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  1. I grew up with a Commodore 64C but am interested in and want to work on other vintage platforms.
  2. The problem I'm having is not with the emulator but with the console being emulated. I don't like the graphics and sound.
  3. I'm complaining not about the performance of Stella--it works well on my Win10/64 laptop--but about the performance of the system being emulated. I have a few games and tried Mario Bros. I prefer the Apple 2, C64 and NES versions.
  4. I tried Stella. It works, but I don't like the Atari 2600's graphics and sound. And it seems to have only a few games. I don't think it's worth the effort.
  5. I have that. It should work, but I also want a decent emulation on Win98SE and DOS systems.
  6. Hi! Earlier today, I downloaded and tried the Z26 emulator on my Win10/64 laptop, and the games flew too fast. How do I slow it down to a realistic speed?
  7. I downloaded the assembler. One question: is there a version that works under DOS or Win98SE? I have a DOS laptop and a Win98SE mini-tower at my mother's house.
  8. It will provide functions to access any byte or word in expanded memory and process strings and sections of memory in almost the same way as regular memory.
  9. Simply create the folder and run the home.bat program. It will create the library.
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