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  1. Good evening, Rafał. I just got a Lynx Model 1, i would like to have an AgaCart for it. Sent you the message
  2. Got my 2nd AgaCart today, works flawlessly as usual. My nephew will be very happy, this is an awesome gift for his upcoming birthday in October Thank you very much, Rafał
  3. Hi, Rafał. Can you add me to the list again? I bought from you before. This one is for my nephew's upcoming birthday, the kid also shares the same love for Atari consoles, especially the LYNX and 7800 Also, just let all you guys on here know that the cart i got 2 months ago. It works well without any issues. Highly recommended this awesome piece of work!
  4. That’s what made me confused now, because this one i bought. I don’t need to plug in a 2nd adapter to the 32X, just only 1 for the Genesis
  5. Hi, i just counted all pins again. I found out the cables i using for this are actually the original 8, not 9 This even made me more confused, because no one on the internet before that i read has this issue. Most of them have issues with the 9 ones instead
  6. I just bought the console today at a local flea market. When i plugged in only 1 AC adaptor, It can run both Genesis and 32X carts fine, no missing models. But if i plug in the 2nd AC adapter, it will crash and unable to load games plus shut down. I’m not sure about this issue, i tried to find on the internet and on here. But it seems that my case is likely the first one of its own. Here are the pics of it:
  7. Powers on and the LED isn't dim at all. Not even a red screen, only black screen on TV, plus no sounds. What can i do to fix this problem? I tested it with official Jaguar power adapter, not 3rd party one. And i used composite cable. I tried to test it on my friend’s console with my own cable and my Cybermorph game. It worked well without issues on her console, but sadly not mine. Now i have no idea where to go from here now Here is the inside of the console, i attached them below so all of us can see it
  8. johncena1973

    PAL PS2

    Hi, i'm looking for a PAL PS2. I already have the controllers and the memory cards, I just need the console only. SLIM OR FAT model don't matter, as long as there's no damage to the console and it still can read the game, then it's all good to me. I'm living at the US right now. Thanks first, guys
  9. Thank you very much for letting me know that. We will try our best, wish us luck
  10. Btw, do you know anyone on here or other forums that offer SEGA CD, and SEGA CDX repair? I asked that in case i cannot fix this stubborn boi
  11. WOW! That was really helpful. And do you know anyone here offer SEGA CD and SEGA CDX repair?(in case something bad happen in the future). Thank you very much, imstarryeyed. I owe you one, pal
  12. I tried the GENESIS cartridge, and it worked flawlessly. Just the CD part not working properly.
  13. Yesterday, i just finally got the adapter for my SEGA CDX. I tried to tested it for 5-7 minutes then i realized that my Sega CDX spins disc for a moment then stop. No matter how i tried to use another disc. It's still not work and the same problem above repeating. Here is the video of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBs5WKkI3yQ
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