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  1. Great news! I've been hoping for an AtariAge Discord server. Let us know when we can get an invite.
  2. I'm ready to sign up but I want to do the class on Udemy with all of my other classes and with Udemy features.
  3. NTSC/PAL/Sears/Special: Sears Serial # (Ex: #54035V or #007649): 16876S MFG Location (Sunnyvale, Taiwan): Sunnyvale, CA (Owner/AA Member), MyPawnsEatPpl (Location= City, State, Country): Slidell, LA A/B Channel Slot (Yes/No): No A/B Channel Switch (Yes/No): No Functional (Yes/No): Yes Previous Owner: Ebay seller aces6690 Switchboard/Motherboard Revision #: C010462 Rev 5 C010433 Rev 7 Parts fixed: Soon to be the power jack. I replaced the RF cable with a subwoofer cable but the old one still works and will be saved. It goes really well with my Sears Tele-Games Center. The new Hyperkin Trooper Retron 77 joystick is a joy to use.
  4. I need a Wico 5200 keypad if you're still making those.
  5. Thanks to 1050 for helping me to diagnose the problem in private messages. We traced back that strange 12V reading on C42 to pins 1 and 2 on the Freddie chip. It was sending out insane voltages and that chip appears to be the problem. I just hope that the chip didn't take anything else out with it.
  6. I don't see C42 in the Sobola schematic. I also have a power switch on this thing that doesn't always turn on. You have to rotate it to just the right position and press it in for it to turn on. Let me know if anyone knows how to fix that.
  7. You're right. I meant to say the SALLY chip. It was set to DC voltage when I measured.
  8. My logic probe is showing pulsing signals on the OS ROM chip so I assume that means it's good. All of the chips besides the two 8-pin chips have some pins with pulsing signals. Doesn't that indicate that they're working? I think the two 8-pin ones handle keyboard input or something, right? What about this 12V signal on my multimeter? Could that be a bad resistor or something?
  9. I picked up a second XEGS while I continue to repair my original and get parts and things. That one had bad RAM and a bad STELLA chip. I accidentally pulled up some copper traces getting the STELLA chip out that I have to fix. Oops. This one has a red screen. The power supply tested fine. Using my old, not very trusty analog multimeter, I get a strange reading of about 12V in this circled area. I'm still a beginner at learning electronics (I just started a class on it) but that isn't normal, is it? What could be the problem here? Everything else seems fine. I believe all of the chips are working after testing with my logic probe.
  10. The autofire does work on the PC Propad. It's a great gamepad. I liked it so much that I bought an extra for my PC.
  11. I'm afraid that this could set off a bidding war but it's up for sale on ShopGoodwill right now: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/56029627 It's at a Goodwill store in Santa Rosa, CA. I messaged Curt Vendel about it but he has yet to reply. So bid at your own risk. We aren't really sure where this thing came from.
  12. Does anyone know anything about this? Weren't these only available in black?
  13. I have one of these. The problem was that it did quad rendering (like the Sega Saturn) and it only supported Direct3D in software rendering mode. I remember using it for a long time just as a sound card along with a Voodoo 2.
  14. Retroachievements just added Chopper Command complete with high scores. A lot of the achievements aren't triggering yet. They seem to be working out the bugs on it still. http://retroachievements.org/Game/12813 Other 2600 games: http://retroachievements.org/gameList.php?c=25
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