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  1. Very cool! The fact that this fits in 4K is just amazing, but I agree with Thomas and Karl that you should pull out all the stops, allow yourself 16K or even 32K, and just go wild! As mentioned, some sort of HUD would be nice. Also, maybe moveable sprites / enemies / pickups (I didn't get very far, maybe these are already there!)
  2. Start a fire for a man, and you've warmed him for a day.  Start a man on fire, and you've warmed him for the rest of his life.

  3. I like that doodle, too. It would be cool to have an outer space backdrop with abstract light streaks and colored blocks floating in a formation.
  4. Very impressive! There is already so much going on, and it looks great!
  5. As for the first part of your question, that's usually because you included macro.h, which defines its macros in one of two ways: with illegal opcodes, or without. You can define a variable named NO_ILLEGAL_OPCODES to tell macro.h to use the legal-opcodes-only versions, otherwise it uses the illegal versions. (You can look through the file macro.h to see how this is done.) If you don't define this variable, DASM will complain about it not existing, but everything will still compile just fine.
  6. We hit a setback with the artwork. Our artist gave us a good starting point to work with, but we all know coders aren't artists. Right now I am working on it, but we can always go with a simpler design if we need to.
  7. 45,100 This is my first time playing Atlantis. Fun, tough game! I rely on my center cannon, after it's gone, I try my best, but it ends up being "shoot randomly and hope something happens". A strategy seems to be to intentionally allow slow ships to get pretty low, holding up the faster ships, since they don't seem to pass each other.
  8. Score to come, here's my celestial body entry (surprised nobody used this yet!) Asteroids - asteroid objects are seen: I will let the judges decide how many bodies this counts as.
  9. Better Berzerk score, managed to wrap back to slow bots again for the first time! 6,130
  10. 5,700 Venture 1BB Forgettable game, not bad though. Only thing I would change is death by touching an enemies corpse.
  11. Berzerk 9BB: 4,570 One of my all time favorite 2600 games, just wish I was a bit better!
  12. Use the joystick to move the cursor to the block you want to move. Press and hold fire, and push the joystick in the direction you want to move it.
  13. Good news! Over the last couple weeks, Jeff and I have been able to playtest the game a bit. We found a couple bugs, and have fixed them. We also finalized the game colors for both NTSC and PAL modes. (Big thank you to Thomas Jentzsch for helping with the PAL colors!) The game control switches have been changed: LEFT DIFFICULTY controls game difficulty A = 8-colors (hard) B = 7-colors (medium) RIGHT DIFFICULTY controls helpful hits A = no hints B = show hints COLOR/BW controls game board colors For NTSC/PAL displays, put the switch to COLOR For SECAM displays, use BW We are proud to say the game is now 100% complete! (Maybe 110% would be more accurate ) bblocks.bin
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