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  1. I don't think the problem is with the keyboard, I used two different keyboards with similar results. Also, sometimes when I press the OPTION key I get random letters and characters displayed on the screen.
  2. It is obvious that I should should check out my OPTIONs.
  3. It went to self-test when I typed BYE. I ran the memory test and everything was green. I rebooted with OPTION pressed and it went to self test like it should. I decided to let it run the self test continuously for a while.
  4. I am working on a 800XL that doesn't go to self test when I boot while pressing OPTION. Any ideas of the possible cause.
  5. Two 800XLs and two 130XEs. I plan to do the SV2.1 and memory upgrades on all of them.
  6. Where is the best source of the xx64 memory chips?
  7. This is totally unrelated to the topic but I started trouble shooting another 600XL and ever IC that I checked (about 10, all of the large one and a few of the smaller) was bad. Then I noticed that one of the posts on the power switch had some damage. It looks someone made contact with that post and a live wire at the same time. Must have been working with the power on or at least with the power connected. I suspect that every component on the board is fried.
  8. If I install the din connector and do nothing else to the board, should I be able get composite video?
  9. I don't normally have any trouble either, I have completely socketed a 130XE with no problems but that 600XL just gave me a lot of problems.
  10. Thanks for the pictures. I set everything up like the pictures and I still could not get a luma connection. I believe I must have lifted a trace somewhere as I was desoldering some of the components. I went ahead and installed a UAV and everything works exactly as it should. I will post pictures of the UAV installation tomorrow. I may try the SV 2.1 on another 600XL but it sure is a lot of work compared to the UAV and the 600XL boards seem to be very low quality compared to the 800XL boards. I think I had three or four solder rings come off when I was removing components. I lose one on an 800XL almost never.
  11. I have just attempted to upgrade a 600XL with the SuperVideo 2.1 mod. I must say that it was the most difficult Atari mod I have ever attempted, mostly due the extremely confined working conditions. I apparently don't have a Luma signal. The SV 2.1 instructions say to run a wire from the junction of R123 & R124 to pin 1 of the DIN. I have done this and my video display is a colorful unstable picture that resembles an old time TV picture that had the horizontal and vertical hold out of adjustment. It is the same picture I get from my 800Xl when I disconnect the luma cable. I noticed that the mods in this article say to run a wire from the emitter post of a transistor. I don't know which post is the emitter. Any help would be appreciated. PS I think my next 600XL mod will be with a UAV.
  12. I tried one mechanical and two mylar and got the same result. I will try cleaning the contacts and check the ICs. I forgot to mention that before the unresponsiveness started, when I turned it acted as if a key had been pressed and had gotten stuck. That led to the disassembly of the computer and checking other keyboards. The stuck key effect didn't happen again.
  13. I have an 800XL that does not respond to keyboard inputs for ESC, and the 1-6 keys. I thought I had a bad mylar but I tried two different mylars and a mechanical keyboard. When I used the mylars and the keyboard on a different computer, everything worked as it should. Where do I start my search for the problem?
  14. Here are more pictures. I had to drill two holes in the PCB to make it fit and be secure.
  15. I will attempt to attach some pictures of my first successful attempt. I had do some modifications to the case and I also used some wood strips as spacers. I used the wood because I needed to elevate the drive by 1/4 of an inch and I have the carpentry tools to get spacing pretty exact. I will use a file to smooth out the opening for the drive selector. I wish I hadn't used a case that was chipped. I did it because I didn't know if I would be able to make everything work and I didn't want to ruin a good case.
  16. Thanks for the information, I will try to get that done in the next week or two.
  17. I don't have anything yet and I definitely don't have any files. I could probably come up with a mock up in a couple of weeks. If I actually knew anything about 3D printing I could probably get the job done locally.
  18. Does anyone know where I or anyone else could get something 3D printed from a prototype or a sketch. I don't have the knowledge to make a print file but I could make a prototype out of cardboard or wood and I could also make a detailed sketch. What I am interested in making is a set of panels to glue to the front and back of a SF315/354 case so I could install a standard 3.5 floppy in those cases and have them look like they belong in the case.
  19. Check out this thread. IDEA:External Atari ST drive transformed to 8-bit (XF551 internals).
  20. An Atari SF354 disk drive, I believe I can convert this one to an 8-bit drive.
  21. I just realized that I have been using .1uf 50V multi layer capacitors where I should have been using .1uf 100V multi layer capacitors. I have done this on three boards and they are performing well. Does anyone know what effect will this have on the long term life of the board and should I replace them all?
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