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  1. Gotta choose between Fire Emblem and Paper Mario: TTYD? -- you monster I picked Paper Mario 😉
  2. You guys happen to know of anyone/any place selling NEW sleeves for NES Carts that are glued on the bottom, like the originals? I'm finding several places to buy sleeves, but they all seem to be the type that ships flat and you fold the bottoms to assemble. I did find a seller on Amazon that has them, but I'm hoping to find someone to work with directly for a bulk order. Thanks in advance for any info!
  3. I wish I could start taking Pac-Man to the movies with me.




  4. I did that too, on Bloodstained. I had about 40% of the map completed and got that ending and thought "that ain't right." On the PC, though, it just starts you back outside that room and lets you continue on, loading the save right before you fought him, so no big deal. Is that not the case on consoles too?
  5. My playtime shows "more than 10 hours," after I finished it. Not sure what that means in SwitchTime, but some other things show "more than 15 hours" so I'm guessing I didn't hit the 15 hour mark. I thought the timing felt about right, though. I liked it a lot, but was ready to move on. Related -- I just finished Bloodstained last night. It took just over 18 hours. I loved it overall, but after about 12 or so, I started thinking "just wrap it up already - you're starting to get a bit repetitive." After playing through Ys 8 and DragonQuest 11 back to back, I guess I needed a good, short playthrough.
  6. I recently signed up for the site and was greeted very pleasantly. I'm sure you had your usual jerks there, but my (very) short time there gave me high hopes of a new community to play around in. Sad it's gone so soon.
  7. Nah, I didn't pick up the new version. I loved (and still own) the original version on 360. I may play through it again over the next couple of weeks.
  8. malrak

    PC Game Deals

    I can't get the Steam Link to load, for some reason, but it seems that Crusader Kings 2 is free until 10/20 https://www.pcgamer.com/crusader-kings-2-is-free-on-steam-amid-big-paradox-sale/
  9. 😄 you available for a project currently and have any interest, based on the scant details I provided? If so, I'll send some more info via PM, if that's ok.
  10. Within the next week or so, I'll be looking to commission an artist to design artwork for a NES cartridge label, box, and maybe a bit for the manual. Any artists on here who might be interested? Will likely be -- A B&W (or grayscale) illustration Cartoon / haunted house themed scene / characters If you're an artist, this sort of thing fits your style, and you're interested, let me know, please.
  11. Could someone dumb this down for a me a bit, please --- what exactly does the "Analogue DAC" do? I've almost bought it a few times already since I've loved the other products I've gotten from them, but figured I'd bite the bullet, show my ignorance, and ask the dumb questions first. Is it just to allow me to play "HDMI systems" like the Mega SG and Super NT on CRT screens? Will there be a benefit to doing this as appose to simply playing them on the Genesis and SNES that already works on those screens? Will it work for other HDMI systems? AVS, Flashback, Rasberry Pi, etc? Finally, the site lists Component, S-Video, and Composite, but the labeled pic doesn't have any of those listed. Will this include an adapter for those not listed in whats in the box)? Thanks! I'm sure the answers to those are somewhere in this massive thread, but I've not been able to track 'em down.
  12. Yeah, I'll probably end up with all of them, but not at launch this time.
  13. Within the next few weeks, I plan to hire an artist/designer to create a box for a NES game.  Anyone on here do this type of work and may be interested?

    1. atari2600land


      Sounds right up Marc Oberhauser's valley!

  14. I picked up the Flashback Pong paddles on a whim from WalMart since they're clearance for 5 bucks. The kids love Circus Atari and Warlords, so I figured it's worth 5 bucks. Well... this thing is awful. The games are damn near unplayable with these. I clicked "return" with intent to take it back to WalMart, but the app said "we're refunding your money, but don't bother bringing these back. Keep it, donate it, dispose of it, etc... " So yeah, they don't want it either. So my question is --- Is there any help for this mess? Any mods people have been doing to make them "not absolute crap?" Any re-purposing? Anything? I hate to throw them away, and I respect the games too much to give these to anyone knowing it's just gonna leave a bad impression of what should be super-fun retro gaming.
  15. A user over at pcenginefx forums by the user name of "Keith Courage" has done work for me in the past, and the service, price, communication and turnaround time was excellent. I think the boards had partially shut down this year, but his profile info lists these, so you may be able to contact him via one the methods here. I think he used to offer the repair service via eBay as well, but not sure of the user id Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/turbografxfan/ Twitter URL: http://pcengine.proboards.com/ Occupation: [email protected]
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