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  1. It's all about enjoying what you have. I've known several people whose collections were tiny in comparison to some, who got far, FAR more enjoyment from them. Collect what brings you joy, and share it with others. Introducing my wife to Burgertime and watching it become her very favorite game ever is worth more than any rare cart ever made. Games are meant to be played and shared. If you're not doing that with at least some of your collection... you're doing it wrong, in my book.
  2. You could probably just change the name to 'Revenge of Yamo' and save yourself from hacking char sets.
  3. Summer Games is the last one I need. It's by far the hardest to track down, seems like.
  4. Great experience. Quick responses and shipping. Would willingly buy from again.
  5. Physical for me, for three reasons: 1. Console ecosystems vanish quickly after the next generation comes out, making downloading/playing a game you bought difficult or impossible. 2. Digital releases are the same price as physical. That $60 came about because of the PHYSICAL cost of making the game... I refuse to pay that for digital copies. 3. Generally, you don't really own digital releases. All it takes is the store pulling it and you are SOL. That said, I do buy stuff on Steam and iOS. Mainly because those platforms are not linked to aging hardware.
  6. I had forgotten all about Granny and the Gators. I haven't seen one of those since the Aladdin's Castle days.
  7. I just 100% it on the switch physical release. I *did* eventually notice a few framerate dips, but not enough that it ever really affected me much. Seems fairly random outside a couple of fairly busy boss fights. Certainly didn't make it close to unplayable though. Here's my takeaway after 20 hours or so with it: Definite Problems: 1. The graphics are a mess, particularly the characters and monsters. Weird lighting on the character models too, often distracting and shiny. 2. Color artifacting. Certain monsters and weapons, particularly those with flashy effects result in regular, repeatable flashes of solid color, glitchy visual artifacts, like light rays. Often screen filling flashes of light. It can be very distracting. Hard to see how this one made it through testing, it's reeeeeally obvious. Almost feels like their polygon paint routine goes out of bounds. Many enemies die like this as well. It looks awful. 3. Crashes. The game CTD'd 4 times during my run. Seems to be tied to room/cutscene transitions. 4. Bitmap texture resolution: Some of the bitmapped textures (particularly on the haunted paintings) look like .png graphics from the PS1-era. 5. Framerate in some areas does take a noticeable hit. Mostly noticed it at the end of the game. Nothing unplayable though, mainly seemed to be tied to cutscene -> boss transitions, and very busy rooms. Great things: 1. Great castle, probably the biggest one yet. 2. Cool use of actual 'historical' demons and occult knowledge (enochian script/language) to design the baddies. Setting was very cool. 3. Tons of items, weapons, and things to find (as you'd expect) 4. Lots of stuff to do, find, and discover 5. The Soma-style soul mechanics combined with crafting and soul enhancing makes for a very good time. Lots of customization. 6. Probably the most fun 'old style' metroidvania I've played since SOTN and Order of Ecclesia. Things I liked but need work: 1. All the street-fighter like special moves on weapons felt half baked. Cool idea, needs to be a bit more useful and obvious. 2. Tons of weapons, but lots of identical movesets. Made some weapon classes less useful. 3. The villager fetch quests were really annoying and felt tacked on. The lady that has to scream 'kill those creatures dead!' every time you speak to her needs to just die. 4. The story: something something demons, something something alchemy. Great setting, very thin plot. Not that you play these for plot. 5. Outside of the first Zangetsu fight, the bosses were mostly a cake walk on normal. SOTN/Dawn of Sorrow easy.
  8. Welcome. Always nice to see another Star Raiders fan. I always preferred Star Raiders over Star Master. The combat is just too basic in Starmaster, even if the galaxy map is more complex. Phasor Patrol is another one no one ever mentions, and it's probably the best of that style of game on the VCS. If you are a Star Raiders fan though, install Altirra on your PC and try the Atari 8-bit version. It's the best.
  9. I'm halfway through and no framerate drops for me. I've noticed a pattern though. I have the physical version, a lot of the people griping about Switch framerate have the downloaded version. I'm thinking that may be the source, and probably will be something addressed in a patch soon. I'm pleased that the dev team acknowledged the issues the very next day and is working on them. Makes me think all this might be nothing more than your typical launch issues that will be addressed soon. We will see.
  10. Just got this via kickstarter email: So, that's some good news for the Switch fans. Maybe I will keep my copy and see.
  11. I heard both the other console ports are good. The framerate issue seems to be much overblown. Even on the switch, it's perfectly playable. It's just freakin' UGLY. It looks loads better on Xbox and PS4. The game is absolutely worth getting, it's fantastic. It's just terrible looking on the switch.
  12. Finally got my kickstarter Switch copy... I'm of two minds. The game itself is fantastic, everything you'd want in a spiritual sequel to the old metroidvania games. The Switch port, however, looks TERRIBLE. Like watching a Wii game viewed through a mud puddle. I'm not a graphics snob either, and usually gameplay trumps everything but ye gods, this thing is HIDEOUS on the switch. This should not have been released without some better optimization. It's bad enough I'll probably sell my copy and just pick up and xbox one at retail.
  13. I'm fine waiting. Got a game 70% done, just need a way to troubleshoot on real hardware. Add me to whatever list for whenever
  14. Same. I'm on the kickstarter, waiting for shipping since switch is slightly later. It's getting very good reviews. Seems to have all the strengths (and flaws) of Iga's older handheld Castlevania games.
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