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  1. Exhibit A for why I don't do crowdfunding. Once they get your money, they can treat you as bad as they want, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  2. Which would be a completely understandable explanation if the system had been seen in the wild and has been playing by non-Atari employees. The Polymega is a good example of this. Regardless of whatever issues they are having, it seems to be a real product.
  3. We'll be using Indiegogo instead. Any signs of progress are "for illustrative purposes only."
  4. Sounds like an interesting idea for a VCS launch title. In the game, you and your friends are white knights fighting against the wicked troll monster with your pitchforks to defend the honor of the French damsel in distress. At the end of the game, there's a big reveal: There is no troll monster. You're delusional, and the whole time the "giant trolls" you've been fighting were playground equipment. As the cops haul you off to jail for destroying a slide, you see your damsel in distress point and laugh at you. It is then you realize the whole time she was manipulating your emotions for fun while she worked out a deal to open hotels. Seems like a winner!
  5. Sheesh, Karl. Have a Snickers or lay off the PCP. Half the people in the group are Atari Agers.
  6. That's interesting. Thanks to this thread, I watched some videos of the game and thought it looked kinda cool. Kinda gives off a G1 Transformers vibe.
  7. But what kind of morons would pay money for that license? If the whole hotel was video game themed, and you had different floors dedicated to different themes, an Atari/general retro area would be kinda cool. But the whole hotel? Not a chance
  8. In all honesty, is there a market for an Atari themed hotel? If it was Nintendo, absolutely. Most gamers today weren't even alive the last time Atari was truly relevant.
  9. Based on some of their past interviews, it's pretty likely the social media intern doesn't know. They're recycling posts again on Facebook. I don't think the person making the posts gets paid to do anything other than "generate buzz" by making posts.
  10. Coincidentally, I'm about to pound down some REAL Mexican food. Doesn't get more authentic than Chipotle!
  11. If they brought back the great Sega franchises and brought Camelot on board to make a real Shining game, I'd be thrilled. When it comes to software, Sega is an absolute garbage factory.
  12. Worse. It looks like you're banned from their forums
  13. Honestly, probably never. The Google Stadia had a degree of hype around it. It's still a polarizing system. Go to the Reddit page, and there are people who love it. There are plenty of other people who dislike it for some reason or another. If/when the Atari VCS launches, I think it will be like the release of Shen Mue 3. The die hard fans will be ecstatic, it will be a top story for some gaming sites, but for most of the gaming world, it will be a collective yawn. Stadia's downfall is interesting because Google is attached. If people are unhappy with a crowdfunded system that limped its it's way out to backers and was released by a relatively unknown group of people who bought an IP that was last popular when most gamers weren't even alive... well... that's not really news. It's about as shocking as the latest 2K game being full of predatory microtransactions. I think the die hards will either be legitimately happy or won't voice their disappointment. Those backers who are upset probably won't be a news story.
  14. This is amazing. Might as well log off the internet for the rest of the day. Nothing is going to top this.
  15. There's not really much new to say about the VCS at the moment, other than the sinking realization this thing is being delayed. Like a third world dictator, when things are going badly in-house, just make wild accusations against external forces to distract the people.
  16. I think duct taping an SNES Jr. into a Jaguar shell is pretty hard to top. I'm just hoping the Polymega pulls through.
  17. The green is amazing, and I won't eat a burrito without it. Gotta know your limits though.
  18. A simple suggestion, but you aren't here to do anything other than provoke the ban hammer.
  19. I really don't care how you spend your money. I suggested a PC might be a better option for you. If that bothers you that much, you need a taco more than I thought. I'm more concerned about a company that is ripping unsuspecting people off. Yes, people here have mentioned Fred's nationality, and will continue to do so. It's juvenile, but all in good fun. This group has a bizarre sense of humor, unlike the Supporters Facebook page, which is an absolute pit of despair.
  20. :complains about wild assumptions, then proceeds to make wild assumptions about xenophobia. If you can put aside your preconceived notions, you'll see it's not Fred's nationality that bothers us, but his complete lack of ethics. Your brand loyalty has blinded you to the fact he's jerking you guys around. To some extent, you guys already know this, which is why dissent is either shouted down or banned from your group. You getting a console you enjoy isn't going to hurt anyone's feelings, the smug, pompous attitude of certain backers like yourself is the real show.
  21. Well, maybe simply buying a new PC would be a better option for you. I don't know if Steam works on Linux, but if you need to pay for Windows, that's an extra cost, to say nothing of the hard drive you'll have to buy. This really doesn't seem that cost effective, especially for the performance, and just plain hassle that comes with it.
  22. That looks nothing like my mom's basement.
  23. Somehow because it's crowdfunding, that gives Atari a blank check to certain backers not to keep promises. Even if Atari just cancelled the project altogether, you'd have people saying Atari did nothing wrong, because that's the risk of crowdfunding.
  24. I'm not buying one until I see Atari's greatest game of all time: Guardians of the Hood running natively on it.
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