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  1. I starting reading my Conan comics again, and found myself getting a bit miffed when the price on the cover changed from 15 cents to 20 cents.

    1. BydoEmpire


      Which series?  I went through a very brief comic phase my senior year of college, but hadn't looked at them since (25 years).  I was recently cleaning a close and pulled out some of the "Savage Sword of Conan" comics and read through a couple.  They're pretty cool.  I also enjoyed the ads for the brand new Sega 32x!

    2. moycon


      In that case, you'd have a heart attack buying a comic today! 

  2. N64, for me. That and the PS1 teamed up, it seems, to drive me straight to PC gaming, and I didn't come back until a bit into the following gen. I thought the games looked like ass, played like crap, they all had the same main villain to overcome (the camera) and you could only use half of the controller at a time. Although Ogre Battle 64 was a masterpiece, so there's that... 😊 Everyone I knew had so much love for it, but now they use the "it didn't age well" line when talking about the games 😐 They aged fine. In fact, in all these years, they seem exactly the same as they always were. Maybe digital media holds the key to the fountain of youth! For what it's worth, I still enjoyed some of those crap games. Was talking about Indiana Jones and Castlevania 64 in another thread on here, and yeah, they're a mess in a lot of regards, but I loved playing through them back then and even now.
  3. Some silly Adam Sandler western movie had a character who's special talent was playing the piano with his weener. So there's hope.
  4. I must gotten lucky with this one and Indiana Jones (that you mentioned earlier) I finished them both multiple times when they were kinda/sorta the hot new thing, and never had any issues that broke the game. They seemed and rough, janky, and hard to play, but so did pretty much everything else on the N64, in my opinion, so they fit right in.
  5. Good ol' FedEx. Earlier this week -- Expected Delivery Date is Wednesday, 02/12 by End of Day Wednesday Night -- Expected Delivery Date is Thursday, 02/13 by End of Day Thursday Night -- Expected Delivery Date is Friday, 02/14 by End of Day They should just save themselves some time and say Expected Delivery Date is whenever we can be bothered.
  6. Haven't played part 2 yet, but I loved the first.
  7. 1) The Witcher (PC) -- Beat this around the first week of Jan. 2) The Witcher 2 (PC) -- Finished near the end of Jan. See a theme? Working on 3 now.
  8. Nonsense! We do a fair bit of griping and bitching too! Just recently, I saw some overachievers find time to throw in a bit of groaning, whining, and bellyaching even!
  9. Impossible Mission drove me crazy as a kid. I could easily find "all" the pieces, and make it to the end, but couldn't complete the puzzle. Didn't know about the bug until I was an adult. Surprised about Faxanadu, though. I finished that game a couple of times as a kid. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time on Gamecube had a nasty gamebreaking bug that would randomly happen at a certain point in the game where the girl (NPC) would go through a hole to unlock a door or something, and just disappear. I had to restart a couple of times to finish it. It was frustrating, but I loved the game so much, I kept giving it "just one more try" to see if the bug would happen.
  10. Anyone happen to know the radius for the corners on NES Cartridge labels?  I'm testing a few label designs and plan to pick up a simple corner-cutting tool, but not sure what size to get.  My google searches are coming up short as well.



  11. I thought they all got booted from the threads. Hard to compete in the pissing contest when you're not allowed in the bathroom. I like to think they still shake a fist at the screen and yell "liar!" occasionaly to help them beat back the boredom. 😂
  12. The kids and their momma got me a Slot Car set for Christmas, so they're still kicking. One interesting concept that could lend itself to an Amico version of sorts -- they sell many add ons for these things, and one of them is a piece of track that connects to phones/tablets to emulate a Pit Stop. When the crew tells you to come to the pit, you have to stop on that lap, and grab the phone, and complete the mini-game process as fast as possible before you can begin racing again. Pretty neat. Also, Nintendo did a slot car game on 3DS that was great, but was held back a bit by the Street Pass concept. By "held back" -- I loved street pass, but it was a bummer at times having the playtime limited each day until you get more passes. The game had a story of the player, new in town, having to prove himself in some sort of slot car racing scene to take down the best kid in town, or something like that. Fun gameplay that really captured the slot car experience, couple with a reason for a campaign to exist. Something like that would be a perfect fit for this system.
  13. I feel that Doom and the F4 would put aside their differences over a good old evening of couch co-op, family friendly gaming.
  14. malrak

    PC Game Deals

    I get that DRM can be a bit of a sore spot for stuff that we buy, but I'm curious to why it would dissuade you from playing something that you want to try when it's free. Is it a "principle of the thing" situation, or there some underlying issues with the DRM that I'm missing?
  15. Life’s 2 big “impossibles”, so it seems -  following the arrows in a parking lot, and simply ignoring a troll online.   People just can’t seem to do either of these. 

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