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  1. Fixed!!! Woo Hoo!! So… after a lot of arguing with Microsoft, and a lot of wasted time with their nearly useless customer service process, I finally bitched and complained enough to where I was able to get it resolved. They wouldn’t tell me why the speeds were “throttled,” – just gave me some bullshit about how I haven’t played games online in a while so my "profile hadn’t updated properly," whatever the heck that means – but after an “escalated support ticket” to have my profile updated, I’m now connecting at full speed.
  2. Awesome! I loved this game on PC, and always a bit bummed that I couldn't play it properly. I tried the PS1 version, but thought it kind of stunk. And yeah, I wish we would have gotten more of this as well. I played a couple of the 3D sequels, and they kinda bored me.
  3. I was a bit reluctant to ask after reading a bit of the “idea peddlers” thread, but figured couldn’t hurt to ask. Anyone interested in programming this game for the Atari 7800? https://oofmcbrewster.com/ https://razziep.itch.io/oofmbhha I was hoping to bring this game to the Atari 7800 already, but – and I’ll spare the sad details -- but plans got shifted around a bit over the last year or so, so now I’m revisiting options. Some notes if anyone is interested – I can help provide some bits of the project work to help speed it up and ease the workload – like game mechanics/info, screen layouts, sprites, sounds and music (in famitracker format), etc Once finished, you’re free to do what you’d like in regards to selling/distribution for the A7800 carts and A7800 rom – any money earned from that version would be 100% yours. I’ll even buy my own cart and/or final rom. (I’d probably ask to hook me up with some roms along the way, though) Post development – I’ll work with you and help however I can to share artwork, manual docs and such to help create boxes, booklets, labels, etc, if needed. Again, I’ll help with the work as much as I can, and the profit from any of that A7800 sales would be 100% yours. I’m not looking to profit from anyone’s work. Would just love to see the game available on the console that’s a very important part of my childhood. If you need to change the game up a bit to fit the A7800 restrictions, that’s cool --- or even if you want to change it up a bit because you think it’d be an improvement (2 player mode, multiple endings, etc) that’s probably cool too – can’t imagine too many changes I’d gripe about, but would like to have a look at those so we can determine case by case. If you’re interested, send me a message and let me know what additional info is needed.
  4. I had a very similar conversation with the kids over the weekend. They wanted to go outside and play with a Nerf football. Me – It’s raining really hard out there. Kid A – Daddy said it was wet outside. Kid B – That’s not what he said! Me – Um… it’s raining pretty hard. Pouring, really. Kid A – See! It's wet outside! Kid B – Still not what he said!
  5. Decided to check out Avengers since its on Gamepass. It's 125.13 GB. It's downloading a 4.2 Mbps. Wonder if the system will burn up, choke and die before it's finished? ☹️
  6. Is it just my luck with what I’m clicking on, or is AA becoming home to a LOT more threads that’s just “here’s my latest Youtube video…. Like and subscribe, y’all?”

    1. John Stamos Mullet

      John Stamos Mullet

      Everyone wants to monetize their shitty opinions. Youtube is the worst thing to happen to the internet.

    2. bubufubu


      @John Stamos Mullet  I wouldn't yet declare a winner for that contest.  Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, 4chan, 8chan, reddit, and the speedrunning community have all been in contention for the top spot.

    3. John Stamos Mullet

      John Stamos Mullet

      All of those are terrible too, sure. But YouTube is the only one where people have tried to turn the terrible crap they post on there into a "career". The only qualification for these chuckleheads to become a professional reviewer of (insert pop culture item here) is to have $30 to buy a webcam, and the shamelessness to record their hardcore edgelord opinions which are shared by the worst dregs of humanity. 

