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  1. Just out of curiosity, why not just turn some of those switches 90 degrees so you wouldn't have to cut so many traces? As long as the center of the button is over the center of the actual contact trace and not the ground it should work the same?
  2. Well, all I know is that for me the OSSC is my best choice as my Genesis setup is the best looking system through the OSSC I have setup to my TV. Here are some pics from my camera phone just now through my 32x connected via HDRetrovision Component cables to AV2 of my OSSC.
  3. For consoles I say the 5200 as well. While I do happen to really like the design of the PS4 pro I still always say to myself how sexy that 5200 looks when I have it setup for play. Computers? Not so sure..but I would probably give that nod to the Sharp X68K as well...
  4. I haven't looked at the schems for the 32x myself, but the sad part is that many times, wires like that blue one are late factory done fixes that don't always end up in the official schems. That is why service bulletins would get released later as follow ups to be used with the schems.
  5. I seem to recall that the initial debut selling price for the PS3 was $499 and $599... Back in 2006. That was over 10 years ago now so if you put inflation into the mix, a current gen console costing $500 or even $600 doesn't seem so far fetched today. Granted it is a crazy price but then so was the 3DO and the Neo-Geo pricing in the 90s. The 3DO didn't survice, but the Neo-Geo sure did and sony did as well from the initial PS3 pricing. I will wait and buy them once they have been out for a year or more and the initial price is cut once manufacturing becomes cheaper on the system during the 1st refresh of the console. Just like I did with the PS3.
  6. Well I have both Space Harrier and After Burner for the 32x so I can certainly pop them in and look. I do know I have two different profiles on my OSSC for the Genesis. One is pretty standard and set to 5x for most games. But for some others that use the 320mode I think? I have to use 3x or else I get these weird graphic anomalies in the signal. I posted about it in the Metal Blast homebrew thread. My 32x is always attached along with my model 2 segaCD although I don't see either being a cause for different issues. I can tell you that many 32x games actually use the Genesis to draw some of the graphics and the 32s to draw others. In most games the Genesis draws the backgrounds and the 32x draws the sprites that are used. So it could be that what you are describing is perhaps the Genesis video using one resolution and the 32x using something different and since the 32x provides the final picture you see on your TV then maybe something isn't jiving there properly. Again, I will make a note to test these two out on mine and let you know.
  7. After an unused gift card from Christmas and some trade-ins, I was able to finally add one of these to the ITC collection for less than $10 out of my own pocket... This game along with a few others that recently came into my town locally, has really allowed me to get some heavy'ish' hitters added to the collection.
  8. Finished Okami HD on the PS4 late last week. Took me around 55 hours and I still didn't 100% the game. But it was just as fun as I remembered when I first played it on the PS2 way back! Also this isn't a modern game at all but I did just pick up this cart recently and was able to figure out Shuttle Orbiter on the 2600 this weekend! I was only able to beat level 0 but I was able to get a couple pieces completed on the station in level 1 but the debris field is just a nightmare to try and get through! Not sure what is next...
  9. Although I didn't own the Genesis new back in the day, I don't believe they would have shrink wrapped the game since that version came included in the Genesis? why shrink a game that is already in the box? Also, I do recall that most of the games weren't shrink wrapped at the Kaybee or Toy R Us either as they had them on pegs behind glass display cases etc.? Not saying they weren't shrinked but that could have been done by the retailer selling it and not factory from Sega?
  10. Which 32x Games specifically give you the most trouble? I've quite a few on hand and would be happy to test them out on my setup and give you my OSSC settings? Although mine differ from FirebrandX's settings in some ways because of my Sony not liking most of the optimized mode settings causing me to use the passthru mode most of the time.
  11. So your saying the actual keyboards could have been sitting for some time and IBM just put whatever cable was needed or adapters for use at your offices? That makes sense. I'm Tempted on #5...Hmmm....
  12. These all feature AT plugs correct? Or do the newer ones made in the 90s have PS2 connectors on them? Up..wait..NM I see that you answered that already. Surprised PS2 existed on the earlier made ones though?
  13. The controllers that @DanthWader was putting together only used 3d printing for the overlays. But he printed them so that the flat side on the platter is what actually faces up and it has a smooth feel to it. At least the 2 I bought from him do, along with the 1 or 2 extra 3d printed overlays he sent me. But the rubber contacts aren't that great on them as one of my controllers doesn't really register left unless I really give it some pressure now. I need to buy an old NES controller for cheap and just swap out the rubber contacts and see if that clears it up. Aside from that I really like the feel of these controllers and still use them when I need to plug something in really quick for a quick game or testing.
  14. Did you miss the part where he said he would eventually like to pick up a 32x again but doesn't currently? That is why I advised the standard release of Virtua Racing and also noted that the 32x version was superior...but if you don't have that add-on then the standard version is fine for many people. I played the standard version for years until finally getting a 32x of my own.
  15. Most of what I would recommend has been recommended. But I will try and add to this a bit.. Rolling Thunder 3 - This I feel is the best one to get if you can only get one of them. Burning Force - Similar to space harrier but...not space harrier LOL. I like the music in this one. Wiz n Liz - I recommend this game all the time and it is a great fast paced game. It has some incredible tunes from the famed Matt Furniss Alien 3 - It is...believe it or not... a good movie license game and also features music from Matt Furniss ResQ - I will second this recommendation. It was completed but never released due to interest in the Genesis having faded. It is a good puzzle platformer type game Virtua Racing - no it doesn't look nearly as good as its superior on the 32x but as you don't have a 32x then you should get this version. I was blown away by it when it first came out and still like to pop it in and play every now and then. Star Control - this is really best with 2 players but it was a great game on the PC and it is just as good here on the Genesis Pirates Gold! - Again, this came on PCs of the day but the Genesis one is easier to pick up and play and overall enjoy. Make sure you get a copy of the map!
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