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  1. Better Berzerk score, managed to wrap back to slow bots again for the first time! 6,130
  2. 5,700 Venture 1BB Forgettable game, not bad though. Only thing I would change is death by touching an enemies corpse.
  3. Berzerk 9BB: 4,570 One of my all time favorite 2600 games, just wish I was a bit better!
  4. Use the joystick to move the cursor to the block you want to move. Press and hold fire, and push the joystick in the direction you want to move it.
  5. Good news! Over the last couple weeks, Jeff and I have been able to playtest the game a bit. We found a couple bugs, and have fixed them. We also finalized the game colors for both NTSC and PAL modes. (Big thank you to Thomas Jentzsch for helping with the PAL colors!) The game control switches have been changed: LEFT DIFFICULTY controls game difficulty A = 8-colors (hard) B = 7-colors (medium) RIGHT DIFFICULTY controls helpful hits A = no hints B = show hints COLOR/BW controls game board colors For NTSC/PAL displays, put the switch to COLOR For SECAM displays, use BW We are proud to say the game is now 100% complete! (Maybe 110% would be more accurate ) bblocks.bin
  6. Thank you! This was an issue that I think should be fixed in the upcoming release. Jeff and I are trying to bug test a different issue right now, but expect a fixed version soon!
  7. Stayed up way too late and managed to break 2M:
  8. Even tackling one of these things (mainly the label art) or even help with suggestions would be a huge help!
  9. ~ What COMPANY do you want featured in Season 11. Suggest some games from that company. Imagic. My personal favorite game is Demon Attack, though I know it was played a couple years ago. Atlantis, Dragonfire, Fathom, and Laser Gates are some other great Imagic games. ~ Several games from the Arcade. Ms. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-man, or Pac-Man 4K (technically a homebrew). Frogger, Missile Command, Phoenix, Space Invaders, Asteroids. ~ Several games that are RARELY in the HSC! I'm not 100% sure, since I haven't played much, but Solar Fox is a great game that I am sure some have never played. ~ 2 Paddle Games SCSIcide (also homebrew), Casino (the Poker Solitaire game variant is a lot of fun). ~ 3 Homebrew Games. I don't know which games were played, but here's a couple favorites of mine: Swoops, Spies In The Night, Oystron ~ Your Requests of any game you would love to play. I look and play ALL REQUESTS!!! Spider Fighter, Frostbite, Crackpots, River Raid, No Escape ~ Any Bonus games you would like to see done. (Games that would not be good for a regular pick but a nice bonus. Journey Escape
  10. There were 2 issues. The Color/Bw switch was flipped from what it should have been, and the screen jumped if the progress bar was full. Both are fixed now! BBlocks.bin
  11. There is another issue with the Color/BW switch not working, expect another update in a few minutes...
  12. UPDATE: Jeff and I found a couple of bugs, including the hint bug. Both are fixed now. I changed the binary file in the release post from yesterday, so if you already downloaded it, please do so again.
  13. Thank you, we are working on fixing this right now.
  14. Thank you! I assure you, the past couple months have been mostly spent optimizing the code to save space. Getting 7 in a row is nearly impossible. You would need some sort of complicated chain reaction to cause it.
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