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  1. You need to get these guys some Amico controllers ASAP!!
  2. There was another game console that was suppose to release in 2020 and was delayed into 2021. Playdate was supposed to be out a year ago, and now it should launch sometime in 2021. Honestly, I haven't heard anything about it or seen anything about its games, but it should still be coming. People were excited for it, and I guess they still are. Personally, I'm excited for Amico whenever it launches.
  3. @Tommy Tallarico Non Amico related question. Which game that you worked on are you the worst at playing? Just occurred to me that you've worked on some pretty challenging games. So which one challenges you the most?
  4. Too bad about Space Armada. If I can get Snafu and Night Stalker on one cartridge, I will definitely be picking up an Evercade. And yes... I know it takes a months right now to get anything out of China. It's the equivalent of trying to find a PS5 at the moment. Even when they say they have space available in two months, it's gone before you can even enter your information. I'm sure companies with massive shipments can secure space, but don't think they're getting a bulk discount. Those days are gone. Right now if you ask for anything less than 6 weeks out, they'll laugh at you. And even if you have reserved space, most lines are charging an extra $3000 per container just to confirm that spot. That's in addition to the normal charges. Then you factor in Chinese New Year and the backlog only increases. But I'm sure this will bore most people here, so I'll shut up now.
  5. Since Astrosmash, Frog Bog, and Night Stalker have already been confirmed, the ones that I'd love to see that would work well on Evercade are: Bowling Space Armada Snafu Shark! Shark! Really though, just having a system to play Night Stalker anywhere is worth it to me. The other titles I'd love to see, like Lock n' Chase are probably owned by other companies. The problem is that the Intellivision controller was so important for a lot of the games like B-17 Bomber and Baseball. On another note... For those worried about delays, I can say with some authority, that it isn't just acquiring the components that is going to be an issue, but shipping the product from China to anywhere is currently a big problem. Trying to get a booking for anything coming out of China right now is extremely difficult. The port of LA is so backed up at the moment that the steamship lines have decided to start reducing capacity to allow for the backlog to get cleared up. This then makes getting a booking even more challenging. It's a big, frustrating headache at the moment and while I hope it clears up soon, it's been like this for months and only getting worse.
  6. The Amico controller is ambidextrous, which Tommy highlights in the Astrosmash demo. So I guess there quite a few people who do care about it. I've never really given it much thought, but it is an interesting idea. Would I have been better at some of these games over the years if the D-pad was on the right? I don't know. I'm excited to get my Amico and find try it different ways.
  7. You might be right and in 10 years, this might be the way to go. But it just seems to me like they're going about it backwards. I think they're trying to go toe to toe with products like Xbox and PlayStation, but the tech just isn't there yet. I'm not going to be able to play a game in 4K and surround sound with the internet that I have. My datacap would stop me after 20 minutes. This may be the future of gaming, just like OnLive was a peak at the future, but it's not the "now" of gaming. It offers something that is supposed to be like what the other guys offer, but not as consistent. Music streaming was interesting long ago, but it wasn't until bandwidth speeds caught up to provide a consistent performance. If someone had created Spotify during the dial-up days, it would have failed miserably. I just think they would have been better to go with a different approach and start with simpler games and worked their way up. Like what if Nintendo had its Virtual Console that just worked with a Fire Stick or Roku? Simple games that would work really well even on poor internet connections, and the price of entry would be minimal. It would bring people into games that don't want to drop $500 for a console. Stadia is not exactly trying to go after casual gamers, but rather the hardcore audience. How is that working out for them?
  8. Stadia just makes no logical sense. It's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. It's cloud gaming that focuses on hard-core games with hi-fidelity graphics. This means it requires a really good, really fast and consistent internet connection. It doesn't have a lower cost of entry and the audience it's courting is the same audience that is falling over itself to buy a PS5/XBSX/Nvidia graphic cards. Why would they choose this over the alternative which provides them with what they want with fewer hassles? Now if Stadia took the INTV approach... I think they may have something. The games aren't as graphics intensive, so streaming them wouldn't take a ton of bandwidth. It could be used on various devices that people already own. All people would need to enter would be the price of a controller (maybe) and a monthly subscription of $8. People could sign up and just use their phones as controllers. It could offer a library of a family friendly games groups could play together. It could possibly make gaming easy and affordable to casual players. But that isn't the direction they went.
