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  1. My times for the week: NES: Captain Skyhawk - 63 min. DuckTales - 151 min. Spelunker - 37 min. Street Fighter: 2010 - 162 min. Mac OS Classic: Bugdom - 37 min. This week I had wins over Captain Skyhawk, Street Fighter: 2010, and DuckTales. All were games I'd beaten before, but with asterisks: a possible level skip code for Captain Skyhawk, savestates for SF2010, and the likelihood that I only completed DuckTales on Easy and may not have gotten the best ending. I say "possible" and "likelihood" because, while I still have the savestates from when I cleared SF2010 in 2007, I'm not 100% certain about Captain Skyhawk and DuckTales -- those wins were 30 years ago! Regardless, all three are now legit clears (with the best ending on Difficult mode for DuckTales), and off my "games I need to beat again" list, which is steadily shrinking. Later I futzed around with Spelunker (another entry on the aforementioned list). Finally I installed and fired up Bugdom, a Mac OS game I had a couple sessions with around 2001-2002, on the iMac of my girlfriend at the time. My memories of that gameplay were fond, and I've wanted to get back to the game for ages -- but so far, the memories are rosier than the reality of a fairly basic 3D platformer with very repetitive music and an acute need for a map. Ah, well.
  2. 37. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (NES) I wasn't sure if I'd ever actually done the Super Macho Man - Mike Tyson double without using the password to skip directly to Tyson directly, so I ran through the whole game. I beat everyone on my first try up until Macho, but I couldn't remember the timing for his Super Spin Punch, so I ended up losing to him 3x. Then, when I replayed the final circuit from the start, I beat Macho and then Tyson on my first try, so I somehow got an undefeated record for Little Mac. As for the game, isn't it obvious? A+. 38. P.O.W. (NES) I don't much like this game -- it's one of those that's 90% easy and tedious, 10% bizarrely punitive. (And of that remaining 10%, half becomes easy when you learn the pattern, and the other half stays random and cheap.) I'd forgotten that it had infinite continues, though, so it wasn't too tough to claw my way through. A 1CC holds little appeal, but could be done. C-. 39. Captain Skyhawk (NES) And this game, I actively dislike. Yeah, Captain Skyhawk has flashy graphics and presentation, but who cares if the gameplay is hot garbage? The main isometric mode largely becomes trivial when you realize flying next to the mountainsides allows you to avoid most enemies and their attacks, while the other modes are basically a stunted version of Top Gun and the mini-est of minigames. It's a short, shallow game whose challenge mostly comes from not being able to see what hit you. Thanks, sprite breakup; thanks, whoever thought an isometric game where the enemies only shoot straight ahead was a good idea. D.
  3. My times for the week: NES: Captain Skyhawk - 12 min. Double Dribble - 25 min. Gumshoe - 13 min. Life Force - 73 min. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out - 81 min. P.O.W.: Prisoners of War - 103 min. Super C - 63 min. Beat Double Dribble (on Level 3), Life Force, Super C, Punch-Out, and P.O.W., in that order. Life Force was a 1CC, and in Punch-Out I only lost to Super Macho Man -- three times, because I couldn't get the timing right when dodging his Super Spin Punch or whatever it's called. However I had to reinput the third circuit password and replay the circuit, so when I got to SMM for a fourth time and beat him, then beat Tyson on my first try (!), I ended up earning an undefeated record for Little Mac. These wins are all over games I beat with cheat codes as a kid (Life Force, P.O.W., Super C), or didn't beat on the highest difficulty (Double Dribble) -- or in the case of Punch-Out, it's that I wasn't 100% sure that I did the Super Macho Man-Mike Tyson double properly, i.e. without using the famous "007 375 5963" skip-ahead password. So, now I have.
  4. Nice! Though the system's library is less familiar to me, I've enjoyed these Atari 8-bit reviews. Any chance you'll review Beach-Head or Bruce Lee?
  5. 34. Double Dribble (NES) My notes say I beat this as a kid, but I don't know on what difficulty level, so I cleared all three difficulties playing as New York. It's a slick game for its time, but I have to admit that the CPU's cheapness on Level 3 -- stealing the ball at will, always running faster than you -- is a bit irritating. B-. 35. Life Force (NES) Also beat this as a kid, but I used the Konami code to do it, so I wanted a legit clear. I was kind of shocked to do so in under 90 minutes of gameplay, and 1CC to boot. It's an excellent shooter that's only marred by its fondness for cheap death traps -- and that's not a trivial flaw. B+. 36. Super C (NES) And once again, a childhood win that was probably beaten with the aid of a cheat code, so a code-free replay was in order. Playing Operation C recently helped me to get in the right mindset for this one quickly, but I was still a bit surprised by how fast it went down. Nonetheless, a fun and well-designed game with no real flaws, except maybe a slight lack of inspiration in the boss department. A.
