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  1. Attached is one config file for my memory enhancement library. I don't have the actual code ready for use as I don't yet know how to fill the trailers. atarixl_small.cfg
  2. Okay. I'll kill the project. The purpose was to create a smaller library, not a faster library.
  3. I found it. Thanks! BTW, I could just use the Get Byte and Put Byte routines to access the screen/keyboard, right? How do I get a line of input from the user? I have an AltInput function to handle it but want one for SimpleIO.
  4. The purpose of my SimpleIO libraries is to provide as little extra processing of data as possible. It is meant as a more optimal version of printf() and other console I/O functions. The CBM version comes with binaries to test the included functions which are worth <1k per version. If it's not possible on the Atari 8 versions, just tell me, and I will stop working on it for now.
  5. I quickly looked at both docs. and didn't find the information.
  6. I thank you for the download. I already had the Mapping PDF but will soon look at the other download.
  7. Uhh...can somebody post a link to the info on the required CIO handlers online?
  8. I thank you for your response. I am new to the Atari 8 series and didn't know about the mentioned ROM issue. How can I get it to work on an Atari XL/XE?
  9. For those of you who use cc65 to program the Atari 800, I have a library called AtaSimpleIO. It is a library to handle text display and keyboard input. It is a minimal library that displays text with a minimum of processing. Basically, it calls the ROM directly. I don't remember the size of the Atari 8 version, but the CBM versions to test the code is worth <1k. You can get it at c65 additions - Manage /ui at SourceForge.net. I also have a new version of AltInput, which is a function to handle line input with a minimum of functionality, but I don't think it is online. Try it out!
  10. cc65's docs report a trailer. What's its format?
  11. Thank you, again. I am also working on a memory expansion for the Atari XL to load data into the extra RAM (Name?) and allow use of some of the OS's memory that are unused by cc65 programs. It currently works, but I need to add significant functionality to it, i.e. support of extra RAM in printf() and direct printing. I've been working on the Hidden64's (the C64 version of the library) free() function but have problems.
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