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  1. redrumh2o

    Hera Primera

    I love this game...top 5 for me. I have some version on my VevMulti....a beta maybe? Will this be getting a full boxed release from anyone? Not sure of the whole story behind it but whoever created it....props to you!!
  2. This happened to me with my first system. VecMulti just kept crashing so I had to sell it. My new one works great on my new system.
  3. For a VecMulti? If so I'm in!
  4. Childhood memories of playing with my dad is the main reason. I didn't even remember what it was called until a few years ago when I searched it up. Now I enjoy the community and all of the homebrews. It seems like the best games and controllers are being made right now. It is very expensive and I've spent more on Vectrex the last year than on Switch and XBox combined. At least games hold their value and if/when my system ultimately breaks down if I don't want to invest in another system I can probably get my money back.
  5. I hope the Green Day DLC Pack releases soon!!!
  6. Did you make a Snowball one? I thought I saw that somewhere
  7. Thanks, it looks beautiful!! Fingers crossed you make a 3rd run of those 2. I think there's a large number of us that entered the scene over the past 2 years or so that missed out.
  8. Is this a limited release, or will it be ongoing?
  9. Didn't they just release more for sale too? Looks like I should be thinking twice about ordering the blackout controller? If I do I would put in a PayPal claim after 5.5 months.
  10. Yep, Steven Kray overlays from the board....best $15!!
  11. I bought a psych overlay and I can't not play with it. I play it with every game and never swap it. It's awesome!
  12. redrumh2o


    There's usually nothing ever official. With Vectrex stuff it seems you need to keep emailing the developers every so often or you will likely miss out. Once someone says they got through and ordered one, you need to jump on it right away.
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