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  1. I had a typo error the labels are ds0 and ds1. DS1 appears to be connected.
  2. The drive will not read a disk nor can it be formatted. It appears to be trying to read and format otherwise.
  3. I have been trying to figure out how my 3.5 drive is set and I found three solder points in triangle arrangement two are labeled DS1 & DS2; there is a connector between DS1 and unlabeled point. Is the likely jumper that needs to be changed?
  4. I want to find Omniview XL/XE so I can flash it to a U1MB drive where do I go?
  5. I was obviously on the wrong website, I was here http://a8preservation.com!.What is the link to the archived files?
  6. How do I download a file from the preserved software list to a SD or micro SD?
  7. When the 1050 is drive 1 and the 3.5 is drive 2,the 1050 works perfectly. I boot MYDOS 4.3 then I try to read the directory of D2. The 3.5 spins makes some slow beeps as if the drive is trying to read a disk. After several seconds I get ERROR 144. The same thing happens when I attempt to format D2. I am not using a new board, I wanted to make sure I had a good 3.5 before I tried it on a new board. Tomorrow I plan to open up my PC and see if there is a way to hook up a 3.5. If so I could maybe test the 3.5.
  8. If the switch on the 3.5 is set to anything other that zero, the drive does not respond at all and the disk never spins up and the light does not come on except briefly at power on.
  9. This drive has a 4 position switch on the side that shows a 0 on one end and a 3 on the other. I would suspect that it could be assigned as drive 1-4 or 0-3. When I place the switch in position 0 and set the Atari switch to drive 1. The drive attempts to boot and says BOOT?err16 on the screen. If I set the Atari switch to drive2, and a 5.25 drive as drive 1 when I attempt to read the directory or to format the disk, I get a few slow beeps for several seconds and then error 144.
  10. Why would I want it to be drive 0,I don't have any 3.5 diskettes that are bootable?
  11. I have the drive set to drive 2, when I attempt to format drive two, the drive spins up and appears to be trying to perform an action and I get an error 144.
  12. I have just finished putting together a 551PCB with a 3.5 drive using the HYPER-B IC. Problem is that the drive won't read or format a disk. I know the disk is OK because I could read it and save to it with a PC. It is not an HD disk. I don't know if the problem could be my homebrewed ribbon cable or if the heads need cleaning. It looks like cleaning the heads could be a major operation. Can I do that through the disk opening or do I need to take the drive cover off. Any other troubleshooting ideas would be welcome.
  13. Here are some pictures of the PCB. The lettering on the PCB calls for a 1770. Another of my 551s has a 1772 but the PCB still calls for a 1770/
  14. If someone would come up with a way to use the USB powered 3.5 floppy in the 551, 354, or 314 case they would have an idea that might really have some sales potential. You could fit two of them into one 1050, 551, 314, or 354 case. You could probably even make it fit inside the case of a 1200XL.
  15. The 1770 IC had already been removed from the old PCB. I removed it to use on one of the new boards but now I think I will get a 1772. Best has them.
  16. I just noticed that the parts list has a WD1772ph disk controller. My 551 has a WD1770 disk controller. Does anyone know what the difference is?
  17. I actually meant 24 pin b ecause on of the previous posts called for a 24 pin. I have already installed a 28 pin socket so I would prefer to use the 28 pin eprom and install the jumpers.
  18. Does "get" mean download? Do I need to be hooked up by USB2PC or some similar process?
  19. Planning to install a U1MB in a 1200XL. I would like to have Omniview 80, and 130XE as two of the OSes available. Anyone have an idea for a "GOT TO HAVE" OS.
  20. I believe I have read that the U1MB has 4 possible OSes. Are the pre determined, if not how do I go about getting it programmed with the OSes that I would like to have?
  21. Since I don't have EPROM burner, where could I get a 14 pin EPROM with Basic C ?
  22. Can you install a U1MB in a 1200XL? I didn't see anything on Lothorek's website.
  23. I appreciate what you have done with the board development. I don't understand why you want to shoot down my effort to populate it with all new parts. If I could do that I could convert a 3.5 into an Atari 3.5 without the need of an existing XF551.
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