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  1. Can you attach some screenshots?
  2. vdub_bobby

    Destroy Walls

    Hiatus I hope to get back to it...someday. Among other projects.
  3. STARTED USING Git, and have uploaded the source code to Github.com: https://github.com/vdub-bobby/tankmaze I'll continue to post updates here, though they might lag what's on Github. For example! The version on github is slightly newer; the enemy tanks have (crappy) AI now! I'm in the middle of rewriting the routines that move the enemy tanks; right now the routines are too slow and too brittle. More to come...hopefully.
  4. vdub_bobby

    The Bad Guys

    NOW WITH ENEMIES that move! TankMaze20120222.bin Not too exciting, really - they just change direction randomly when they hit an intersection. But it's something! Also, your tank will now turn whichever way you press the joystick, even if a wall prevents you from moving. Press RESET to start things off and to switch through the different mazes.
  5. vdub_bobby

    Destroy Walls

    If you press the joystick at a diagonal you will "slide" along walls until you come to an opening. I considered other options but I thought this worked ok. It isn't set in stone, though.
  6. vdub_bobby

    Destroy Walls

    NOW YOU CAN blow up the walls! Plus I fixed the maze generator so that it (should?) cycle through the 255 possible different mazes. I forgot to mention this last time (until a late edit), but press RESET to cycle through the mazes. TankMaze20120211.bin
  7. vdub_bobby

    Now With Mazes

    Not sure about protecting the base. As the kernel is written, it isn't possible to have walls to the left/right of the base. My plan was to leave it completely open, but that might make the game too difficult.
  8. vdub_bobby

    Now With Mazes

    BEEN PRETTY BUSY WITH RL over the last week, but found a few hours here and there to work out the code to generate mazes programmatically: TankMaze20120205.bin To my surprise, I was able to get something working that actually doesn't look too bad. The algorithm is roughly based on the so-called "sidewinder" algorithm, though with some tweaks. To geek out about this for a minute, it is a pet peeve of mine that every maze-generation algorithm i've ever seen always works on the assumption that the walls have no width, and it takes a lot of hacking and messiness to get them to work with mazes where the walls have width. But anyway, after a lot of hacking and messiness I did get it to work, and it ain't too bad. EDIT: Forgot to mention press RESET to switch through mazes.
  9. vdub_bobby

    Ready, Fire, Aim!

    Glad you like it - I wasn't sure it was going to work. I'm still not, actually - I really need to put it on my Kroc cart and see it on a TV.
  10. vdub_bobby

    Ready, Fire, Aim!

    NOW WITH shooting! Also a proper (though lame) maze, sort-of finalized kernel (and sort-of finalized tank graphics), and a glowing base to defend. TankMaze20120130.bin In answer to what I think was Thomas' question, right now the maze is hard-coded. If I can come up with a good algorithm for generating mazes, I'd really like to do that. If I can't come up with an algorithm that generates high quality mazes, I'll probably just create several by hand. It helps that the game will have walls that can be shot out, so the mazes don't have to be totally perfect.
  11. vdub_bobby


    What do you mean?
  12. vdub_bobby


    Just so you all know, unless there is a huge clamor for a pixel-perfect port, I'm going to play very fast and loose with this. Mostly, I like the high-level concept: a maze with shootable walls, multiple enemies, and a base to defend. Everything else is up for grabs! And Chris: the tanks getting stuck on corners is IMO a bug that is high on my list of things to fix.
  13. vdub_bobby


    Incidentally, if the go to the KLOV page for Tank Battalion and follow a few links you'll eventually come to this page: http://flyers.arcade...id=1764&image=2 Which has what just might be the best arcade flyer of all time.
  14. Flash has its issues, but I think I can say without shame, here on AtariAge, that HTML5/Javascript has a long way to go before online games are viable vs. Flash.
  15. vdub_bobby


    SO IT'S BEEN A WHILE since I've been very active on AA; but in the last few weeks I have again started some fairly intensive 2600 development. I'm sorry to say, Nathan, that it isn't RPS - which is still on my slow-moving to-do list - but rather a project that I toyed with years ago: a semi-faithful port of Tank Battalion. I'll try to find time to put up the in-progress ROM of what I've got so far along with some screenshots, plus other details. And I am having some difficulty with the graphics and could use some help from those who are more talented. But I'll save the begging for later. EDIT: Now I'm at home; here's a screenshot and a binary. TankMaze20120123.bin It's pretty ugly at the moment. The explanation: I'm trying to use the same technique that batari used in his Rally-X demo - using the missiles as alternate frames for the sprites to have 4 semi-flickered sprites. The ball (flickered) will be used for the tank bullets. The current ROM has two different graphics in it - the original graphics I came up with are used for the L/R-facing tanks and the downward-facing tanks. The upwards-facing tank uses another version. I'm not really satisfied with either. The constraints are: the sprite is 8x12, which isn't set in stone. The missile can only start or stop drawing on even-numbered scanlines. I.e., they can only be 2, 4, 6, etc. lines tall and the can only be positioned (vertically) every two lines. They can be 1, 2, 4, or 8 pixels wide. The missiles can only be rectangular in shape - they can't have blank lines in the middle or change widths in the middle. Anyone got anything better, or have any good suggestions?
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