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  1. A katakis clone would be great. Gates of zendocon is pretty lame Gesendet von meinem CUBOT DINOSAUR mit Tapatalk
  2. make it Binary..With lot of "0" and "1" better not,i suck on this kind of games
  3. Oh.binary sudoku? Gesendet von meinem CUBOT DINOSAUR mit Tapatalk
  4. Arrived yesterday...Will test it now
  5. 2 or 3 out of 10? To make $$$ on ebay? Gesendet von meinem CUBOT DINOSAUR mit Tapatalk
  6. Please add me to the preorder list. Thanks.
  7. once,if grafics and sprites are ripped out of c64 program,it should be wasy to convert them,or not?i mean : it is no problem to convert a c64 grafik to gif,jpg or something else,why not to lynx? Greets,Joerg from Germany
  8. Still have around 700disx for the C64.save to card is possible.look at the t-tris card.to bad,my coding knowledges are poor. i only did some intro´s and cracks on the c64.that´s all
  9. Hello, as far as i know,the lynx has nearly the same cpu as the C64.is it possible to port c64 code to the atari lynx?would be great to play games like katkis or r-type on lynx (gates of zendocon is a lousy one). greets from germany,joerg
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