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  1. I'm using Classic99 and want to start an assortment of games and applications. I typed DIR, DIRECTORY and CATALOG but got an Invalid Command error.
  2. Can somebody tell me how to start a program from disk on a TI99/4A emulator? I typed in a few commands which might list the directory but got an error message.
  3. I found some good stuff but no User's Manual. Thank you.
  4. I am interested in this computer and want to see how it works. Where can I get the User's Manual for it? Also, where can I get a lot of applications for it online? I have one URL, but it is not too good.
  5. Floppy, all sizes, but a 40GB hard drive would be nice.
  6. Where can I find one? I have a program that can do the job, but I need to feed it one first.
  7. Thank you. Now, where can I find a C compiler for the TI99/4A? I prefer cross-platform, but TI99/4A-hosted is okay.
  8. Is the TI99/4A computer worth programming? Should I program it?
  9. I have a Win10/64 setup with the STEEM emulator and MSA Converter and want to install Lattice C on the emulator. The manual states that I need to label the install disks created to install the compiler. How do I do that?
  10. In text mode. I just want to change the screen colors in future projects, but I have nothing concrete yet.
  11. Can somebody give me a quick guide on setting the Atari screen colors in cc65, please? I read in the documentation that textcolor() and friends don't work.
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