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  1. binge yer butt off...The Suicide Squad is a fun place to start
  2. 08 DEC 1997 Pretty sure I started using amazon.com that year, too (or maybe slightly earlier), but it has no record of any purchases until 1999.
  3. The main thing with plasma TVs was that they would lose about 50% of their brightness during their use. The cheaper ones had about 30,000 hours of use, and the upper ones about 60,000, before hitting that 50% loss threshold.
  4. Ah, the Atari Speakerhat. Yes, a few of us have the good ol' Blade Runner 2049 edition. Battery life is about 8 hours regular use on a full charge. LMK if you are curious about any of the other specs.
  5. I've been meaning to post this for awhile... No, I'm not joking about the crossover. The property holders do a lot of crossovers with a lot of variant covers. Here's the Atari homage:
  6. Well, if it's super glue, I would get a very thin but strong knife blade, find a corner of the disc to slightly pry up, and then slowly and carefully drip (maybe use an eyedropper) nail polish remover, as this dissolves super glue. I'd use gravity if possible to assist. Hopefully it will go very quickly then you can wipe up the remover and clean up any residue from the glue with a gentle swab of Goo Gone.
  7. My 1986 Bowling (picture label) in the grey box release does not have a dust cover in the cart.
  8. Not true. I'm pulling from the Oxford English Dictionary here:
  9. It's a First-Year Seminar (FYS) class, which means that the instructor presents a specific body of knowledge and then the students study it from an academic/research perspective, although this faculty also teaches with me in our Game & Interactive Media Design major. I'm actually leading an FYS this semester for the first time in a several years; it's all about zombies (history and representation in media (theater, radio serials, films, comic books, television, and video games), mostly 20th through 21st century, and oriented pre- and post-Romero).
  10. The rarity levels in the AA database are up for a lot of debate and in need of revision.
  11. It's just clickbait to get on the hype-train to the seller's store. While sealed copies of Waterworld are hard to come by, it's not a $25K game. A few hundred years down the line, who knows...
  12. Those dudes at Super Potato in Akihabara won't sell their Japanese Atari games anymore. Every year I ask, and every year I get the teeth-sucking and chotto routine. Ah well, still nice to look at.
  13. Boxed PC: this is all I have (aside from a few that are in my office, and some in my parents' basement). Part of that is because of being naughty and pirating games, which of course I don't do anymore and haven't done in a long time. I like finding older PC games when I can, but they don't seem to come up much in stores. I think people might be more prone to throwing them out.
  14. Multicart. Okay, I guess. As CPUWIZ would say, no box, no glory.
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