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  1. I'm doing this on a POS spare work PC, so it could very well be an emulation issue. If your not seeing it, it may just be this junker I tested it on.
  2. It is. This one works fine, I just played it on my lunch break. I don't think steering is different though, it's equally sluggish both directions. I think this proto is a beta version of the final product that runs slightly slower than the released cart. It's noticeably slower framerate, though it's subtle, than the released rom. Steering and speed are noticably slightly slower, and input in general is laggy (for example, it takes longer to register a game start keypress than the released version). I flip flopped between this and the released .bin and I defintely notice a difference, though it's the same release number, which is weird. Anyone else notice this or is it just something on my end?
  3. This thing was basically too early for it's own good. A friend of mine bought one off of a late night infomercial, and I will admit, we had some fun with it. Many of the games were laughably bad, with terrible voice acting and/or other weirdness (I remember Kether being one of the strangest things I'd ever seen on a screen at the time, it was an in joke for years with us). That said, there were some really fun titles. I remember staying up late and beating 7th guest on it, at one point. Burn Cycle and Hotel Mario were not bad. One of the Zelda games was ok. And there was ... umm ... not much else lol Still, it's kind of a fascinating and nearly forgotten chapter of the proto-CD era, much like the 3DO. It was very much ahead of it's time in terms of an early media center concept with encyclopedias, movies, music and games. It wasn't particularly great at any of those, but it was the first thing of it's kind to do all of them at once. If they'd included a real controller and pushed the games more, it might have been more successful. They focused to strongly on the 'media center' concept, with that terrible one handed controller, and it hurt them, I think. The 'media center' concept was a solution for a problem that didn't exist in the 90s, much as the 'our console turns into a computer' was a bad idea for the 80s. The system does turn up in weird places. A friend of mine, swlovinist here, found a portable one used for Sears employee training from later on it's life cycle. Pretty cool.
  4. Text me when you do and I'll try it again on my laptop at home and post what I find.
  5. I just said the same thing in the post above yours, I completely agree. It just needs to be a sticky'd 'modern hardware and parts resources for Atari computers' thread.
  6. This is the #1 thing I want/need for my 8-bits. I'm not willing to muck with VBXE and it's non NTSC monitor requirements, much as I wish there was an NTSC version. I'd love a simple interface that doesn't require soldering, and which I can just swap between my different Ataris, and which works with typical off the shelf monitors. I use SDX and Last Word as a kind of distraction free writing thing, as well as some light coding, and doing so at 80 columns would be amazing. Not having something like this has been my biggest frustration with the hardware scene. I'll definitely be getting one of these when you're ready to sell. Thanks for taking this on!
  7. This is actually a great idea. Maybe break it up by alternatives, types of parts etc. It's more than just Best vs. B&C or whatever. There are lots of modern alternatives to classic hardware now (Lotharek, Brewing Academy etc) as well as tons of software projects, indie hardware, etc. A lot of this you kind of just have to 'be in the know' without a bunch of forum digging, so it might be helpful to newbies. Could be a nice sticky thread actually if it were handled right. A single thread resource kept updated on where you can get things. Honestly, I've been on here for decades and I forget some resources exist. It would be useful as more than a 'alternatives to Brad' thing, so rather than 'an alternative to BE' it should be 'Modern Atari computer hardware resources' perhaps.
  8. I've tried running this via emulator (altirra), I'm getting a corrupted boot screen followed by a crash. May be a bad dump? I've tried several different settings with the same results.
  9. I agree with that. And that's actually kind of the point. You're absolutely right, venting doesn't change anything, but it helps people feel less frustrated, especially those who really needed/wanted something they were banned from having through no fault of their own due to Brad's nonsensical soup nazi stuff. These threads do keep popping up because, like you said, nothing is going to change. I'd vent too if I found a part or item I desperately needed only to be deprived of it because I paid to quickly. I've got no problem with folks who deal with Brad and are willing to put up with his completely mood driven rules. Some of the best hardware folks on here are forced to. I also have to friends who do repairs that are forced to as well. Situation is what it is, and Brad is not, despite my criticism of his business practices, a bad guy. My main and only objection in these threads are the responses that portray it all as 'normal', 'just business', and 'I don't see why people can't just follow his rules'. It isn't normal, it isn't fair, and it isn't gonna change. So I try and be supportive of frustrated Atari fans here. Usually, their frustration is absolutely warranted.
