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  1. I was playing this game a lot many years ago. But, always when I got the chance to fight with champion I loose. Did anybody manage to bit the champion? Maybe you know any tricks how to play?
  2. 30 years old, I live in Rzeszów - south east part of Poland. My first computer was Atari 65XE with tape recorder bought in 1989 (in the year when whole communistic system finally collapsed ) In 1996 when I was starting to study informatics, I bought PC computer and discover that there is an Atari emulator for PC
  3. Most of the people thinks that computers which they used are most beautyful, maybe due to nostalgy factor . In my opinion XE line are most beautyful 8 bit computers. There was similar topic on AtariArea forum (Polish site). In Polnad XE series was more popular than XL and most users in Poland declare thet they prefer XE line than XL or 400/800.
  4. Great "draconus style" game. It is lucky that game have been recovered from damaged disk. It would be a pity if the game have diappeard.
  5. There are two files in the attched ZIP. Harrier.exe and harrier_full.rmt.exe Which one is 4 and which 3 channel versions? I heard both and in my opinion harrier_full sounds much much better.
  6. Picture made by Gonzo. Many other pictures made by him you can find on Atari.online.pl Check this: http://www.atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml...&ct=nowinki http://www.atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml...&ct=nowinki http://www.atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml...&ct=nowinki http://www.atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml...&ct=nowinki I have to say that Gonzo is a wizard of G2F.
  7. I have a question. I wonder if in final version there will be opportuninty to fight with more then one monster at the same time?
  8. Remember that if you change interpreter Atari Basic to Turbo Basic you have to also change style of programming. Only then you make your program run much faster. Try to eliminate as many GOTO instructions as possible and replace it with TB stuctures (WHILE, DO, LOOP etc) in places when you use GOTO instead number of lines use etiquettes.
  9. Mr. Do! is a great conversion. Also: Bang Bank! and Global War
  10. I send you my save states to e-mail. I not sure if I have correct addres (I took it from Atari.online.pl). I wanted to attach save states to my posts, but this forum didn't want to accept this kind of attachment.
  11. Bingo :!: I tried out the folowing situations Look at this screenshot: One step right and... two weapons appears into inventory In this situation also everything works fine One step up and 2 items fall into inventory But in this situation: One step up and i found only gold :!: The same here after moving right: only gold is picked up, weapon dissapeard But here, after steping up I found only weapon, gold is lost
  12. I tested it and there are some bugs. Sometimes after picking up a weapon it doesn't appear in the inventory. And I think that's why not always there is possible to pick up 16 weapons. Usually I was able to pick up 15-11 in tests I perform. I also notice that when I am collecting weapons on the screen (not pick it up) then my first weapon disapear from inventory. I performed a test. See screenshot . There is 12 item on the screen. I also have "large axe" in the inventory Then I killed few more monsters and there were 15 weapons on the screen After looking into inventory I noticed that primary wepon disappear And than after picking up all 15 weapons (I pick up all and then look into inventory) I noticed that I hae 13 weapons This situation shown on the third screenshot I have saved in save state. After reading this save state in emulator again and collecting all weapons once again result in collected weapons were different each time. About magic items - I only once found a magic item. I think that probability of finding a magic item is something around 1% or less.
  13. There is a long news about this project on www.Atari.online.pl. http://www.atari.online.pl/v01/index.phtml...&ct=nowinki
  14. I heard that "Pewex" in Poland (they have monpoly to sell Atari computers in Poland until the year 1989) sold 220 000 - 25 000 Atari 8-bit computers in this country.
  15. I found a small bug. I played cheted version on emulator. When I start to play I have 30 Strength. After killing a few monsters I gained a level, and when I am starting to increase strength I get value "37" instead "31" when I continue increasing STR I get 32, 33... etc. I tried to increase strength only once to keep STR=37, but when I changed DEX or VIT it changed to 31. When I start to increase DEX or VIT at first, changed parameter is increased proparly, but STR goes to 36 and than return to 30. This situation occurs only when I gain level for first time.
  16. I think gold can be automaticly picked up. About the other things, it would be the best (if possible) to be picked up by pressing space, and then this item would be placed into inventory.
  17. I have tested the latest version "7m" and that is what i think is wrong: 1. Places where monsters/items are generated. Sometimes Monster is generated in place that is invisible - on the left side of the screen. When you go there monster come out of the left border and starting to chase you. Once the sword have been generated so near the right border of the scereen that I was unable to pick it up. 2. When there are few unpicked items on the screen. When I started to pick it up all items are the same. 3. After gaining a level effect of the item currently owned is deleted. For example I have "short sword of the stars" wchich give me bonus to strength, so I have STR=61, after gaining a level my strenght are downgraded to 30.
  18. As far as i know author create the game just for fun and that is the reason why he dindn't think about taking part in contest. Rules of the contest have nothing to do with that.
  19. Hello There is new game "Klony" available for Atari XL/XE . Game come from Poland and it is port of well known logical game for coin up machines called "Ataxx". Game has a great graphics in hi-res and nice music. Levels wchich appers in random order and progressive level of difficulty make it really fun playing. I really recommend this piece of software Download Klony
  20. 800xl has 64 kb RAM, as 800 has only 48 kb
  21. Some alternative versions of gfx tiles were removed from code in final version because they were unused. So the final code is much shorter.
  22. Version with sound is much better. Noise that comes out of the speaker sounds like boiling lava . I have a question. Flickering of the rainbow is a some kind of bug or it was designed to behave in that way? I run it on emulator only.
  23. I have checked, all value I have given here, are with refresh rate set on 1.
  24. Here are images from game "Ninja" using no filter, filter smooth and Hiend filter. It is taken using laoo palette. In normal mode (which I prefer) you can count pixels . In smooth image is not sharp, like using very old TV set. Personally I don't like it, longer playing is tiring fo eyes. With the third metod picture is ... weird. Smooth as in hi-res. Just take a look at the mountains. The stars (shurikens) are now so smooth that becomes almost squares. The Ninja sword becomes now a solid line, as in original we can see that it consist of three pixels. Fonts also get non-Atari looks, like vector fonts. Image is generally sharp, but not always. As we can see Ninja is unsharp, and edges are even more blured than in smooth mode. Probably it is caused by the fact that colors of the bacground (dark grey) is similar to Ninja color (black). Changing palette to brighter and more contrastive (for example Default palette) eliminate this fault. About the speed. I tested it on Pentium 4 processor at 2,4 GHz with integrated graphic chip (Intel). This machine has enough power to draw this mode. I think some slower computers should also handle it. I run it on full speed of emulation and I get following speeds: 770% for Normal mode 710% for smooth mode (only a little slower, less then 10 %) 240% for Hiend mode (about 3 times slower than smooth)
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