Can't get to the event but I'd love to see a little more footage of Ultravore on the Lynx.
  2. Blany

    Hyperdrome Artwork

    Thanks, that’s much better.
  3. Blany

    Hyperdrome Artwork

    It's the image next to the Hyperdrome text. I'm certain that this was the intended artwork for the game as it strongly resembles the ship in the actual game. I just need a better scan of it so I can tidy up/redraw the image. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've been trying to recreate some classic Lynx boxes of unreleased games using the original artwork and have done around 8 now. I've just come across this scan for Hyperdrome in an old Atari Lynx ' Grey Matters' magazine. Does anyone have a better scan or even a better version of this artwork they could upload?
  5. The graphical update looks great. When are you expecting these to be ready for full production?
  6. Just received mine. Wonderful book, especially the inclusion of all the vintage adverts.
  7. Ordered! Can't wait to read this one.
  8. Just ordered a copy for my collection. Can’t wait to play this.
  9. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to both of these.
  10. Is there any update or further demo's on this title? It's definitely something I would buy when it's released.
  11. Please try and do t I'd love to play around with these as my real strength is graphics.
  12. That would be great as I'd love to try this. I have no programming experience but used to love things like SEUCK on the Atari ST all those years ago.
  13. This looks like a great project. I would love to be a tester but I only have a Mac. Good luck though.
  14. I'd also be up for a copy of the physical release.
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