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  1. The knots are only on the Individually Signed, Limited Collector's Edition.
  2. Deluxe woodgrain edition coming right up!
  3. FWIW - This is meant as a completely benign and non-polarizing observation with the intent of simply injecting a little reality into the environment. It's also not begging a lengthy counter argument as it's simply relaying fact, not opinion. (We'll see how it fares.) It's always a good idea to check oneself to insure you're not straying down a path of delusion, self assurance and confirmation bias just to satisfy a desired outcome. As true as it is that a product can't be judged negatively before you can see it for yourself. It's equally true that a thing also can't be heralded as a success before then also. Everybody is entitled to opinions. Just because anyone is offended by another opinion, does not make them right. ech·o cham·ber /ˈekō ˌCHāmbər/ noun an enclosed space where sound reverberates. "purpose-built echo chambers allow the addition of natural-sounding reverberation to the recordings" an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered. "people are living in partisan and ideological echo chambers"
  4. They've been playing games with backer this entire time.
  5. So that explains where Atari got their Atari OS sample vid/demo they've been touting. This company did a conceptual UX for them ages ago which amounts to a few video clips. They probably did the concept on spec, and there's likely no actual menu system resembling that in existence. It will be interesting to see if they even make anything that resembles the concept, and if they somehow did, will they have stolen the concept or bounced a check for it?
  6. Fred knows nothing about making a successful product. He only knows how to wring some loose change out of a license by exploiting it, ..... poorly. He's the poster boy for failing upwards. He can't get a desirable and original Atari retail product off the ground, but he can slap the brand on the ass and put it out on Hollywood Blvd to sell some tees and a stupid promotional hats while pimping it out to other people for their own successful products. This is more of the same, or less of the same considering it's a frickin Linux mini PC with an Atari logo on it. It ain't about enjoying what, if anything, they end up putting out. It's about the broken promises and wasted potential of a brand that has (had) a lot of genuine support and interest. Now it's pretty well limited to a bunch of narcissistic fanboys who will gush over catching a splash when Atari shits the bed. For all the cliche "Atari is Back" tripe, they're still no further along than where they've been for ages.....largely irrelevant.
  7. Just remember, this is where Fraggle Mac was with his Gameband 2.0 just when he went dark for 3 months and then came back with that really hard update to write. He got to the point of having something to manufacture, realized he screwed up and couldn't dig himself out. That's assuming anything was ever real to begin with. The fascinating thing about this rig, is that virtually anyone with a pulse could have cranked it out in the time they've had. They're at their make or break point now. Can they finally get a piece of commodity hardware out the door or will they choke? Sycophants, haters and ill-informed shareholders are waiting to see.
  8. That's one! Our work here is finished fellas!
  9. Atari VCS is not vaporware....look right there......it's still the nicest little nightlight ever. So we all recently learned that no news is good news, so why are the usual fanboys getting excited? Atari just told them this is a bad sign.
  10. I'm sure anything short of receiving nothing will be heralded as a huge success. Their reality distortion field and fish hook syndrome are so strong they claim every critic is moving goalposts every time they put out a press release that says nothing, lies, or confirms what we've all been saying, that they keep making it worse and have no frickin clue what they're doing with it. Yup, lots of plans for a windows PC to look like a retro console, and they had a few actual prototype units of exactly that, but ultimately released as a slightly modified Acer mini PC with pretty useless front end software. They were hampered by Atari threatening to sue them into the ground with no standing to do so, as is Atari's one strength. Atari has always been trying to do nothing more than the Dreamcade, except without Windows, a prototype, honesty or a clue about their intent. If they even manage to send out backer Linux boxes, you can expect a nearly worthless software front end. Hell, they already wrote that off from the start with all the "sandbox" bullshit.
  11. The thought of reviews is interesting. Do you think they will have the nads to actually send any finished units out for impartial reviews, or will reviews be limited to the wingnuts who bought one. (assuming it ships at all) That would result in little more than angry youtube nerds or delusional fanboys Simonizing whatever steaming excrement comes out.
  12. X-wing Vs Tie Fighter Discs of Tron Star Wars Battlefront EA [shudder] (back when you could actually play it online and during the 5 minutes there were no cheaters.) Donkey Kong Trine Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (When there were players online not bitching about infiltrators and stuff) Wizard of Wor Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe King of Fighters (2002?) Super Space Invaders '91 *I wanna say Outlaws, but it's too dated now. Wish somebody would release that the same but on a modern engine.
  13. Not to perpetuate more fraud, but one of their pics does seem to show the front and underside of this shiny plastic delight. I bet they have a stack of sticky laser-cut wood grain paper labels laying around to stick on the front. That would seem to suggest these are in fact what they hope to send to backers, despite calling them pre-production testing samples. So ya gotta give them credit for at least getting someone to make injection molds finally. Having any functional electronics to put inside, let alone content to run on it is a different matter. I sure hope they get Ackky the Sloth, Official Atari Mascot to sign each of these highly collectible units.
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