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  1. So cartridges bouhgt in United States will not work with my console? Thanks God I asked before buying .
  2. I've just bought my first Atari 7800 console. Its completly new system for me. I have some Atari XL/XE computers so far and one STE machine. 7800 is the first game console I've bougt in my life. So I have some question. Console is marked as PAL B. I dont have any games for it so far. Here in Poland were I live it is very hard to find anything for this console. I consider spotting some cartridges on Ebay and I wonder if cartridges bought for example in United States will work with my console and PAL TV set.
  3. I am using such an interface with my 1040 STE and it works perfectly. I bought PS/2 version and I'm using it with A4tech optical mouse. This interfaces are great things. I really recommend it.
  4. Maybe try out "Substation". This is STE/Falcon game. Here is a description of the game: http://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-st/substation and some screenshots: http://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-st/substation/screenshots
  5. I wonder rather if Sheddy will finish Space Harrier someday, than what he will be doing next.
  6. Maybe Cygnus X1? http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-cygnus-x1_1472.html
  7. It looks very impressive. What about flickering? Final version is intended to flicker also?
  8. I've decided to rework my Midi Maze label, as I wasn't fully satisfied of it. Here are the results: If anybody want to have such a lebel of his cartridge, here are a 300 DPI reolution images. Technique is cheap and easy. I print it on self adhesive paper using my inkjet printer (Canon Ip3600). Then I stick a self adhesive transparent foil on it. After that I make use of my scissors and finally stick a label on a cartridge. Fell free to use it anyway you want.
  9. Thanks Tjalzer. I have recently bought Xenophobe, Commando and Midi Maze cartridges from Video61. I use your label and remake it to create also labels for Commando and Midi Maze. Here are results:
  10. PAL is dominating standard in Europe, so it is obvious that software which is is created here are done to comply with that standard. Most of that software (games, demos) is noncomercial, authors do it on their spare time for free. That is the reason why they don't care about making NTSC version as well. Sometimes software is pushing hardware to it's limits, so there is no way to make it working probably on NTSC machines - see Bomb Jake case. The best solution is buying a PAL Atari with PAL TV, or multisystem TV. You see - when Atari computers became very popular in Poland and other eastern Europe countries (late eighties and early nineties), nobody had a PAL TV, all TV's here used SECAM. So people massively were adapting they TV sets to work in PAL as well. I think you also could.
  11. I don't have a copy of that currently. I'm wondering if there is an option to play the game whithout network - in single player mode, or it is only network multiplayer game?
  12. Atari 400/800 was brought to market in 1979. So 8-bit Atari computers, had his 30-th birthday in 2009. We celebrate it on Poznań Game Arena - the biggest computer fare in Poland. We have own stand, when people could play on real Atari hardware, and there was also a birthday cake. You can read more about it here: http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.phtml?subaction=showfull&id=1255910358&archive=&start_from=80&ucat=1&ct=nowinki
  13. Consider if Bomb Jake isn't worth buying a PAL Atari? I think it is
  14. Yes, you are right. If number of the cartridge is given it means that at least prototype beta-cartridge was created. I think it is rather full game, with possible bugs, rather than only one-two playable levels. As I said, investigation has to be made to check this out.
  15. Tower Toppler also exists. So 3 out of 9 games listed there exists for now (Commando, Tower Toppler, Xenophobe). This games were completed, but never published. We don't know on which stage of development Ikari Warriors had been. IF game use the same engine as Commando it could be the best shooter ever created on 8-bit Atari. Maybe case is worth of hiring a private detective
  16. For sure, the reason is that not many people had an oportunity to play with full version of the game. Some of them (including me) give scores, basing on game demo which is available. Some other just don't vote on the game, because they don't want to put scores when they haven't a chance to play the game. But I think that Tempest won't win anyway - it could manage to take third position at its best.
  17. Yes. To be honest when I started playing I was neglecting the manufacture side of things. I'm going to have another game tonight and go for bigger is better BTW - I'm guessing more landing strips equal more ship visits right? More strips means higher possibility that ship will land, and of course bigger ships can visit your colony. When I play, usually at the end of the game, crops from all the fields could't feed all people that I have, so I must buy some part of it. I have to buy materials also, because factories consumes few times more that I am able to extract. I build plenty warehouses and airstripes. Then I buy all resources that is available to buy in order to keep production on full power, without stops due to lack of materials. Plenty of airstripes are also necessary to be able to sell your production. I recommend you not to try earning money in the begining, but concentrate on developing your colony. Do not sell robots at the begining, unless you are on the debt and you have to. In first year I recommend to buy few more Lynx, Hades, Jaguars, and Generators. Lynx robots allows you to build more and faster, Hades robots allow you to extract more materials, Generators are needed to all activities, Jaguars are necessary to protect your colony. Good advise is to have all the time more people than you currently need. Because when your colony lacks of people it takes sometimes few months to get enough people. Even when ship will cary new poeple, you have to wait one month after hiring them until they pass a quarntine. Time to earn a money will be at the end of game, when you develop technologies on high levels, because for more advanced robots, ship will pay more.
  18. You have to collect at least 500,000,000 to win, so 500 times more. I know that it seems to be impossible for beginners, but when you get some practice you can earn even few times more than that.
  19. For what it's worth, my 800 has 64k. The RAM is in a different configuration than the "RAM under the ROM" in the XL/XE series. I am still happy with my Kolony 2106 purchase, don't get me wrong. Look forward to your next offering. I'm really happy with Kolony. I ordered 2 copes which was lucky because one copy was very badly damaged in the post. My one recommendation for the authors would be to charge a bit more for international shipping and ship it in a steel crate or something The homebrew packaging is really eye-catching. It got a lot of compliments from the guys in the office (Xbox group.) The game box also was damaged, or only outside box?
  20. Here are pictures of SIO2SD case which I have done few days ago. It requires a lot of patience, but it is not very difficult to do.
  21. Archon is more known and is recognised by more people than it's sequel. Authors want certainly get quick cash from people who knows Archon and will buy the game due to nostalgy. Nobody is interested in doing a really good game out of it.
  22. Game didn't work on Atari 800 because it require 64 KB RAM and it really make a good use of that space. Less than 200 free bytes remains. We put a lot of effort to optimise code of the game to fit so many features as possible into memory. I can't imagine to fit that game in 48 KB. BTW. I'm curious if anybody make it to reach 500 milions yet?
  23. Some copies of Kolony 2106 limited collectors edition are still available to buy. You can order copy by sending an e-mail to me: [email protected]_THISpoczta.onet.pl (remember to remove "CUT_THIS") more details here: http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.phtml?subaction=showfull&id=1256653666&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&ct=nowinki
  24. 500 milions and even more is possible . There is of course simple way to make numbers skip faster. Pull joystick left or right to sell or buy goods, and when joystick is pulled press fire to speed it up. This feature is implemented in most of the game windows where there is need to set up some values. Btw same way it works when you are using keybord instead joystick to control the game. Just hold arrow key and then press Shift. http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.phtml?ct=katalog&sub=K&tg=Kolony+2106#Kolony_2106 here you can download the game and manual as well
  25. This is not a bug, program should work that way. We decide to not erase old window when user open a new one but leave it and draw new window above it. Version where windows were erased each time worked a bit slower, and process of erasing the window was a bit annoying. We think that people are used to having many windows open on their PCs so drawing new windows over old ones is a better solution.
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