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  1. Interesting. I'll try some other versions. The one I used did not work when switching to OSRAM.
  2. Here's the BASIC/ML source code for B-Calc, courtesy of Atarimagazines.com. I've exported it into a text file for anyone interested in tweaking it: B-Calc ML Source Code.txt
  3. I tried that, my copy still did not work. I'm going to fool around with it more this evening and see though. Very interesting! That sounds like it's very doable. I'd totally forgotten this was even in Analog, but now that you mention it, I do have a vague recollection. With the source code, this should be the easiest thing to port by FAR. Nice!
  4. There is also this thread which has a bunch of file/xex versions of various sheets I tried for anyone interested. Yeah, it's a real shame that the source to Syncalc was lost, as the dev donated it to the public domain. He had no idea there was still interest, and sadly, disposed of the disks. However, I've had some luck with the Apple II Visicalc sources. I found a way to extract and convert the files to PC text format. Seems to be a straight disassembly, without a lot of comments. I'm attaching the code below in case someone wants to look at it. Edit: I should add there are also some 'DVU' files, which apparently are an Apple II 'development Utility File'. If anyone wants those, I'll post them as well. I believe they are application specific. VISICALC_DISASSEMBLY.zip
  5. Oh, yeah, I've never doubted that. I've used them before from .atr files as well, and they do work fine... just not in Spartados X, which was the goal of this thread. Having to constantly juggle booting to Syncalc, then jumping back to Sparta to write, program etc is not ideal (obviously). I was hoping that there were some tricks I had missed to get them to cooperate, but sadly, it seems like this won't be the case without a patch... which is sadly beyond my ability atm. Still, SpeedCalc was a find, and it does seem to work, so that's something!
  6. Hmm, I think I may have had a bad version. I downloaded the AtariWiki enhanced version, and you're right, it does indeed save so long as you use Dx: notation. Neat! Well, that's something. It isn't super stable though. It's locked up a couple of times on me when using formulas, and once saving a file. Still, it's something. With some fooling around we can probably figure out what it doesn't like. Nice find! Still... I miss Syncalc. It's a much better program.
  7. I believe that’s the one I downloaded (I downloaded like 10 different versions when I set my hard drive up a couple of years ago, so memory is a bit fuzzy). All of the .xex versions work under Spartados, (I’ve tried several). They all lock the system due to Disk IO/ DLI conflicts with SDX.
  8. Yes, see this thread. You have to use the .xex version. It'll run just fine, but any disk io crashes the system. I mentioned this in my second post. Like Syncalc, it does indeed run fine, but also like Syncalc, saving/loading does not work. In this case, it throws up an error 130 (non-existent device). Otherwise it does work. This and Syncalc seem to be the only versions that partially run under Sparta 4.x. Yep. SDX doesn't recognize the disk format to even read it. Anyone have an .xex of this one to test?
  9. You can run atrs from the loader, but they still wont work with a sparta file system, seemingly. Sure, I can just boot some .atrs when i want to use a spreadsheet, but it just seems odd, with all the other great things we have with SDX, that we don't have a spreadsheet that works. It would be great to see something ported or created for Sparta X, it's certainly needed to make the A8 a fully usable 'distraction free' modern solution. Syncalc seems the best candidate to port. Not only is it a great program, it runs fine under sparta until you do anything with file IO, which according to Jon/flashcatjazz, it leaves a DLI running during file IO which Sparta overwrites when using BANKED RAM (see this thread). Next best would be visicalc. Some people have claimed to get it to run as an .xex version, but it locks up my Atari no matter what config I do. The sources for Visicalc DO exist though, for the apple II: https://macgui.com/downloads/?file_id=24477 If someone could hack the Syncalc file version to relocate that DLI elsewhere where it won't conflict, it would probably work. But I imagine that's less than trivial. I've also tried all of the second tier spreadsheets I could find, like speedcalc, swiftcalc etc. All but speedcalc don't run. Speedcalc does run fine, and it even reads the directory correctly. But any save/load operation results in an error 130 (non-existant device). Looks like we're SOL unless a talented hacker can fix one of these. Jon mentioned Visicalc ran under sparta in the thread linked above, is there another version (I have 1.74) that runs?
  10. Yeah, I was misreading 3.0.4 as 3.0.40, i.e., later than 3.0.14 which is definitely the issue. I've got an email in to Steve, we'll see if he can assist. Thanks for the help all.
  11. This whole quarantine thing finally got me enough time to dig out and unpack the rest of my Atari stuff, and I've gotten my U1mb/Side2 combo updated with the latest Spartados as well, and have been diving back into fiddling with this setup beyond using it for loading games. It's surprisingly powerful for an 8bit PC, especially with The Last Word. One of the things I would like to do is use the old Ataris for some light home business stuff, collection tracking etc. I like the idea of my personal data being offline and not internet-accessible anyway, and using an Atari as a sort of 'distraction free' word processing and data device. With APE I can easily mirror the files to a PC for storage on a USB stick or whatever so a crash or lockup doesn't lose my data. Mainly for fun of course, but one thing I need to make this work is a decent spreadsheet. I can get Syncalc to run just fine, but anytime you try and Save/Load it locks up on Spartados X (even using the 'X' command). Visicalc doesn't run either, at least the copy I have. Is there a specific Spartados setup that works with either Syncalc or Visicalc? I'm curious if any of you have had better luck.
  12. Yep, this bug ha derailed a couple of great runs over the years. Nice to see it finally squashed!
  13. 3.0.4, which seems to be greater than the required 3.0.14 that Thom tested... but I'm suspecting that it's different, and that the downloadable version (even though I have a registration disk that can register it) is the issue. Thom PM'd me and confirmed I'm doing the correct things. I've emailed Steve at Atarimax... hopefully I'll hear back from him this time about an upgrade to my old registration disk.
  14. Whatever you do, get at least one of the modern PC/SD card interfaces. With the easy availability of software (Fandal, Homesoft etc) you can very quickly have an XL with thousands of games and programs at your fingertips. It's pretty easy to set something like an SDRIVE to autoboot three or four hard drive images full of games (there are several posts if you search with such things) and never be bored again. The most fun, though, is an Ultimate 1mb w/ Side2 cart which allows you to have several OS roms, alternate basic, flash card SD loader, and built in Spartados X with multiple hard drives, all on one CF card.
  15. I've tried connecting at 1200 baud, but no dice, it still does the same thing. I suspect you're correct about the metered data, but there are no settings in APE that I can see that allow a switch to RAW data that I can see. There are only a few AT commands as well, and I've tried all of them. I'll PM Thomas and see if he has any insights. Thanks for the suggestions, all.
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