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  1. Kamfpgruppe or one of the other big SSI strategy games - I'd finally have the time to play one through Gemstone Warrior: procedural action RPG - it's always a new game Donkey Kong - Still playing it weekly since 198x Star Raiders (& Wilmunder's #2) - because it's still the best game on the system The Apshai series: Love these, still fun once you get used to the controls, and TONS of content. Bosconian - Best home port of a favorite arcade game The Last Word - so I can write and be creative or leave a diary behind MAC/65 or Action! - so I can write new games
  2. Had some time to finally check out the Moon Patrol demo and Breakout. I've been really looking forward to this system since listening to the launch event at PRGE. Breakout looks great. This is exactly the type of remake I'm looking for: true to the original, 2d, and updated with extra features. Do more games like this. Give me a Nightstalker or Thunder Castle done like this ANY day. The Moon Patrol demo you get via the app however, I was NOT a fan of. The 3d/2d perspective looks poor, and it plays like any number of iOS/Android app store retro 'remakes'. I'd advise against using 3d modeling to recreate older 2d games. It rarely goes over well with fans, and it looks like something you'd get with ads on your phone. Not saying 3d games don't have their place (they do, and I love 'em), but remaking classic 2d games isn't one of them, in my opinion. Just some constructive criticism. Dig the QR code like app functionality though. That could be super fun in the future. Can't wait to see where this console goes!
  3. I don't think it's ever waned for me. I started trading bad NES carts for backpacks full of 2600 carts in school, and never looked back. What has changed is my focus. Originally, it was the 8-bit Ataris and the 2600 only. Got older, got connected, started running retro game cons and started collecting everything. Had everything from APM-M1000s and Astrocades to Hyperscans R-Zones. Sold most of that, kept the stuff I actually enjoy playing. My focus these days are in two basic blocks: 8-bit era: Atari 8-bits, 2600, 7800 and to a lesser extent, the Intellivision Colecovision and the c64. 16-bit era: TG-16/PCE, Neo Geo and Genesis. That's pretty much it, outside some Lynx and GBA/GB games and, for some reason, the Arcadia 2001 (it's objectively terrible, but I like it).
  4. All of these consoles are old or hard to obtain though. If you want something that's cheap, modern, available and plays MAME look at the chinese LDKGame or Retrogame 300. You can get them on amazon. $40-$60 generally. They're pretty good with stock firmware, and great with the custom firmware. Plays Neo Geo, CPS1/2, and the rest. Anything 16bit or less plays like a charm, and the custom image (super easy to set up, just flash a common micro SD card) gives all kinds of emulators: NES, SnES, Genesis, Turbografx, all the handhelds (best way to play Lynx I've found), and obscure stuff like Wonderswan, Vectrex, MSX etc. Save states, and it will also run tons of linux games (comes preinstalled with Quake, Hexen, Heretic, Wolf3d, Doom etc). I use mine daily on lunch breaks. The stock card comes with about 3000 roms too.
  5. Neat project, can't wait to see where this goes.
  6. There were a lot of poor companies cranking out bad to middling games back then. Half the Coleco library sucks, Mythicon, Apollo, Dataage etc. Then you had the clone/pirate people like Froggo. The worst game is probably Sssnake. I agree on the worst company as a whole probably being Mythicon. None of their games are fun or even playable. All the other bad companies like Apollo, Panda etc all have at least one playable title in their lineup.
  7. I didn't so much start collecting as I never stopped. Once the NES came out, my brother stopped caring about Atari, so I just grabbed our shoebox of carts and had it hooked up alongside my NES. We had this local movie store called First Run Video that sold NES used games for $10, so I'd buy one once a month with my allowance. A lot of the time they were selling them because they stunk, so I'd use them as trade bait. Pretty quickly, I discovered I could trade one average NES game for 20+ Atari carts. By the end of high school, I had three boxes of them. I thought I had the biggest collection in the world at the time 😛 Then a friend started doing it, and I found an Intellivision, then a 5200. Pretty soon, I met my good friend John while out thrifting and we both got the other to get interested in systems we didn't collect at the time. A few years later, he moved up north and I started visiting and we eventually started running conventions (NWCGE that became PRGE). Once the conventions got big, the prices (at the time) we super cheap, so my collection exploded into many, many systems until a few years later it got too much to manage and I sold everything I wasn't playing. These days, I primarily play/ collect Atari 2600/7800/8-bit (particularly the latter) for the older stuff, and Genesis, TG-16 and Neo Geo for the 16 bit era. I rarely buy stuff these days, a I have everything I want that isn't really expensive.
  8. Thanks for mentioning that. I'd forgotten all about that one and have neglected to download the ROM file to try it out... something I plan to do this evening.
  9. Yeah, the modded trak ball games are awesome with an actual track ball. Unlike the old CX-40 joysticks, they are built like tanks. Very easy to restore too.
  10. Everyone has days they need to have a cup of coffee on before they post anything. Props for owning it and apologizing though. 👍
  11. Tough question. They were very average in terms of quality. I find Turmoil to be the best personally, and the only one I'd consider falling in the 'really good' category if I am in the mood. It's basically 2d Tempest. That said, I infrequently have quite a fun time with Crash Dive, Bank Heist, Flash Gorden and Beany Bopper. All are good if not outstanding games.
  12. I'd forgotten Solar Fox, for some reason. That ones great too. Need to pop that in the system again and give it a whirl. CBS made some good games. Not a lot of stinkers in the lineup.
  13. From 30+ years experiencing using 800/XL computers... they are basically the Keith Richards of the retro world. Things are built like tanks. Most of the failures (outside the cheaper XE line) seem to be from power supplies that go bad and fry something or from moisture/exposure to the elements. Kept inside, and taken care of, outside the occasional keyboard overhaul, they are rock solid. When we all die in the coming Mad Max apocalypse, the cockroaches that gain sentience afterwords will probably be playing Donkey Kong on them. 😀
  14. If you want something that works well while you're waiting, I just picked up one of those chinese LDKGame consoles of Amazon. While it's an emulator console, it plays Lynx roms beautifully in a small, portable form. I'm loving the hell out of it, especially for the price. That said, I'll get one of the Analogue things. Basically one portable will (hopefully) eventually play carts from every portable retro console I collect.
  15. Yeah I'd like a copy of this as well, I remember the dev blog back in the day.
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