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  1. Yes, I am asking $65 for the boxed, like new controller. I think the price is fair, and if no one else does, I don't mind keeping it. I've always wanted to use it, but it's just too pretty.
  2. Shipping not included Paypal preferred Trades welcome, see bottom for my want list I have many references that can be found on Digital Press, Neo-Geo Forums and ebay Neo Geo Pocket/Color: (All complete, near mint) Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus (English black and white) - $100 King of Fighters R-1 (English black and white) - $50 Soreike! Hanafuda Dojo (Japanese) - $100 Mizuki Shigeru's Ghost Photo Gallery (Japanese) - $70 Vectrex: Complete: (Box, Manual, Cart, Cart Tray and Overlay/Sleeve or accessory where applicable) Controller - $65 (near mint, appears unused) Clean Sweep - $20 Cosmic Chasm - $20 Fortress of Narzod - $30 (rips in box) (Hold) Solar Quest - $20 Star Hawk - $20 Boxed: (Box, cart and cart try, more if noted by game) Scramble (also has overlay and overlay sleeve, only missing manual) - $15 Cart only: (With overlay where noted) Armor Attack (with overlay) - $10 (hold) Hyperchase (with overlay) - $10 (hold) Spike (with overlay) - $10 (hold) Star Trek (with overlay) - $10 Vectrex Pictures: Boxed games in Very Good condition Boxed games in good condition (worse condition than the above games) Controller opened up to see contents loose carts and overlays ---------------- Want list: Atari 2600: Any games I don't have - Here is a list of needed carts (cart only preferred) S-Video modified console Supercharger (games for this are also welcome) 3rd Party Joysticks (besides Gemsticks) Any other interesting stuff I may also be interested in inexpensive homebrews Books: Psych-o-pedia Game Over Phoenix Old DP guides Any others I do not own (let me know what you have) Thanks for looking
  3. Wasn't this one released at some point in the past as well as a small run at last year's CGE? Stonic sold 10 or 15 he built at CGE07, maybe there were more but that is all I know of.
  4. Meltdown is one of my personal favorites. I don't think the visuals are emulated properly either, though the gameplay stays intact.
  5. Good Traders ianoid phil_vr Good Sellers CPUWIZ Good Buyers Zwackery
  6. I'm curious what the Cosmic Commuter sold for. I wanted to make an offer, but am relatively new to collecting 2600 and wasn't sure what they go for. If you wouldn't mind divulging that info, please let me know!
  7. The top tape was cut open so one of the cardboard flaps could be opened to view the contest, but nothing else was touched, and it is still essentially new. I was surprised at how inexpensive Parcel Post shipping was when I got a quote a USPS.com. It looks like the most it will be is about $25 to California, less depending on how close to Massachusetts you are. It will ship in an additional outer box to protect the Rock Band box. PM me with a zip code for an actual quote. Paypal is highly preferred, though USPS MO is also acceptable. For trades, I would look at 2600 trade lists. I might be interested in some 2600 stuff, especially if it is Activision related. Let me know if you have any questions. I have lots of feedback on the DP forums, Neo-Geo forums and eBay under the same username. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hello there. I know I'm new to posting around these parts, however I have plenty of feedback at Digital Press, Neo-Geo Forums and ebay. If anyone was uncomfortable dealing with me, I wouldn't mind shipping first to respected members around here if I was to trade. Anyway, on with the list: I need a set of 2600 paddles and kepad controllers for a couple of games I picked up last night. I'm not really sure of the difference between the keypad and touch pad controllers, I just need two of the ones that work with brain games. I also just got my first vectrex and need another controller. The items need to be in decent cosmetic condition, and in good working condition. If anyone has any of these I am primarily looking to trade. My wallet is a little light after picking up the vectrex. I have quite a bit more recent generation stuff, primarily DC and N64, though I have lots of games for other systems I would trade.
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