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  1. Because that's the sad, shitty norm/reality of gaming these days. ☹️
  2. If you're still interested, AA User Rick Dangerous has a new one for sale in the marketplace. The thread content seems to imply flexibility regarding shipping, so could save you a trip.
  3. Don't think I used to have this problem, but seems to have popped up recently. Using Chrome on an Android device, I seem to be unable to delete a quote box or emojis when replying. Trying to reply gives a message that reads "your previous content has been restored. Click to clear. " I do that, but nothing cleared. Trying to delete the emoji just selects it and says "span widget." Trying to delete a quote box is a bust, too. I can delete the content within the box, but I'm left with a blank quote. The odd thing is, I can replace it with an emoji. Any idea what's needed to clear these?
  4. I think you're gonna need a bigger boat. 😊
  5. It'd be awesome if you guys could add something to your website to credit/track the artists. Or maybe something is included in the physical product that gives credit and fans can take over. The box art looks great, that I've seen, and I can only imagine that people will see them decades from now, and want those "nostalgic" articles and videos where they interview the artist for some introspective. I see so many classic games where I'd love to hear the stories behind the boxes/labels, but nobody seems to know who's responsible.
  6. Ah! Can't believe I forgot Knack! But yeah, when I got a PS4, it was mostly "meh... it's ok I guess" until I played Knack. That was the first game on the system that I can say I had a blast playing, even though everyone else (it seemed) was hating the thing. Enjoyed the sequel, too.
  7. Could be my southern redneck heritage, but I think I've seen more violence occur from Cornhole than I've seen in Double Dragon. ... I dunno what "farkle" is, but I'm pretty sure that'd cause some fisticuffs, too, where I'm from.
  8. What are some critically acclaimed/widely loved games that you kinda hate, or maybe just not a fan of, since “hate” seems a bit much? And what games are generally known to be stinkers, but you love ‘em? Here are a few of mine to start — Critically acclaimed but I don’t like at all: Sonic the Hedgehog. The whole damn franchise, it seems. I’ve given it dozens of chances over the years, most recently with Sonic Mania, got the “true ending” back in the day on the original, but never really like it. Platforming always felt sloppy to me, and I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to go fast, or take my time to collect rings. Diablo. Beat the first one at launch, and was bored silly. Tried part 2 but it seems like I was just clicking a lot and waiting for some random loot to pop up; no real point to the gameplay. Tried part 3 with a couple of friends, but the whole bit was just “follow the leader” since they’ve beaten it so many times. Never fun for me. Breath of the Wild. I’ll come back to this one and hope it wins me over, but my attempts at playing it to date have been some of the most boring gaming moments I’ve ever had. Weapon breaking ruined the combat. And something about gathering/cooking (I don’t remember what it was) made me prefer to just go do chores in real life instead. God of War. The newest one on PS4. The combat was just button mashing to me. Finished the game and never really had a reason to “try” anything more than that. And the bulk of the game should have just autoplayed. They didn’t need me to press the joystick to walk and listen to dialog. Generally disliked games that I loved: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. The EDF games are generally “so bad it’s good” to most folks, but even the fans seem to hate this one because of the focus on longer levels and a “story” in the campaign. Even still, I played the crap out of this thing with some friends and we had a blast from front to end. Resident Evil 6. Another that’s usually hated by the franchise’s fans, but some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a co-op action shooter type of thang. I get why it’s disliked, and yep, it’s a pretty big departure from RE, but I loved it anyways. I’m indifferent to the franchise as a whole, though. Prince of Persia. The one on 360 that didn’t have “the real prince.” The one where people complained because “you can’t die" because the girl catches you instead of forcing you to watch a load screen. I dunno, I’ve heard so much hate for this one, but looking at reviews, the scores seem solid, so maybe my memory is off. Tomcat Alley, Sherlock Holmes, Prize Fighter, Dracula Unleashed, Sewer Shark (Sega CD). Yeah, I know… FMV… but I loved these! Well, still do… Friday the 13th on NES. One of my favorites as a kid, and one of my favorites now. There was a certain sense of exploration and adventure about it that appealed to me Karateka. I didn’t know this was considered a stinker until recent years. It was always one of my favorites on Atari 7800.
  9. Yep, it emulates the memory cards for multiple "traditional" game saves, where you'd save the games in the same manner as playing on the original hardware. And each game is allowed 1 "quick save" state as well, that can be used by pressing the reset button.
  10. Funny (to me at least) that this popped up – I currently have Xbox Series X, PS5, and pretty high end PC. But the game I’m working on right now with all my free time is “Wild Arms” on the Playstation Classic. I remember when it was announced, lots of people were super excited and instantly saying “I gotta have that” based off name and nostalgia alone. Then they announced the games, and that excitement went to “eh… I dunno.” So that was the big “initial” killer. And all the post release negative info (Pal versions, geez) went beyond DOA and caused it to drop to $20. Meh… deleting a couple of paragraphs here that got all negative about that console gen. Gonna get back to Wild Arms, now.
  11. Aw, man... based on your posted score , 2nd place would have been extremely close, I believe.
  12. This was kind of asked in another thread on here, but I'll rehash it --- who does the artwork for the boxes? Is it a single artist, 1 per game, etc?
  13. Where did you see those? Other than the 2 AA users we've seen, anyone saying anything (mostly) positive or negative about it, or all just kind of "meh?"
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