  6. Awesome -- I love finding out about projects that weren't on my radar at all. Thanks for the link!
  7. I've done a few updates over the last few months and added a few things, but some nice news today, as Dugongue becomes the second (ever?) streamer to beat every NES game. Always good to see these projects get completed!
  8. My times for the week: NES: Double Dribble - 49 min. Gumshoe - 254 min. Beat Levels 1 & 2 in Double Dribble, with Level 3 yet to beat. And I got to the final boss once in Gumshoe -- over the course of about 100 attempts at Level 4 -- but the game crashed before I could reach him for a second time.
  9. I have a loose VIC-20 cart, a boxed Atari ST game, and two Memorex VIS games. For none of those do I own the corresponding system. For systems I actually own, I might have an Apple II game kicking around somewhere, in which case that would be the winner. Otherwise I think it's the Lynx, with 6 games.
  10. 31. An Adventure in Williamsburg (Tandy MC-10) A BASIC type-in game (I think?), so there's no need to rate this text adventure. It provided an hour of amusement, though much of that was spent banging our head against the wall of one particular puzzle. Turns out we just needed to wait for a character to die spontaneously! n/a 32. Barker Bill's Trick Shooting (NES) By reaching Round 11 in the Fun Follies mode, I saw every type of stage at least once, so even though it has no ending per se I'm calling this Zapper game done. Barker Bill's could have been a decent game, but it's too RNG-dependent, throwing nasty curveballs at you in one playthrough while treating you with kid gloves the next. And that parrot is just infuriating -- it's one thing to forbid shooting the dog, but the damn bird is an adversary and ought to be subject to summary execution. D. 33. Freedom Force (NES) Beat the first loop, though I used pause strats to clear the last level. This also could have been a decent game, maybe even an excellent precursor to Lethal Enforcers, but again it's too RNG-dependent, and likes to troll the player too much: why on earth does the Health powerup only appear onscreen for half a second? It's just stupid design, as is the grenade launcher that kills hostages and enemies alike. D+.
  11. My times for the week: NES: Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting - 144 min. Duck Hunt - 2 min. Freedom Force - 118 min. Shooting Range - 108 min. A week of light gun games, though I should note that all of Duck Hunt and 34 minutes of Barker Bill date from April 20: somehow I neglected to transfer those from my handwritten notes to my text file, until now. Anyway, I made it to Round 11 in Barker Bill, beat the first loop in Freedom Force (albeit with pause strats in the last level), and cleared difficulty level 1 in Shooting Range with a gold medal.
  12. My times for the week: TRS-80 MC-10: An Adventure in Williamsburg - 56 min. Famicom Disk System: Emi-chan no Moero Yakyuuken! - 15 min. Not much for me, but we did beat a text adventure on an emulated MC-10. It's a very basic BASIC game, but had one or two clever twists.
  13. My (very minimal) time for the week: Famicom Disk System: Emi-chan no Moero Yakyuuken! - 44 min. Spent a modest amount of time trying to beat the predecessor to the FDS pirate game I beat last week. I normally wouldn't bother since this game is utter garbage, but it's the only FDS game left on my "played through it with savestates, now try to beat it legitimately" list, so it'll bug me as long as it goes unbested.
  14. My times for the week: Arcade: 64th Street - 3 min. Gyruss - 3 min. Hot Shots Tennis - 9 min. Mad Planets - 8 min. Markham - 10 min. Ninja Baseball Bat Man - 5 min. NES: Jimmy Connors Tennis - 90 min. Marvel’s X-Men - 75 min. SkyKid - 146 min. Famicom Disk System: Yakyuuken II: Gal’s Dungeon - 107 min. Beat X-Men and a FDS hentai/dungeon crawler/rock-paper-scissors game (!), as well as Jimmy Connors on Intermediate. In between, I banged my head against the wall that is SkyKid. Also had a nice run on Mad Planets, one of my all-time favorite arcade games. Just found out there was a spiritual sequel to it on SNES that, sadly, went unreleased but is around as a prototype -- I'll have to play it!
  15. 28. Racket Attack (NES) 29. Marvel's X-Men (NES) Beaten these several times before, no need to comment. 30. Gal's Dungeon: Yakyuuken Part II (Famicom Disk System) I'm glad this pirate hentai game got fan-translated, because if you cut away the 8-bit cheesecake (of which there isn't much) and the rock-paper-scissors battles, there's enough of a dungeon crawler left over to offer a couple hours of amusement. (At least if you like note-taking and, toward the end, making maps.) It's no great achievement as a game, but the fact that it's entertaining at all is, under the circumstances, a real victory. C-.
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