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  1. Hi All is working perfeclty now... i change my usb port from front to rear of the computer and it works better... Flashback didn't seems to work with the skunk, have someone test it? Thanks
  2. after flashing a pd rom on bank 1 i have success to place a commercial rom on bank 2... i don't understand ;-(
  3. no it's not this game, i put 2 commercial games on the 2 bank the first time and it works, now when i want to put new roms it don't work...
  4. Hi I have bought skunkboard from zillion at sellmyretro... I received it and tested it with skunkgui... i upload in bank 1 and bank 2 two games rom It working like a charm But sinds i want to flash a new rom to bank 1 or 2 and i always have the rainbow screen and nothing happens... or after the rainbow i have black screen with some yellow strips and after a red screen In the output log, it said "unauthorized you must flash a different rom to proceed", i try different rom but nothing change... The driver are correctly installed and i can reset the skunkboard by clicking on the skunkgui interface... Can you help me? Thanks
  5. hi i finally can load music cd without problem... the central spindle has moved during the shipping... i raise the spindle a little with a flat headed screw driver and after some testings it finally works... the cd always spin when i turn on the console... thanks to all for helping must test a game now
  6. Hi I bought a jaguar cd from ebay. A reliable seller with good rating... He said his jaguar cd works like a charm, with a new optical lens... But i cannot use it because the cd don't spin :-( the cartridge port works perfectly but the cd don't spin... some rare times it spin a little but seems to be slowed by something... Something weird, if i turn on the jaguar cd with the tray open, sometimes it spin without problem but can't launch the cd... The seller say me : - to clean the contact pin from my jaguar (not the jaguar cd) (how to clean it ? the seller say to use this : https://www.sosav.be/store/consommables/324-bouteille-d-agent-desoxydant-60-ml.html ) - check the optical lens to see if it did'nt move during the shipping (but how?) Any ideas guys? Thanks for helping.
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