  10. What's so difficult? The rules are random, arbitrary and mood driven. They are not spelled out, simple to follow, or even internally consistent. And, sadly, you cannot go anywhere else for some parts. Brad's the only one selling them outside the occasional ebay seller at 10x the price. Tell me how one is supposed to 'play by someones rules' when those rules are 1. Not explained or posted. 2. Arbitrary. and 3. Change based on the mood of the owner. Yeah, it's his business. Yeah, I take mine elsewhere. But acting like it's 'simple' to business with Best shows you really haven't dealt with the stuff others have in this thread. I used to run retrogaming cons. I can't tell you the number of frustrated Atari people I've listened to vent about Best/Brad over the years. That's the reason these threads keep popping up. It's frustrating, and you're stuck dealing with it if you order from Best. Hence the venting.
  11. This really isn't the point though, even though someone brings it up every time we have one of these threads. You're right of course, Brad can and will do as he pleases. And he does. Like I've repeatedly said, he's not a bad guy, by any means, and he's sitting on basically THE last parts stock. The point is that it's got nothing to do with whether you're rude or not. It's about the collective frustration from the community that our last real parts supplier is an incredibly capricious, unreliable, and cranky guy. I personally wouldn't have an issue if his rules were clear and well defined. Like you said... it's his business, his rules. But they're not. You can get banned for paying an invoice to quick, asking for something he doesn't want to dig for. You can get banned for ordering the wrong combination of items, or for calling instead of emailing. Or emailing instead of calling. Or for emailing OR calling. Spin the wheel, win yer prize. These threads are about the community's collective frustration with Brad's antics. The only reason he's able to stay in business is because he's the last supplier of much of this stuff. Much like Club 100 is for Model 100 users. Denying that it's a problem is as useless as complaining. He's not gonna change. He's gonna keep doing this capricious nonsense. He's also your one and only supplier for many products. If you want them, you deal with him. I wish, as do many, that there were better options with better customer service, but there isn't. It is what it is. So take these threads as what they are: community venting. And that venting is justifed, the man is very frustrating to do business with, some of the time.
  12. Yeah that's kinda my point. He isn't going to change, he's gonna do what he's gonna do, and you can choose to deal with him or not. The endless threads on his business practices don't accomplish much. I've ordered from him before, and talked with him at length. He's not a bad guy, by any means. But he really is the soup nazi. You want his soup, you get in line, you hope you don't make him angry. You don't want to deal with the soup nazi, go get a sandwich elsewhere. Personally, I don't deal with him these days, probably due to the way he's treated a couple of friends of mine who helped him out. I could deal with the 'it's my rules' thing, but he's a little too random, unfair and arbitrary. Many of them are not communicated or spelled out. You can 'piss him off' buy paying his invoice to quickly, or ordering something on his secret 'people who order this make me mad' list. No thanks. I'll send my business elsewhere.
  13. I've said this before, but he's basically the 'soup nazi' of the Atari world. He has great 'soup', and it's worth buying. But piss him off, fail to follow his completely nonsensical, arbitrary, uncommunicative and mood-driven rules... no soup for you. I've known people who have ordered from him for decades, been a decades long customer with a great rapport, and then they order one thing he doesn't want to ship... door slams, no soup for you. Ever. I also am friends with someone who has literally helped him physically organize his stock, and he pulled the same thing with him. Bradley isn't a bad guy, but he's a moody, unprofessional curmudgeon who arbitrarily decides when and if he will respond to an order or not. Pretending it's other than it is, is silly. If you've had good luck, awesome. Just realize, lots of other people have not... through no fault of their own.
  14. Hot damn, I FINALLY was on here at the right time to nab one of these projects. Can't wait. Thanks!
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