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  1. I ordered a new blaster and this one is actually branded Altera and worked. So now I'm running core 41. Thanks guys.
  2. I'm trying to update the firmware in my EclaireXL. The Blaster I have is the one included with it. I've installed Quartus and have tried using those drivers, the system crashes. I've tried a few from the web, no good. Who has or knows of a good driver?
  3. The driver for the USB blaster is crashing my computer. I've searched around for the correct driver and so far no luck. It may be that this USB Blaster is not compatable with the drivers. It's strange as others have used it. The Quartus drivers don't work nor do the ones that Windows 10 wants to use. So I never get the Start button to become active.
  4. OK, I'm having trouble with Quartus. I have the USB blaster installed, driver updated, Eclaire turned on, cables hooked up but Quartus won't let me start the flash. BTW, should I be using atari800core_eclairexlv3.jic with a older style purple V3.0 (not a mini). Help!
  5. To be safe I guess I'll just download in the Intel stuff and delete it when I am finished. Thanks!
  6. Do I really have to download this Intel Quadratus package to flash the firmware? It's 2+ gigs of space and it's like signing up for a home loan, even the free edition. Is there something else that can be used?
  7. I hooked it back up to VGA and did F11....SUCCESS!! It's got core 20 I think so I will flash later today. thanks a million guys!!
  8. I did try setting the video but no effect. I'll start downloading the 2gig intel software to flash the core.
  9. I purchased one of the purple V3 boards early this year (I think) and life got in the way of me actually using it. So now I'm trying to get it to boot. Here's what I have: Monitor: Lilliput HDMI video monitor connected via HDMI cable SDcard: 2gb, set up according to the video instructions Power: 3amp USB wall wart USB wireless keyboard When powered on, there is no video output. I tried it via VGA on another monitor and the same result occurred. I get the red, yellow and blue LEDs lit but no other signs of life. I did try it without the SDcard and it made no difference. Hopefully this is just me doing something wrong...any advise?
  10. STeSearcher


  11. Received my board yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting it hooked up!
  12. I'm glad this offer was posted to Facebook or I'd never gotten one!! I only stop by here very infrequently.
  13. Does the US version of the Falcon work in the UK? Does it adjust for PAL? Or is that only for machines that use a TV?
  14. Probably so. I visited your website and it's very cool.
  15. I paid $700 for the thing back in 2006 but I'd take $550 for it now. I'm surprised there's not more interest...has the community dwindled away to that extent?
  16. I have a Atari Falcon for sale with 14megs of ram and a toshiba hd in it. It looks like it has a 1 gig drive in it but I am not sure. I bought this back in 2006 off of epay and basically just installed Geneva and Neodesk on it and then put it back in the box. The cover screws were missing when I bought it but I might be able to find some in my other atari stuff. I will throw in all my old Atari magazines as they need a good home too. I also have a IDE to CF adapter from steve tucker which will get thrown in. I like this machine but I use my MEGA STE and it's a shame for the Falcon to languish in a box. The top cover is broken on a seam (see pics) and the drive plate is loose. But it works fine. PM me with offers and we'll see what we can do. I will admit I probably paid too much for it back then so I don't really expect to get that back. If additional photos are needed, just ask. THIS IS ON HOLD PENDING NEGOTIATIONS.
  17. Put me down for 2 quality boards please. I now have to go find the thread with the description of this!
  18. Ok, this is getting ugly. I am away from my position as lead Lurker for a couple of weeks and all this happens?? Wow. Steer back onto the road.....
  19. Is there a cost estimate yet? How many gifts do I have to return to afford this upgrade?
  20. I'll have to take the cover off and see what's blown. I have a buddy who repaired TV's before they all when digital (with plug in replacement boards, no component level repairs), I bet he could fix it or at least make sure it's discharged. I found my PS3000 power supply but I hesitate to plug it in.....
  21. My SC1224 monitor made a "pop" and then the magic smoke came out. Best I can tell, my Mega STE is ok. The whole lot has been in storage for four years while we relocated....I was worried that the ancient HD in the STE wouldn't work but it did and things seemed ok. I have a PS3000 monitor but the power supply is missing (still in storage). Is it a normal Atari power supply with more wires in the plug?? Wow though, exploring Neodesk 4 again and running a few games was fun while it lasted. I've got to get an adapter so I can use a LCD monitor. Got some magic smoke I can borrow?
  22. I purchased a 7800 with a controller and Pole Position II from Kevin. The packing job was amazing with everything wrapped and double wrapped and peanuts to boot! I could not be happier!!!
  23. Would the directions for this mod be the same for the 1200XL as the 800XL?
  24. Yeah, I made my peace with the search function and finally found the sticky at the top of the section (oops) and immediately took the keyboard apart. I had found that if I pressed really hard on the keys, I could make them work. The self test comes back good on everything except the keys. I see that the keyboard fix topic mentions "Goof Off", I have "Goo Gone" isn't that mostly the same thing?? I worked on removing the mylar briefly but the white plastic film wanted to come off so I stopped for tonight. I guess I just have to work it off of there as best as I can.
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