  9. https://blog.google/products/stadia/focusing-on-stadias-future-as-a-platform-and-winding-down-sge/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FMKuf+(The+Keyword+|+Official+Google+Blog) Looks like one less competitor INTV will have to worry about. Sure, Google today is saying that they're not just focusing on third-party but they're in it for the long haul. We all know that means Stadia is on its deathbed and will be closed up any day now. Seriously though... has Phil Harrison EVER been at the head of a successful console launch? I remember him launching the PS3, and then the Xbox One, and now Stadia.
  10. @Tommy Tallarico Since this is a QA thread, I finally have a question that I don't believe has been answered, and is Amico related. You've alluded to the possibility of games being played with two controllers. Is it safe to assume that those controllers could also be mobile phones? If I'm playing one of those games, could one of the controllers be the Amico controller and the other be my iPhone? Or could you use two phones?
  11. The one QT film I actually like is True Romance. I don't know if people consider it a true QT film, as Tony Scott took that mess of a screenplay and turned it into something worth watching. It does have a bit of the shock factor violence, but probably one of Tarrantino's better films.
  12. Great video. Great looking game, and amazing music. I love it. One of the smaller things that I really enjoyed in this video, even though it was sort of in the background, was what was being shown on the controller at different times. It looked like in the main menu, you could use the controller to choose how the games were sorted. Then in the game, your score was shown on the controller. That was some very cool stuff and I'd love to see more of that. Happy New Year to all of the Intellivision Family!
  13. I was also going to comment on the music. Sounds amazing and epic. And this game is going to be included for free in every Amico? Amazing.
  14. From my family, to everyone in the Intellivision Family, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  15. That was great. Thanks for that! And where has @Michael Garvey gone off to?
  16. What was unachievable about the deadline? Maybe I don't know all the details, but it seems like they were making a Linux box with off the shelf parts tucked into a case that looked like an old Atari 2600. If they put as much effort into their product as they did their website (which I think is very slick), then it seems like it should have been very achievable.
  17. It's fine... They knew the game was broken, which is why they didn't let anyone play it before it launched. They thanked the 8 million people who bought it, and then issued an apology saying they knew it was crap and you shouldn't have bought it. But don't worry, hopefully by February it will be playable. What was that I was saying about TRUST and value??
  18. I keep seeing things like this, or along the lines that gaming is a very expensive hobby. Maybe I'm not doing it right, because for me games have never been cheaper. I think my advantage is that I don't need to buy big, expensive games when they first release. I'm ok with waiting a few years when they're put on sale for a ridiculously cheap price, or even given away for free as a perk in PS+. I think my mentality for this goes back to when I was a broke college student and could only afford games that cost $20 or less. Looking at the rack of games, I didn't know what was new or a few years old. I looked to see if my PC could play it, and discovered a lot of gems on my thrifty budget. I can't tell you the last time I paid $60 or more for a game. And I don't feel like I've been left out of anything. I don't play online, so season passes or things like that don't mean a lot to me. My daughter plays Fortnite occasionally with her friends, and I think to date she has spent a total of $10 over the last few years. In a lot of ways, gaming has never been cheaper. So if I'm so frugal with my gaming dollars, why did I pre-order two Amicos? Tommy always talks about "value and trust." I see a lot of value in Amico. Intellivision has been very open about what you're getting for your money, and I personally think that what you get for the money is a great deal. I also know the team behind it, and I trust them. I'm not sure they'll get everything right at launch, but as open as the team has been about its development, I have high confidence that it will be great at launch... and even better in the future.
  19. Tommy, you might want to check your phone service. It now dials to a telemarketing company. "Is someone in your household 50 years of age or older? If so, press 1." Maybe I'll try later in the day when you're at your desk. 😆
  20. You guys aren't offering the standard "40 years or 400,000 hours played" warranty? Dang it.
  21. @Tommy Tallarico Quick question. My OG Intellivision is acting up and now only displays "EEEE D DD" when I put a game in. Can I still call the toll-free number on the bottom of the console for help? Or I could call collect at the California number. Or maybe you guys have updated the number? Thanks a TON!
  22. I don't watch a lot of YouTube videos, but this one was EXCELLENT!! I highly recommend it.
  23. That's actually not a bad idea. When you go to a store looking for a TV, it's hard to find one that is fine-tuned for gamers. If Gamestop carried a small selection of TVs that made the most out of the new consoles, it'd make shopping a lot easier. Just don't know how they'd keep inventory for such large items.
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