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  1. Me too please!!! Jeff Buttke Elmira, Or See you in Portland!!
  2. This is the kind of non-sense I love. I could see it being kind of fun messing with this. However what it needs is a unit built into a cartridge that can scan the code and then use it in real Atari.
  3. Is it possible to have a bataribasic includes file? Seems like include files would be perfect for this...
  4. I really wanted to thank you. I was able to get this working... Thank you very much!!
  5. Is there away for bataribasic to send phrases to the atarivox without using the data statement? I would like to generate the phrases dynamically. Having to use the data statements requires the phrases to be hard coded. Ultimately what I want to do is create a program that can modify 6 or so variables each a speakerjet code and then send it to the AtariVox. With this I could try different combos until i got the sound I wanted. I have challeneges when it comes to creating the phrases and getting the results i want. This tool would greatly help me in that endeavor Thanks for your time and any help you can provide
  6. I got this game after seeing it on ZeroPage Homebrew. I love it!!! It appeals to my kitschy nature. What this games needs is a physicsal cartridge with a digital/LED display showing the amount of time it has been running.
  7. jeffry


    Does anyone have an atarivox for sale or know where I can get one???
  8. Thanks ! Now, how do I go about setting the breakpoint?
  9. Can Batari Basic read the cycle counts? What I would like is to run 2 subroutines then display a 1 or 2 depending on which one is faster and also display the differnce in the score. Then I could paste code into the 2 subroutines and compare them. So is something like this possible? and if so how do I read the cycles?
  10. Hello, I wanted to say thanks for this. About a week ago you replied to my question in another thread with a link to this post. I found this extremely beneficial. This helped me with a better solution than I had created for my collision struggle, In adition it helped me gain a little insight into creating my own asm file. Thanks!!!!
  11. @Random Terrain Thanks I had seen that program before in fact i modified it to measure and plot playfields. I just never thought about utilizing it in this context .. brainfart I guess... Thanks! P.S. I assume by your name you are the one with the similiarly named website.... SO THANK YOU again. you have given me unmeasurable guidence and help via that site. @kdgarris... Thanks.. I was hopping that not accounting for the REF was part of my problem but alas I screwed up elsewhere Thanks to Both of you!!!!
  12. I am trying to code my own colision detection. Everytime I think i have it ... I don't. I am hoping someone get help me get back on track. Suppose my player0 sprtie is a 8x8 square. If I set player0x = 50 & player0y = 50 which pixel of my sprite will be at coordinates 50,50? 123454678 a ######## b ######## c ######## d ######## e ######## f ######## g ######## h ######## Is a1? h1? a8? h8? Something else? Also how does using the REFP0 affect this? My code seems to me that everything looks correct yet it doesnt quite work. I believe if I can get a clear answer on which pixel is at the defined coordinate I can figure this out. Thanks for any help to set me straight.
  13. Thanks again!!! I was able to use the URL you gave to get my game working ... THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks! This looks promising. I was using DPC+ so I have to tweak a little but i think I can get this will work for me. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hello, Is there a way to set the pfcolors programmatically? (with variables instead of hard coding it) I would like to be able to change them based on variables in the game. Everything I try either doesn't compile or displays a puke color. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Is there any other commands I could use to achieve this effect? Thanks in advanced for any help or clues that might get me on the right path.
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