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  1. What he says is right if you stick with the default settings, but I'd have to disagree with CJ's comment tbh - I have a Chaos Reins, a Tyrant rotary & a Jonathan Ascough rotary (impossible to develop a game properly without knowing exactly how it is going to handle with the various hardware out there - if anyone has anything more exotic they want to be sure will work with the game, get in touch) - all three are perfect for the game as you can adjust the sensitivity very finely in the options menu, allowing the player to get the game handling exactly as they wish. For my personal preference, I like to make the latter two pads more sensitive and leave the default setting for the CR, that way I can make a complete rotation with very little movement of the left hand. Some people prefer it less twitchy.Oh, I also swapped the knob on the JA pad for a knobbly chrome one, it makes it a bit grippier for quick turns and helps me tell it apart form the Tyrant pad easier, but that's beside the point Been away for a long time but saw this thread and have been very excited about the possibility of another rotary game. I have also developed a mark 2 controller that still has the d pad intact as well as rotary ability. If you already have one of my controllers the mk 2 will no doubt be compatable with your game. only 1 mk2 has been sold so far and a second one is in construction. Hope this helps and wish you luck with the developement of your game.
  2. Indeed, here we are . Yep all here- the three Amigos i like that Atari smeg head appology excepted no hard feelings from my end and wish you well with your controllers I will stick with the g type so people can tell mine apart from tyrants. I was once working on a new controller but have scraped the idea but this is what I had in mind. I was going to make an arcade stick based around a pro controller which also had a rotary function and jag link facilty as well all in one unit. I am a kitchen designer by trade and the top of the arcade stick was going to be made from a polished granite/corean or similar product. I had called the project the LAPCAT and even went as far as getting the art detail for the box it was going to be in (I have friends in both marketing and printing to help produce the boxes). Well that was what I had in mind maybe it will come to light again one day who knows or may be some one else can take the idea and move it forward.
  3. Yep, his were pretty much exact clones of mine. Except that he then went on to make some out of pro controllers, but didn't realise that a) Tempest doesn't benefit from the extra buttons, and b) when you cut circuit traces you need to patch them properly. I forget exactly what he did strangely, but it involved short circuiting some of the buttons together in a way that could have been easily avoided with a few diodes in the right places. Sigh I thought this was all cleared up years ago! For the record smeg head I bought tyrants rotary controller of you AFTER I started selling mine. You have been spreading this lie on both this site and JS11 for years now and I would politely ask you to stop and get your facts straight. For the record the two controllers mine and tyrants are different as we use different controllers. His are normal ones that have black rubber key pads and the serial number on the reverse of the controller start with a B. mine are grey rubber controllers (again standard) that have the serial number that start with a G, (this is the only difference from the outside that you can see). The internals if the controllers is very different and the solutions that myself and Tyrant made in order to make a rotary are different (hence not a cloned product). I bought that controller of you as I was interested in seeing how Tyrant made a rotary using a B type and whilst I now know how to make one have not done so as I gave my word to Tyrant 6 years ago now on this site and have been true to it to this day. As for my pro rotary controlers nothing was ever short circuited I dont know where that came from? the reason I made them was a) they are more comfortable to use than a standard controler b) the x,y,z buttons are used in the game (change the viewing angle of the web) same as pressing 1,2 or 3 on the keypad but easyier to get to. c) It was something a bit different. d) no one had ever made one before and I developed the two controllers at the same time INDEPENDANTLY. Finaly Tyrant I wish you well for the future and hope you do make another batch as it is giving something to the atari community and gives people a choice between yours and mine. Sorry if this goes on a bit but it is very upsetting to be accused of cloning someone elses work when nothing is further from the truth and certain individuals perpetuate this myth for years, I am certain many of you would feel the same as I if you were accused of something that simply was not true! Hope this clears everything up and just to remember tyrants controllers have black keypads and mine grey, both are great and were made independantly of each other.
  4. I would too just to have something new for the jag I believe it is complete as well!
  5. Or if you cant be bothered I have two rotarys on ebay at the mo one standard opening bid £10 with no bids at present or a pro rotary with a bin of £25
  6. Just thought I would let folks here know that I have some rotary controllers up on ebay £20 for a standard and £25 for a pro rotary would put a link if I knew how.
  7. Yeah I have to agree that if I did see a painted jag that I would to start with be wary myself as you do not now how good a paint job has been done. I myself have done alot in all sorts of colours and have never had a complaint (I do them very well) so that speaks for itself . The hard part IS the jag logo I have tried all sorts of method and all to no avail in the case of this jag it would be very hard as it is a two tone paint and hand painting the jag logo is very hard it is the R at the end that causes all the problems.
  8. I made the mod to the jag and the reason for the higher than normal price for a jag is clearly explained in the auction. As for the pro rotaries the x,y,z buttons change the angle of the web and the a,b,c buttons are the same as the normal controllers. Also the the pro rotarys are more comfortable to use as I do make standard rotaries as well. pro controllers are not that rare I do wish people here could start to understand this.
  9. yes it is one of mine but not being sold by me. It is very strange as I know he has kept the rest of the green jag package and tempest 2k was in there so why you would want to sell off the rotary controller which is painted to match the rest of the kit and you own tempest is a bit of a mystery to me?
  10. Have a blue granite effect jag up on ebay at the mo. I would provide a link if I knew how . This is by far the best jag I have done to date and looks awsome .
  11. personnaly i would say about $150 is about right myself that would be a fair price in my humble opinion.
  12. well I have had a look around and have enough bit to make a rotary controller if you are interested I could do either a pro rotary (recommended) or just a standard shipping to belguim would be £10 let me know here if you are interested or mail me at [email protected]
  13. Just thought I would let folks know my last jag with a cd unit is on ebay now it is the red one and has my last pro rotary with it to boot
  14. That will be cool it is good to see that one of my jags is going to a good home and will be seen by many at the jagfest
  15. 1 change of circumstances and times i am afraid but never say never again thats what I say There is a project in the back of my mind which may come to fruit one day 2 I still have some pro rotary controllers up on ebay at the mo £20 which I think works out to be about $38 869910[/snapback] Hey bud, if you want to add a link to your auctions just type what's quoted below: "[url]copy and paste the auction address here[/url]" Minus the quotation marks, of course. 869961[/snapback] umm I should really qualify this I am very poor with computers and think pc is short for pork chop and paste is something I put on my tooth brush but thanks for trying.
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