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  1. Perfect! I will totally pick both of these up for Christmas
  2. 'Atari' isn't Atari anymore, sadly. It's just a brand name you can pay to use on your product at this point. That said, I agree. A hackable retrocomputer with polished, easy to use programming interface that teaches programming/hardware/hacking at the assembly level is certainly something that would sell these days. But I doubt a remade Atari would, as the 6502 isn't anywhere near as used as something like the ARM processor is these days, which is why things like the Raspberry PI sell so well. I'd certainly buy one though!
  3. Not rude at all, just personal preference. You'll really enjoy the Super Pac port then. It's also outstanding and MY personal favorite of the original Pac games. This one is just about arcade perfect too. This and Baby will keep you covered if you're not into the original. Another great game that no one mentions much that's an exclusive is 'Failsafe' (an unofficial sequel to the 8-bit Countermeasure). Think of it as single player Combat with different levels where you're trying to find the pass code to disable armageddon. Really fun, though not an arcade port, even if it is very 'arcade like' in gameplay.
  4. The 7800 is a weird one. On one hand, the 8-bit line is better in many ways, on the other, it's MARIA/Sprite handling capabilities are superior. It's a step forward in terms of sprites and a step backwards in terms of sound and (often) cheap, quick ports. Had Atari included a POKEY or some other sound chip, taken the time to do quality ports, and not been giant cheap asses, I would be less on the fence in terms of 'historical necessity' even though I had one at launch and always really enjoyed a few games from the library. However, this doesn't take into account the modern Atariage homebrew library, particularly Bob's stuff. When you add in all of the incredibly good arcade ports and homebrews, especially the stuff you can get nowhere else like Pac Man collection, Baby Pac, Moon Cresta, Frenzy, Space Duel, Failsafe, Crystal Quest, Rikki and Vikki, and so on, I really do think the console becomes essential. It went from a console I'd drag out occasionally to play Desert Falcon, Xevious and Midnight Mutants on a couple of times a year to one of my go-to arcade port consoles I keep perpetually hooked up. Honestly, I think the 7800 is literally the only console in history where fans of the system have retroactively made the library twice as good as the original games made it. The programmers here have really shows what the console is/was capable of, had it gotten the support it deserved back in the 80s.
  5. Honestly, the homebrew library here generally beats anything from back in the day, particularly if you love arcade games, which I'll confine my recommendations to. Here's my picks for Arcade games from the AA store and why: 1. Pac Man Collection: Pac Man, Ms Pac, Hangly Man, Pac Man Plus etc all on one cart plus a mode with random mazes, and tons of settings to tweak it to your liking. It's fantastic, and the most bang for your buck you will find. Buy it. 2. Baby Pac Man: The ONLY home port of this obscure pinball/arcade game hybrid. Also, it's completely awesome (as are any of the Pac games by Bob, Jr and Super are excellent as well). 3. Moon Cresta: Perfect port of a highly underrated (and tough) arcade title. This is so good that I sold my actual arcade game of it after it came out, no joke. 4. Frenzy: Berzerk and it's underrated sequel on one cart? Yessir. It's damn near arcade perfect too. With the voices. 5. Space Duel: Oldie but goodie, this is the also the only home cart port of this game, which basically perfects the old Asteroids formula. Tough and really fun. Gets forgotten with all of Bob's newer games.
  6. This is great! I've made a point of playing through this series in recent years and this is the only one I wasn't able to play. Ballyalley will be stoked as well. Thanks so much for posting this!
  7. Yeah, same. Fall is always the start of 'retro season' for me. It usually lasts through spring when more outdoor hobbies (astronomy, photography, hiking etc) start demanding more time. There's something about just curling up with some cocoa, a few old favorites and a blanket or robe when it's dark and the rain is pattering against the window. It tends to be reading season, for the same reason.
  8. I use two. A 20" CRT for an original Sears Video Arcade II and (usually) A Retron 77 on my flatsceen. It's nice sitting across the room on big screen from a comfortable chair, but I'll use the 20 incher whenever I want the 'classic' experience.
  9. Good choices. Pac Man collection is one of the highlights of the 7800 library, and Mappy is FANTASTIC. I actually prefer the 2600 port to anything else now, much like I do the Wizard of Wor port. Also, I always turn into Ralphie waiting for his decoder ring when I order from AA. Maybe, MAYBE it'll get here TODAY..... 😝
  10. I think it's because lots of people who have played it like Jedi, but few consider it the best game on the system. If you own it, and it's more obscure, you probably have owned/played the rest of the PB stuff as a collector and more likely find something like Montezuma the best. That's the case for me, anyway. Like it much better than Empire, but nowhere near as much as Montezuma. Empire is up there with Frogger as one of the two most common PB carts back in the day. Everyone played it. I think that's why it's so popular: everyone had it and frogger. Most people ONLY had those and maybe Q'bert. The better PB games are far more scarce, which is why they get less votes. Jedi is an R4/5. Qbert's Qubes is an R9. Frogger II is R6, Montezuma an R5. Empire and Frogger are R2. I think Empire gets votes because it was far more available and played than the others. Nostalgia is a factor too. I just personally find it way less fun than Montezuma or some of the others. Ultimately, though, it's just personal taste. A good friend of mine could sit there for HOURS playing it. I get bored after five minutes.
  11. I somehow ended up owning Jedi first back in the day, which nowadays is quite a bit less common. I always found it the better game. It was tougher, had multiple stages and was more fun I ended up with Empire a couple of years later, which I traded from a friend. I liked it ok then, but increasingly less so over the years. While I wouldn't put any of the PB Star Wars games on my A list (though the unreleased Ewok Adventure is probably closest), I definitely liked Jedi better than the others at the time. Empire was too repetitive, The lightsaber game was just odd (though decent with two), and the Arcade Game was a valiant attempt to port something that should never have been ported. Star Strike was a better Star Wars game, just minus the license.
  12. Montezuma for sure, though that's closely followed by Gyruss, Jedi and Reactor. Never understood the love for Empire though. Sure, everyone had it but even back in the day, I found it very repetitive.
  13. Top 10 games currently stand at (not in any sort of order): Xevious Desert Falcon Midnight Mutants Commando Moon Cresta Pac Man Collection Baby Pac Crystal Quest Dungeon Stalker Frenzy
  14. This is coming along nicely! Seems pretty zippy too, which many of the other ports are not. I'll definitely be playing this when it releases.
  15. Lord Thag


    Yeah that makes total sense. For me though, I have the actual physical versions of the games I want to play, so a chinese emulator console works much better as I have dumped or downloaded the roms for the games that I own. The Evercade also seems to favor types of games (NES/very speccy/British style stuff, platformers etc) I don't really care for, I'm more of a 16 bit shooter person if it isn't Atari era Arcade stuff. Also, the proliferation of the 'mini' consoles also tend to have much better licensed game selections, so I favor those. That said, if they get some carts together that have stuff I actually want to play (new games are fine) I might bite, but so far, the $200 it would cost of the system and the carts puts me in Nintendo Switch Lite territory, and that has far more retro options I want to play than Evercade does. If the game selection is your thing though, I would see how people could enjoy this little gadget. Wish I could say otherwise, I love the concept of a modern retro handheld with real carts, but the games just are not there for me.
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