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  1. I bought a bunch of assorted games. Austin was easy to make a deal with, and everything was packed very well and arrived in excellent condition.
  2. I bought a handful of 2600 games from masschamber and they were packed well and arrived quickly.
  3. Add to NJ: Next Level Videogames - 1031 Little Gloucester Rd, Blackwood, NJ 08012 - (856)-401-0011 - http://nlvideogames.com/
  4. What I want most: -Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine for the N64. Either a loose box, or complete in box I would take. I mainly want a very good condition box. -Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - near mint, complete in box What I have: -Bust-a-move for the NGPC. It's the rare US plastic clamshell case version instead of the cardboard box. I would like to trade that for either Zelda game for the N64 complete in box and in very good/near mint condition. -Sonic Adventure LE for DC in mint condition. It's complete with everything. I think this is only the second time I have ever used the word "mint" to describe the condition of something I was selling/trading. -Ikari Warriors 2600 - factory sealed, near mint condition -Crack'd - CGE Reproduction -Entity - CGE Reproduction -Looping - CGE Reproduction -Pokemon Center New York branded Gold GBA system I will probably only bring this stuff if someone expresses interest before I leave Thursday morning.
  5. Late Saturday night my friends convinced me to go to this CGE. I am looking very forward to the event and hope to meet many new faces this year.
  6. Huge update, most items (everything below) pending local sale: Meltdown - cart only - $15 Medieval Mayhem (homebrew) - cart & manual - $20 Stacker (homebrew) - cart only - $25 255-in-1 Sean Kelly Menu-driven Multicart - cart only - $75 Boxed Complete Games: (Most of these are in very good shape, though some show more wear and have price stickers, etc. Inquire for specific conditions or more pictures) Alien - Complete in box - $25 Fantastic Voyage - Boxed, missing manual - $12 Title Match Pro Wrestling - Complete in box - $10 Racquetball - Complete in box - $5 32-in-1 (PAL) - Loose in Telegames box [PAL Exclusive] - $10 Asteroids - New in box (minor water damage) - $3 Dark Chambers - Factory sealed - $10 Desert Falcon - Complete in box - $10 Fatal Run (PAL) - Factory Sealed [PAL Exclusive game] - $15 Flag Capture - New in box (minor water damage) - $3 Gravitar - Factory sealed - $10 Missile Command - New in box (minor water damage) - $1 Missile Command - Complete in box (minor crushing) - $1 Othello - New in box (minor water damage) - $2 Taz - Factory sealed - $15 Xenophobe (PAL) - Complete in box (minor crushing) - $10 London Blitz - Complete in box - $35 Open, Sesame! - Sesam, Öffne Dich (PAL) - Complete in box - $5 Journey Escape - Complete in box - $6 Winter Games - Complete in box - $5 My Golf (PAL) - Complete in box [PAL Exclusive game] - $10 Star Voyager - Factory sealed (minor crushing) - $5 Burgertime - Factory sealed - $12 Kool-Aid Man - Complete in box (some crushing) - $12 Super Challenge Baseball - Factory sealed - $3 Strawberry Shortcake - Factory Sealed - $7 Treasure Discovery - Kampf um die Schatzinsel (PAL) - Complete in box [PAL Exclusive game] - $12 Pick & Pile (PAL) - Complete in box [PAL Exclusive game] - $6 Baseball - Boxed (no manual) - moderate wear - $2 Tank-Plus - Complete in box, gatefold - $3 Star Trek - New in box - $25 China Syndrome - Complete in box - $20 Communist Mutants From Space - Factory sealed - $15 Bump 'n Jump - Complete in box (Telegames) - $10 Glacier Patrol (PAL) - Complete in box - $10 Quest for Quintana Roo - Complete in box (Telegames) - $10 Universal Chaos (PAL) - Complete in box - $15 Cosmic Creeps - Complete in box (color standard) - $10 Commando Raid - Complete in box - $4 Space Jockey - Complete in box - $4 Word Zapper - Complete in box - $4
  7. Shipping not included in the prices, I will only charge actually shipping as charged by USPS. Minimum purchase of $15 please. Paypal preferred, USPS money order also accepted. Please ask if you have any questions. See here for what I would be interested in trading for. (mainly the bolded items) These loose carts are in very good to near mint condition: Cracke'd - CGE reproduction w/ box & manual - $40 Entity - CGE reproduction w/ box & manual - $40 Looping - CGE reproduction w/ box & manual - $40 Swordquest Waterworld - cart only - $65 Crazy Climber - cart only - $65 Berenstain Bears - factory sealed - $175 Here are my more common loose carts I am getting rid of: All carts below with no price are $1 Sears Text Label: 3D Tic Tac Toe - $3 Adventure - $2 Arcade Pinball Asteroids Backgammon Blackjack Bowling - $2 Breakaway IV Canyon Bomber - $2 Capture - $2 Chase Circus Dare Diver - $6 Football Golf Math - $3 Maze Maze Mania - $2 Memory Match - $4 Missile Command (no end label) Night Driver PENDING Poker Plus - $3 Pong Sports - $2 Race Slots - $2 Soccer Space Combat Space Invaders Speedway II Spelling - $3 Super Breakout Superman - $4 Target Fun Target Fun Warlords Sears Picture Label: Arcade Pinball - $5 Berzerk Breakaway IV - $2 Defender Defender Demons to Diamonds - $2 Dodger Cars - $8 Haunted House - $3 Outer Space Pac-Man Space Invaders Speedway II Star Raiders Yar's Revenge Atari Text Label: "11" Indy 500 "21" Video Olympics Baseball Bowling Breakout Canyon Bomber Casino Combat Football Golf Hangman Homerun Indy 500 Maze Craze Night Driver Outlaw Sky Diver Space Invaders Street Racer Superman Video Chess Others: Breakout [Yellow label] - $4 Code Breaker [Picture label] (no end label) Space Invaders [Red label] - $3 Mario Bros [silver label] (Atari Corp, I think?) - $2 Atlantis [Text label] Demon Attack [Text label] Star Voyager [Text label] Trick Shot [Text label] Fast Food - $3 Space Cavern (sticker on cart back, fair/poor condition) Ice Hockey (Taiwan Cooper, I think?) Winter Games [7800] - $3
