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  1. Exactly.. thank you for proving my point.
  2. Yes.. you are right. That derogatory comment was not called for. My apologies. Just insert your own derogatory line of your choosing. Some of us have jobs and families that keep us more than busy. I do not have the time to scroll through thousands of posts. I just show up once in a while and check in to see how SainT is coming along. My apologies to the elitist snobbery on the boards.
  3. You are correct.. it's not going to kill me, but you don't have to be a dick about it. It was more for curiosity. This is why I try to refrain from posting on the boards.. too many knob gobblers.
  4. I believe I also signed up on the Atari Age list for the JagGD a while ago. I'm still sitting in second place on SainT's list but want to cover my bases. Can you please check to see where i am on the Atari Age list? Thanks
  5. Not to get anyone excited, but I was #6 in the queue.. just looked today and now #5. Now, some one could have canceled or there could be other reasons, but it just raised my eyebrow with a bit of optimism. Either way, Thank you SainT for your work and hope your health and family are doing well.
  6. Errord three times going to the cart, and paypal crawled to a time out... Finaly #85
  7. I have herd rumblings of an Atari Pride month as well.
  8. Update... I would like one without the protective case please.
  9. I am also interested, please put me down. Thanks.
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