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  1. Wonder if someone at a printer business ever suggested "we should build a printer that just works," and was promptly laughed out of the meeting?

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    2. Keatah


      My Epson MX-80 F/T w/Graftrax III still functions today. And that's an early 80's purchase.


      I don't think the industry has forgotten anything. They're under many forces and directives to produce the product they produce.



    3. Keatah


      The industry can't support its bloated self with a longer-life 80's quality impact printer. They need the high turnover. High obsolescence.

    4. GoldLeader


      I think the time is right to strike.  Considering how every printer I know of these days is junk, (not like I know anything though, but let's pretend just for this example);   A High Quality printer could be just what the market needs right now!  They might just sell a buttload of printers and do very well.

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