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  1. That actually gives me a good idea for a game. A pigeon walks around inside or outside a multi story building and has to "pump" some contraptions with his beak (water pumps, levers, ropes, pulleys, window cleaner rigs etc.) so he can clear his path or get some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption going to ultimately get to the roof to fly away. All the while he can "dump" on maintenance (fauxtari) staff, cats etc. trying to catch him, or "dump" on the floor to make them slip. He will find tacos and stuff around to eat which recharges his "dumper". This sounds like a good one for the Amico, or an AtariAge exclusive. I'm game to help with graphics, design, and marketing if a sharp programmer wants to get involved (not Biff😜). It would be something if a real live collaborative product eventually came from this colossal cluster. Oh, and all the buildings are penny stock companies.
  2. John Phelan, "I was Confused" Available in paperback and Kindle wherever fine bathroom reading materials are sold.
  3. A classic never gets old, but that was from page 371. I've been through 5 pet pigeons since then.
  4. In honor of PDubs brief but temporary flash of common sense, I give you The Dirty Pigeon Taco.... https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/how-to-make-exchange-alleys-dirty-pigeon-taco
  5. Yup, it's becoming increasingly apparent that they are hoping to deliver a Linux PC in a plastic project box with a rebranded free distro and Atari Vault for Linux installed if that. Then they'll say "Sandbox!" and "Create!" to every question or criticism before they abandon it too. The real question is, are they even capable of doing that much? Not that it should satisfy any of the poor saps that paid up front for it. If the dweeb they lean on so heavy for hardware development hasn't been able to build out his "company's" website in like, ever, it's not looking good at all.
  6. Isn't 2 prototypes 6 months out from shipping 2 more prototypes than AtariSA has 5 months out from shipping on a twice delayed schedule?? What is that idiot smoking? Lest we forget, no one anywhere has ever seen a functional device in their funky plastic case, ever, not once.
  7. Yup, how do you have a frequently asked questions section when the answers are always: Fortunately, I've spent the last few years building up an immunity to AtariBox bullshit.
  8. All true, yet I can't help but be fascinated with the morbid notion of where this leads. At this point, what kind of misguided company or investor would seriously consider acquiring this looser, especially with the looming albatross around its neck? How does this thing turn out? I know for pre-order backers, if they ever get delivery, they'll convince themselves they're happy with it at first, promote all the neat things they're doing with it, then get drowned out by all the pissed off customers and quality control issues. That's an easy pick. But as for AtariSA, I remain curious what their death throes will be. How much of a spectacle will they make as things ultimately fizzle out or blow up in their face. Beats NASCAR.
  9. So, I guess that makes us the AtariVCS Haters group by default as their pigeons keep calling us. You know, the single biggest and most knowledgeable community of all things Atari that exists simply to find fault in the first Atari product to be announced in some 20 years. Because, haters gonna hate. There could be no other reasons for such a strange occurrence. Legitimate reasons an intelligent person would doubt Atari's pre-order VCS Project
  10. I'd agree with that. Rated M for mature always seems to mean juvenile nerd stuff.
  11. If you were ever told that, it's too small. 😂😂🤣
  12. As much as I've never been a big fan of corporate Apple, Inc., they did have one thing that these Atari brand squatters have never had.....ethics......and a clue, so two things really.
  13. I think in his addled mind, he genuinely believes comparing AtariSA to Apple make his worthless stock more marketable and therefore positioned for the huge gains he's still waiting for. The only thing goin for him is that these clown probably won't loose their shirts on the stupid box as they'll expend nothing more than they took the suckers for on the front end, if that. They'll probably take a profit from the suckers too.
  14. Demand went up during the fire sale, so now it's a collector's item, obviously. 😂
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