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  1. I have the 7800 games that I would want for the platform. But for me when I was younger and the 7800 was new, I wanted it because at the time it appeared to have equal graphics to the popular NES and would have the ability to play all my older 2600 games for less price. There were two games released for it at that time that made me want a 7800. It was Activision's release of Rampage and Atari's release of Crossbow. I also knew other games like Xenophobe and Galaga would be available and I was very interested in having those games as well. I didn't get Xenophobe until much later on (When I actually got back into retro games and collecting). But at the time of its release, the 7800 seemed to me, the best way to really capture the arcade games that I really enjoyed. And when you think about it, the arcade conversions on the 7800 from Atari, were pretty stellar. Ms. Pac-Man, Joust, and even though it had horrid sound, Donkey Kong and DKjr are both really good gameplay wise on the 7800 for the time. I think one of the best reasons to own the 7800 today is still due to the fact that is can play pretty much the entire 2600 library of games so it becomes a nice 2 - 1 console for that era, and the homebrews for both 2600 and 7800 over the last 10+ years have really made the 7800 a worthy console to keep on hand.
  2. My wife and I will be arriving Friday afternoon. Not liking the weather forecast though...LOL!
  3. I think the main issue here is that the Intelly II really only benefits from the RGB upgrade and I'm not sure there is a current source for those boards? There is composite, but having tried to use the composite kits I like on the Intelly 2, I don't advise doing it. Not sure where the hardware differences cause this, but composite from the Intelly 2 just isn't nearly as good as composite from the model 1. So I only advise doing a composite mod on the model 1 units and would only advise it on the model 2 if the RF is completely buggered.
  4. @Igor Here you go. Here is my video install process I used for the BennVenn kit in my personal Lynx. The video covers more about the disassembly and kit details than it does the actual install. But I included the sheet I put together using your pics etc that I followed when doing the ones I've done so far. Mine has the new bracket and it is much better so thank you for that!!! Much less stress on the ribbon cable to the LCD and it just drops in nice an easy.
  5. ITC # 62 is online this morning. In this video, I go through the process I use for installing the new BennVenn LCD upgrade kit on a Lynx model II. I hope to create a set of installation instructions similar to those I did on the s-video installs for the 7800 soon. Thank you for watching and I hope these videos are of benefit to others now and in the future!
  6. I actually just repaired 3 of my own this weekend. They all had blown or loose fuses. 2 of them I blew out the fuses on over the spring trying to take current measurements. The 3rd had attempted repair done on it in the past apparently because when I opened it up, I found a 250v 10a fuse electrically taped inside that wasn't making contact with the clipped leads from the old fuse that used to be there. Had no idea that had been done to this PSU since I bought it used as working like 20 years ago? Lucky the fuse didn't fall inside and cause some real issues. I ended up clipping the old ones out and soldering on replacement 250v 5a standard buss fueses to the clipped leads. Good as new and I got back 3 I didn't have before. Funny the OP has 3 dead also and I did once I started looking into my small stash of spare PSUs.
  7. Remind me what you have the UAV installed in again? If talking about the 2600, I've never installed the UAV into a 2600 yet but I know that the composite from the UAV on a 7800 provides really good composite from a 7800 and I've installed the UAV in just a "few" 7800s over the last nearly 3 years now. 5200 produces a good picture, but with noticeable thick jail bars on the left half of the screen that appeared to be caused by the DRAM in the system being noisy.
  8. I stand corrected. Although there isn't a link to it from the site, I was able to locate AA's old gallery from my first OKGE I organized and hosted back in 2003. That was when the Jag Duo was shown in public. And I found a pic of it in the curio cabinet it was locked in along with other cool stuff. It is clearly wider than a normal jag as can be seen from the comparison with the other console shells in that case plus compared to the size of the controller port openings. Jag DUO Mock-up case at 2003 OKGE
  9. The most difficult part is the first screen waiting to collect the bricks. I've rarely been able to do this without loosing at least one life due to the timer running out. I've not been successful at jumping the gaps to land on the small parts of the ground so I just wonder back and forth on the largest section and collect the bricks that the inspector drops over that part. So if anything the jumping seems a bit off. If you hadn't noticed, you can also jump like you do in Smurfs by pressing up a second time on the controller.
  10. Was talking with Tempest about this earlier. I basically get the same thing he does in those same areas on an older JVC CRT I have. On my PVM (Due to the much smaller size) it is still present but more blended in I guess you could say? From my small 8" PVM monitor through native s-video On my LCD from s-video Also from my LCD more straight on shot. So basically I do see the other color hues around the letters on the title screen through my LCD via s-video, but see a very similar stripe or spike like pattern from around the letters on both my larger CRT (Looks basically like Tempests pic above), and from my smaller PVM.
  11. I really need to send mine in for a FW update... Keep meaning to do it and I just squirrel moment onto other things.
  12. You should take it to the event and stop by the AA booth. I or someone might very well be there who could maybe look at it and see about getting it fixed up? If nothing else, it would cool it could be made to work enough that it could be plugged up and used during the show? I'm not sure I've ever seen a trak-ball controller being used at the AA booth at any event before? @Albert?
  13. You should take some close up pics of what you are seeing so that we can see and better understand. And are you using composite or S-video output from the UAV?
  14. Now FJ there is no need to bring TJ&E into this. BTW I happen to really like Back in the Groove and bought a standard Limited run release and the collectors versions. Also last I checked, I don't wear a beanie cap...
  15. Yeah I was stating that due to the lack of any residue from solder removal around the inductor or original coax cable that would have normally be soldered to the board there. Surprised the wires from the power jack are so thin though. The kits come with thicker gauge wire and if they didn't I would have used thicker gauge wire.
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