  8. A few more things sold. Weekend bump!
  9. I added 2600 reproductions & homebrews I completely forgot about this, I apologize. I just put a reminder in my phone to take pictures this evening.
  10. I just saw this now. I will get a picture of everything later this evening.
  11. I'm moving into a new apartment and need to make space. I will charge actual cost for shipping. Paypal gift preferred, but not required. 2600 Games: (prices are what I paid, or less) Cracke'd - CGE Reproduction w/ box & manual - $40 Entity - CGE Reproduction w/ box & manual - $40 Looping - CGE Reproduction w/ box & manual - $40 Meltdown - Reproduction - Cart only - $15 Medieval Mayhem (Homebrew) - Cart & Manual - $20 Stacker (Homebrew) - Cart only - $25 255-in-1 Sean Kelly Menu-driven Multicart - Cart only - $75
  12. I sold him a cartridge he needed for his collection and he was a pleasure to sell to. Fast payment & great communication.
  13. Vectorman0


    I sold Stan three Atari carts and he was a pleasure to deal with. Great communication and fast payment.
  14. Actionauts was mentioned previously in this thread. Stacker has a thread in the Homebrew forums with some WIP ROM's. I'm sure one is close to the final version, or the final version is actually there.
  15. Actionauts is the only one I can think of that has not already been mentioned.
  16. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300393406658 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 310198542334 I'm sure those two were bought from riffraff for $80 shipped total. :thumbsdown:
  17. If you are patient, you can definitely get those that you mentioned for under $20.
  18. I'm sure he would cut it in half for you for the low additional cost of $100.
  19. I would buy a 7800 cart from you on day one. Actually, I would buy any SD capable cartridge for any system. The Harmony cart is just *that* good, that I would want that experience on the other systems. And if you can pull it off on the 2600, I think you can do it on pretty much anything. While the coleco and 5200 carts do exists, they require software to load ROMS. It can be a pain, especially for those without the right type of operating system. While I understand you don't want to step on anyone's toes, SD capable 5200 and Coleco carts would be amazing. What I would really like to see is an Atari 8-bit cart that can run all cartridge ROMs off of an SD card. Atarimax has something new for the 8-bit as well, but it seemed like a big hassle to flash, and it was fairly limited in space.
  20. This is an Xbox 360 Live Arcade game that was released last summer. Besides the fact it's a very fun game, what really caught my attention was the simplicity of the controls. Left and Right for movement and a single button to explode - only three buttons in total. It's easier for me to link you to a video than to try to properly describe the gameplay: There would need to be moving platforms, explosive barrels, turrets, switches and scientists to stay true to the original. Looking at the gameplay video, do you think this game is reasonably possible to program for the 2600?
  21. Here is my personal list, it's probably missing a few games. Fatal Run Atari Klax Atari Bobby is Going Home Bit Corporation Mission 3,000 A.D. Bit Corporation Mr. Postman Bit Corporation Snail Against Squirrel Bit Corporation Mazy Match ("Unknown Datatech Game 2") Datatech Astrowar Dimax Challenge Funivision Inca Gold Funivision Time Warp Funivision My Golf HES Asteroid Fire Home Vision Base Attack Home Vision Frisco Home Vision Go Go Home Monster (No cartridge exists) Home Vision Lily Adventure Home Vision Panda Chase Home Vision Parachute Home Vision Racing Car Home Vision Ski Hunt Home Vision Sky Alien Home Vision Topy Home Vision Wall Break Home Vision World End Home Vision X'Mission Home Vision Wing War Imagic Dancing Plate Puzzy Open Sesame Puzzy Phantom Tank Puzzy Sea Monster Puzzy Space Tunnel Puzzy Acid Drop Salu Ghostbusters II Salu Pick & Pile Salu Dice Puzzle Sancho Exocet Sancho Forest Sancho Nightmare Sancho Seahawk Sancho Skindiver Sancho Dragon Defender Suntek Motocross Suntek Ski Run Suntek Nuts Technovision Pharaoh's Curse Technovision Save Our Ship Technovision Missile Control Video Gems Mission Survive Video Gems Steeple Chase Video Gems Surfer's Paradise: But Danger Below! Video Gems Treasure Below Video Gems
  22. Is there any possibility of getting S-Video/composite output for Colecovision games on the board as well, for situations where a component ready device is not available? I'm contemplating reserving one, I'm just not sure I want to commit to buying this yet.
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