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  1. It's just clickbait to get on the hype-train to the seller's store. While sealed copies of Waterworld are hard to come by, it's not a $25K game. A few hundred years down the line, who knows...
  2. Those dudes at Super Potato in Akihabara won't sell their Japanese Atari games anymore. Every year I ask, and every year I get the teeth-sucking and chotto routine. Ah well, still nice to look at.
  3. Boxed PC: this is all I have (aside from a few that are in my office, and some in my parents' basement). Part of that is because of being naughty and pirating games, which of course I don't do anymore and haven't done in a long time. I like finding older PC games when I can, but they don't seem to come up much in stores. I think people might be more prone to throwing them out.
  4. Multicart. Okay, I guess. As CPUWIZ would say, no box, no glory.
  5. Pretty sure I got plenty o' love for Big Sexy.
  6. Actually, they were astounded at the complexity of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They couldn't believe a "simple" game had an inventory system, used two controllers, and had multiple areas/maps. I had to walk them through how to play it. That's right, kids, you gotta read the manual for some of these dang old Atari tapes! For some reason, Vanguard appeared to confound them, too.
  7. Burrito?!? Heathen! Burritos are the Atari 5200 of tacos. But still delicious.
  8. I am fine with this decision. People should be compensated for the work they do, even if it's a labor of love. Have you played Atari today? Have you eaten tacos today?
  9. One of my colleagues has had me guest lecture in her History of Video Games class about Atari and that era of games, but mostly I focused on Atari (with lots of memorabilia), and she had me come back for a second day to let the students actually play some of the games. She requested certain titles - Adventure, Space Invaders, River Raid, Yars' Revenge, Pitfall II, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, and ET - that the book she's having them read specifically mentions, and I rounded it out with a bunch of other common (Combat, Frogger) and very rare titles (Boing!, Glib), but of all the ones I brought the most popular games were Outlaw, Kool-Aid Man, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Regarding the latter, the students were amazed at the complexity of the game given the time when it was made. It was interesting to see them sit down and attempt to play a game that they thought would be easy (like Vanguard) and realize there was more going on than they expected and that they actually had to read an instruction manual. It was really interesting to see them get super competitive over Outlaw.
  10. All it needs is an Atari Organizer in front of it.
  11. Why can't I find ungodly rare shit like this in basements? What have I done to anger the universe? MUST SACRIFICE MORE JELLY DONUTS TO CTHULHU.
  12. Mine does not have the sticker, although the box is kind of beat up, so maybe it did at one point, but it doesn't look like it.
  13. There's one of the promotional hats on eBay right now. It's not in the greatest shape (writing on opposite side and stains).
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