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  1. Are you sure this isn't the Wade Rosen they mention? https://www.pcgamesinsider.biz/news/70615/new-publisher-ziggurat-sets-sights-on-remastering-old-games/ https://www.ziggurat.games/#intro https://www.facebook.com/zigguratinteractive/ Yup that's him... And in odd but somewhat related news..... https://gaminglyfe.com/become-a-modern-missile-commander-in-ataris-new-missile-command-recharged/
  2. Looks like board members are jumping ship to me. One would assume they have other investments and Atari is a poor performing entanglement they would be happy to be rid of while they attempt to secure their other investments amidst the downturn.
  3. May 22, 2018. Sorry for the delay in you getting this, if ever, but I'm still on moderator approval, still not following the logic on that one either.
  4. God help us when we're not. Then it's nothing but Preparation H, the Sunday Morning show, counting our social security checks, talking into a mirror and falling for Retro game system telemarketing scams. 🤮
  5. I dunno. Of all the stupid stuff they've done, this ain't the worst. An Asteroid(s) or Space invaders room could be cool if done well. Though, thoughts of that Human Centipede room would keep me up. The question would be will people who care about the theme be inclined to stay there? Maybe?
  6. I'm not blaming him for it, just suggesting that doesn't get to be used as a presumption that all claims are valid and true just because he says so.
  7. Hey, I know I'm not well liked by some now, so I'll try to keep this brief. Folks love to get into their tribal thinking. They tend to assume things are either black or white. Either you are with us or against us. Either you're fully supportive of some new product pitch, or you're a "hater" assuming it's a scam. Why is it that anyone who expresses doubt about wildly optimistic claims from people selling you stuff is peeing in your punch bowl? Why is it that reasonable doubt is most despised when facts begin to justify those doubts that some people actively disregard? (i.e. when projected prices keep rising or pure, well intended information exchange gives way to appeals for money.) Historian has shown himself to be a pretty stand up guy over time, and I bet he's learned a lot about some of the folks he was working or volunteering for. He maintains a civil tone most of the time, has a sense of humor, doesn't expect anything he claims to be taken as fact just because he says it, and was able to make some well reasoned, evidence based arguments in support of his claims while he was working these boards in a commercial/professional capacity for Atari gameband and/or Ataribox. He had better, because if he comes into a community forum to do a commercial pitch, he better have more than his words or opinions to justify his claims to coerce folks into handing over money. Otherwise, the company has their own commercial venues for their deliberate sales appeals where they get to control their message. I suggested the notion of a site sponsorship being a factor, not because of a conspiracy theory, but because it would be the decent thing to do if one is intent on turning an open discussion into a sales pitch, and actually contributing in that case might lend some credibility to their claims and inspire more patience from the community. It sure beats using the community resource for commercial gains and soliciting allies or coworkers to participate in silencing or diluting any dissenting opinions. (By that I mean other, often brand new forum members hovering over the report button and whining to mods) Finally, while fans love to get polarized and declare anyone with doubts are assuming everything is a deliberate scam, let me point something out that should be obvious to everyone. What people with doubts have always been suggesting about all these retro "me too" product appeals is that they look to be a house of cards stacked up on computer renders, embellishments, wild claims, inexperience, and little fact or transparency. Until they can demonstrate legitimacy of thier claims, why do they deserve our adoration, faith or money? And for the record, the doubters have been consistently right with these retro startups. They are at least 3 and 0. 1. RetroVGS - Failure, deception, incompetence 2. GameBand - Failure, deception, incompetence, lost money 3. AtariVCS - Deception, incompetence, protracted delays, lost money and/or outright failure pending. 4. ???
  8. "Don't question or chime in on Tommy's style and mode of communication" and "If you don't like the way Tommy chooses to answer questions or address critics in this thread, you don't have to read the thread." doesn't appear consistent with the presumption of impartial moderation. I think that's what people are attempting to convey to you, and a number of long time members want to know what gives? I don't recall anyone complaining about being forced to read annoying posts. It sounds like the issue is having entire subjects of conversation censored, neutered or forbidden if it conflicts with support of a commercial product. If it's the aim of the moderators to have everyone who doesn't share unquestioning support of a commercial pitch remain entirely silent on the subject in all threads, then some reasoning should be offered. If there's a sponsorship arrangement in place, I think everyone would recognize that as supportive of the community and be happy to avoid the issue. Otherwise, the logic to forbidding mentions of yet another retro angled product launch is hardly consistent with this community's history or purpose. A number of us would like to know why the severe left turn.
  9. I've got to take issue with you on that. I suppose you're going to delete this too, so I'll also file it as a report to the mods. I'm genuinely concerned that this entire episode is turning into a tacit endorsement of a commercial product with willful censorship of any alternate viewpoint. Sure a lot of folks come in here and poke fun, but most have been respectful and open minded. I venture a guess that most or all of the folks that have been banned from the other discussion were more than supportive of the idea and willing to give it every benefit of the doubt. After excessive and ongoing spamming, trolling and ad hominem attacks on longstanding members of these forum, and a number of personal attacks on others on the internet who dared not take the same glowing view of the project, some of us have taken a different view of the product and its creator(s) or their unsubstantiated claims. It's hardly worthy of unquestioning devotion after the way it's promoter has conducted himself. Last I looked, public relations was about building an audience rather than ticking one off or inventing one. In any event, I was unaware that using AtariAge as an official public relations hub for commercial products was even a thing. If the vendor in question is sponsoring the site as an advertiser then do let us all know and we'll shut the heck up. It's one thing for an aspiring commercial product team or individual to have a genuine discussion with a community of interested individuals about a product they're excited about. It's something very different for them to come into a community forum and relentlessly ramble on with one sided endorsements of their product in an echo chamber they seek to create when they could very well be marketing their product themselves. Jumping on anyone and everyone as "Haters and Dipshits" because they don't support the commercial agenda being proffered, and reporting anything not consistent with a product endorsement while doing it is beyond the pale. Finding fault with comparisons to other sketchy product launches in their designated thread topics is more than apt as those other product launches are being leveraged to further endorse said commercial product. I don't think folks are being especially immature given the length and breadth of Tommy's behavior in promoting his product and his upcoming pre-orders. I think many of them have been extraordinarily patient. Tommy didn't voluntarily agree to exit this thread. He snidely pissed on the participants of this thread and left as he was invited to when it was made clear to him that he was being insufferable with his product endorsements. There sure seems to be some other set of "forem" rules Tommy is operating under to cast aspersions at long time participants, openly mock youtubers behind their backs, piss and moan about all the haters who don't buy into his "can't fail" attitude, proudly rage at people with his Napoleon complex on full display, and then receive free reign to continue endorsing his commercial product and pre-order scheme free of "potshots", dissenting opinion or scarcely a mention anywhere else. I dunno what's happening here.
  10. I feel for the folks in China, having to be in such close quarters all the time too. I wonder if they'll make folks keep working in their rural industrial sweatshop districts instead of traveling home for the holiday like usual. At best, I would think they'll just increase the severity of the outbreak in the infected pockets by keeping everyone in place. Those factory dorms are no place to be if you want to avoid getting sick. Also, in other news, new slogan....
  11. ....and increasing ideation for maximum synergies!
  12. How in the holy hell is that supposed to be real when they still have "Asteroid" and "Yar's Revenge" in there? Wasn't their little gui demo running from Windows as they claimed in their blog post? So then, is this just another deliberately doctored video attempting to make it look like a functional unit? All they had to do was turn on the nightlight box and change inputs on the TV to a functional computer which was probably just running a video of another mockup for illustration demo.
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