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  1. There are many perennial favs and some new ones: Classics: Donkey Kong, Defender, Sinistar, Fractalus, Fort Apocalypse, Spelunker, and Star Raiders (both) New favs: Most of the arcade hacks, Bosconian, Time Pilot, Tempest Extreme, Flob, Last Squadron, Adventure II, Scramble.
  2. The 2600 game isn't the disaster (playability wise) that the internet makes it out to be. It's fairly 'meh', sure, but it's no Snake or Warplock. As to the 8 bit cart, yeah, you are missing out. It's far better than the 2600 version. Good sized map, fun gameplay etc. It's a very different beast than the 2600 version. The premise is the same, but the gameplay is a whole different ballgame. Well worth a shot. A lot of people enjoy it, though I doubt it makes it on many 'best of' lists. It's a classic 7 or 8 out of 10 kinda game.
  3. I'm referring to the PC version. Megadrive version is my goto for that reason.
  4. Amazing game, would totally play this on the Atari if it ever gets ported. It's frustrating to play nowadays though due to the utterly draconic copy protection scheme that ruins the game's core files (which also contain the save) if you get it wrong. Even the cracked versions do this sometimes. I've lost every game I've started on it due to it.
  5. Weirdly, this was one I didn't play. I had a huge stack of disks I got with my Atari, but none of them had Dandy on it. I've only played it in the last decade, but it's fun. You can totally see the inspiration for Gauntlet there too. I'd love to see it on cart.
  6. I think you'll find that networking with people gets you a lot more access to those carts too, that's how I got the bulk of mine. Lots of long time collectors have a stack of duplicates we're usually willing to part with in trade or for sale. The more common 8-bit and XEGS carts can often be had for far less than ebay prices loose and many of them are excellent games too. PM me if you want some links/leads on where to get stuff.
  7. Whatever model you land on (and the XEGS is certainly the most console like of the Atari 8 bits), one of the cool things about the Atari line is the number of affordable SD card interfaces: Side 2 or Side 3, Ultimate cart, AV cart, SIO2SD, Sdrive Max etc. I'd say go for it and see what games you can track down on cart, and then spend a few bucks on, say, an Sdrive or Ultimate cart to play everything you can't afford to get on a real cart.
  8. These days I roll with an an Ultimate 1mb/Side2 and a 576 Nuc+, which are light years better than anything back in the day. SpartadosX and Fujinet are amazing. I haven't tried the OS++ in ROM though, how is it?
  9. I was thinking more like what Atari did with the CTIA->GTIA, just add functionality to the original specs. Our hypothetical 'Super GTIA' might have been 100% backwards compatible with a few new sprite screen modes that used the new chip, maybe, much like how the 7800 has backwards compatibility with the 2600. Would have been cool had they done that.
  10. That's awful, and so young. This is becoming all to common seems like.
  11. Yeah, this is how I feel as well If they'd offered a model that had more (or expandable) RAM, and/or a video circuit that allowed full sprites like the 64 (rather than just PMG), or a more integrated command line DOS (like the later Spartados) the XL line might have been seen as real competitors to the c64. As it was, it was basically a slightly ROM updated 800 with a bit more RAM. All the later XL and XE pcs were similar. Still an amazing computer, mind (the fact that a '79 computer design could compete with the 64 graphically shows how good a design it was), and it's by far my favorite from the era, but all of the later Atari 8bits were mystifyingly similar to the 'last gen' models.
  12. Plenty of ones bring back good memories. I have a lot of fond memories ditching school and playing Star Raiders, Bruce Lee, Mountain King and Donkey Kong. I've actually never stopped, really. I pretty quickly realized in the 90s that, while I wasn't using the old 8-bits for productivity anymore, I would still regularly play games on them. It's come full circle now, but back then, there were not a lot of arcade style games being made like there are now. So I kept playing. I've literally had one or more hooked up since the 90s continuously, where ever I have lived. Started collecting for them in, oh, 2002 or so, joined here in 2004. Fujinet is a revelation though. It's an amazing expansion for the 8-bits. Can't wait to see some of the in development multiplayer games too.
  13. I had forgotten this even existed. They had one in the Aladdin's Castle near my cousins house I played a bit, back in the day. It was relegated to a dark corner on the bottom floor along with Sub Hunt.
  14. Damn, this is one of my most wished for Speccy/c64 ports. Can't wait to try this, as you're right: outside the excellent His Dark Majesty... we don't get a lot of strategy homebrew/ports. Great year for Atari fans for sure.
  15. Yeah I can't help much with the tech side of this, but it's awesome you're doing this. This is one of the few arcade ports that I much prefer the c64 version (I know, heresy etc). Usually I prefer the 8 bit versions of the older arcade games. Be nice to see this get a face lift.
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