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  7. I did not. I'm not sure I've ever touched that setting actually, so it's probably at its default setting. I can check it out when I get home in a couple of days, though, and see what happens
  8. Is this an odd, er... resolution to this type of issue? Or is it perfectly normal for SD cards and gadgets and I've just been oblivious all this time? 5. *IMPORTANT* Some SD cards have difficulty making contact if they are not inserted carefully, depending on the brand. Try inserting your SD card 3/4 of the way and powering on, 4/5 powering on, etc. Until it registers and updates your system.
  9. What are some of the "important" bugs? I'm not really up to speed with what's been reported and what needs fixed asap, so kinda curious.
  10. I played 1000 Year Door 1st, and I'm ALWAYS disappointed whenever I play any of the sequels because, even though I like them, they never come close to matching the awesomeness of 1000 Year Door. Oddly, though, the only one of the series I haven't played is the original on N64, even though I own it. I think I need to give that one a go.
  11. Eh… I thought it kind of stunk. 😄 N64 and the PS1 teamed up to drive me straight to PC gaming, and I didn’t come back to consoles until a bit into the next gen. People always saying "that didn't age well..." and I'm like "nah... it was shit in real time, too." Then they call me a dick and we all go home with hurt feelings. ☹️ But even though I wasn’t a fan of the system overall, I did love a few games, even if they were all kinds of rough and clunky. I enjoyed the Indiana Jones game, in all it’s clunky “this kinda stanks” glory. I LOVED Castlevania and Legacy of Darkness (still do) but man, they’re rough. Ogre Battle 64 was legit great. It wasn’t even one of those “I love it despite…” kind of things. It’s just awesome. Blast Corps was pretty special. And Conker’s Bad Fur Day is a blast, but we're back to the “I love it, but it’s rough to play.
  12. I'm not in the loop. What's that space like?
  13. Lots of mention about straw men, it seems. Guess that showed up as some "word of the day" or something
  14. Yeah, just for kicks, I checked this out on a original Genesis, Gen Model 2, Mega SG (all original cart) and Mister. All have the same behavior -- That room has the wavy line all the way across the screen, alternated flashes to emulate moving water, I suppose. You can see how it looks "in real time" in the screen below. 1 is from HDMI and one is on CRT. When I pause, or try to capture video, though, it only shows the "broken waves" like the video above. I dunno... if you're seeing just the random 4 or 5 short lines, then yeah, that doesn't seem normal. But if you're seeing the line all the way across, then probably not an issue (I hope) since it's doing it on all my hardware, too 😁 Not too useful, I'm sure, but it kind of interested me so I thought I'd check it out. HDMI (full water waves) HDMI Paused CRT (full water waves) CRT when paused or trying to capture video
  15. I am. Start up a tread and let 'er rip. I like my Analogue stuff, but always interested in hearing thoughts on things like delays, misleading claims regarding accuracy, crazy ordering systems, crazier shipping prices, that floppy-ass cartridge slot, etc etc
  16. At first I wasn't sure how that mess fits into the "fun" part of this thread, but then I read a bit and saw that someone calls themselves "Poopypants." If that don't make you giggle a little bit, then you're already dead inside.
  17. I didn't know that was a thing. Now I want it ☺️. What's bad about it?
  18. I'd say "no, they're not done." I figure they'll be like virtually every other game and get to "good enough to release, and we'll fix it later if needed."
  19. One day, someone will put all that time and effort into those walls of text, and the other pissing contest participant fellow conversation compadre will just reply with “Yeah, I see your point.” And all that wasted life will suddenly seem like time well spent to someone.
  20. That slot cars screen got my interest, too. Wonder what kind of "depth" it has? Just a no frills quick play, or maybe something at least similar to the 3DS slot cars game?
  21. Similar to Rygar, that was mentioned earlier -- Willow on the NES was a totally different game than the Arcade version.
  22. But first, they must "try"
  23. Nah, not really. There are several points regarding this thing where I don’t agree at all with what they’re doing, but I’ve not been banned from anything, accused of hating, had any heated arguments, or anything close to that, and I’ve seen many other users do the same. Some people get downright vile, though, making personal attacks and really go a bit overboard when their opinion and point of view isn’t universally accepted, often after they insist dozens of times. So yeah, there have been quite a bit of legit attitudes that sure seem to fit the term “hate.” Always humorous, though, to see dozens of posts that really seem to push it, and then when the ban happens, they post a whole lot of “I didn’t do nuffin’…” 😄 … and then there’s the new users who create an account, go straight to Amico threads, and do nothing but crap-post until the ban happens. Those are amusing, too, because we’re all like “yep, I suppose they think they’re being clever this time…” I've often felt that AtariAge should require new users to wait a period (45 days or something) before posting in Amico sections, or pay an "Amico ShitPosting fee" to allow them to come straight in and start their silliness. It'd be just as annoying, but would at least have the benefit of helping AA pay for server costs or something.
  24. Interesting take on it. They should work that in to the ads.
  25. 263,800 I can't quite get a good feel for this game. Love the racing parts, but not so much everything else -- save the men, dispose of mines, etc. I don't think I'll beat this one ☹️
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