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  1. Philips support reps have never heard of it.
  2. Anyone know how to access the Service Mode on a 27ps55s121 TV? I've tried every code I can find for Philips sets, but no luck. Thanks in advance!
  3. I picked up cables for Genesis and SNES and having some issues. For clarity, they look amazing. However, they both shift the screen to the left quite a bit, cutting off a bit of signal. Tried on multiple tvs (CRT and HD) all with the same result. Other devices with Component do not have this issue (PS2, DVD Player, Wii, XBox) Any suggestions for a fix? Bad cables? Just out of luck?
  4. Selling a Turbo Everdrive V1.2 cart. Like new. I bought it new from Stone Age Gamer and have used it probably less than 2 hours. SD card is not included. Selling for $65 shipped via Priority Mail in the U.S. Thanks!
  5. EDIT: SOLD! Selling a NEO Myth Cart for N64. This seems to be a flash cart of some sort, but I'm not really sure how to use it. I already have another N64 cart, so I figured I'd see if anyone who actually knows how to use this would be interested. Selling for $45 shipped to the U.S. via Priority Mail. If it's worth lots more than that, then congrats! If it's worth less, let me know please. Google searches turned up numbers like 150 bucks, but from very old forums, and one for 25 bucks, but it listed as paperback version with something like 112 pages, and twice as much shipping, so I dunno I'm not sure how to load games, so I'm unable to test that part. But I did plug it in the N64 and it worked perfectly. 2 games were loaded on (as shown in the pics) so I tested with those. Seems like you have to plug an actual N64 cart into the back of this for it to load games, though, unless I'm missing something. Comes with the Cart, a 512 cart that plugs into it, a small CD, and the plastic case/blister pack as shown in the pics. It uses a USB cable to connect to Computer, but the cable isn't included. It seems to be a standard "android charging cable" though, so pretty common. If needed, I'm sure I can locate one and include it as well. One thing not clearly seen in the pics is under the words "NEO MYTH CART," the package reads -- "Compatible with NEO2 Series NDS Cart" Thanks!
  6. "Help a plumber save the princess." -- a bunch of games "Help an elf-like kid save the princess." --- another bunch of games
  7. "-Super Powerpak fixed - check "use launch system timing" box under the hardware menu when using" Sorry if this has been mentioned. I checked and didn't see it. Other than "make it work with Powerpak," what does that do? Any negative side effects to leaving it on and using it when playing real carts?
  8. Add me to the list, please, if you decide to make more.
  9. I'm gonna crap on your thread a bit more. .... If it's still available, I'll take it.
  10. I agree. Don't know Kevtris, but hopefully Analogue has some quality people on the payroll to test and provide those specifics so end users can enjoy a "working as advertised" product. Carts are as clean as I'm going to be able to get them and work 100% fine on both of my real SNES consoles, and even a crappy Hyperkin system. May be a faulty system, as you mentioned. It'll be a few days before I'll have another chance to play around with it again, sadly.
  11. Most games I've tried (about 12-15 carts or so) have been a bit glitchy and problematic so far. I assume it's "normal" for us early adopters and will get patched up soon. Those problems + the fact that it doesn't work at all with my PowerPak is pretty disappointing. Not angry, just disappointed. I was hoping for that same level of wow and amazement that I got when I first got to play with my AVS but so far it's been a whole lot of "meh"
  12. My apologies if it's been mentioned and I missed it, but is anyone having any luck using the SNES PowerPak with this? I got mine in today and real carts seem to be working fine but I'm not able to load anything from the PowerPak. Works fine on the real SNES SNES PowerPak Boot Rom v1.02 Card ROM v1.05 Error is -- No Internal Header Found Trying Again with fixed header MAP00 TYP00 ROMC0 SRM00 RST0030 No $FFC0 Header MAP00 TYPF0 ROM00 SRMF0 RST00C8 No $7FC0 Header No Internal Header Found Check the compatibility list
  13. EEEK!!! :-o Mine show delivered yesterday but I didn't see it. Now I gotta wait until I get home from work to see where USPS hid it. A few more hours of panic to go....
  14. Ordered a couple. Time to go stand by the mailbox and wait.
  15. I already have one. I have a dedicated "retro room" in my house and the TV is a pretty nice CRT with RCA, SVideo, and Component. So that's covered Due to space issues though with how the game systems are set up, the NES needs to be the Mini. Problem is, the video look awful (in my opinion) and really kills the desire to play it. But yeah, I have the AVS from retroUSB so the HDMI side of things are pretty good. Love that thing!
  16. Thanks, but that wouldn't work for me in this case. I already have a couple of front loaders but with the setup I'm working with in this particular room, it has to be the mini due to size/space issues.
  17. I posted this in the "wanted section" a couple of days ago, but it's showing 0 views, so I'm guessing that section isn't very lively. Apologies if this should be in a different section. And with that.... I think I'm gonna have the video mods installed in my NES Top Loader (Composite Mod) and SNES Jr/Mini (S-Video Mod). Anyone here sell and/or install these mods? Or perhaps have a reference to someone who does? May even consider buying the consoles already modded if anyone has them for sell. Thanks!
  18. I think I'm gonna have the video mods installed in my NES Top Loader (Composite Mod) and SNES Jr/Mini (S-Video Mod). Anyone here sell and/or install these mods? Or perhaps have a reference to someone who does? May even consider buying the consoles already modded if anyone has them for sell. Thanks!
  19. The sound stopped working properly on one of my original XBox Consoles and I'm at a loss for what it could be. Any help sure would be appreciated! I'm using an Advanced Pack (S-Video and RCA Red/White) sound output. The left channel works fine but the right channel (red) is dead. I've been able to test everything with another console, swapping out components to verify that cables work fine, and the Advanced Pack works as well. So sadly, it seems to be caused by something in the console itself. Any ideas for what could be causing one channel to be dead? Thanks in advance for any help!
  20. I know how to burn a CD-R, so nope to the 20-30. But when you said it "sells for $5," I took it to mean they're selling them on that site so I figured I'd throw down 5 bucks for an already compiled disc ready to go. Guess I misunderstood.
  21. I'd be interested in it for 5 bucks. I went to that website, though, and it doesn't seem like they sell anything. Just lots of links to ebay.
  22. I see repro carts being sold here from time to time, so not sure why this would be any different.
  23. I upgraded to the Pro months before getting a 4K TV. Even without a TV that could take advantage of it, the upgrade was well worth it to me. The load times were quite a bit better, improved framerates in some games, and quite a noticeable difference with VR made it pretty sweet.
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