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    There’s certainly been no shortage of devices over the past few years, some better than others. Definitely some of the older ones I wish I had. Though I suppose, being open-source, it’s technically possible to resurrect some of them.
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    I can’t believe this has been available for so long and I’ve never noticed it, I actually only stumbled onto it - via its website, when I was browsing around for information on the SIDE2. Clearly I need to spend less time working and more time on the forums Needless to say, I’m now super excited - I’m probably looking forward to getting one of these even more than I am about getting the PS5 at Christmas..... My mum & dad always manage to spoil the surprise, they get over excited when it comes to present buying. ....... Yes, I’m 45 and I still get spoiled. So does my wife, by them and me, a notion she’s unaccustomed to. Her family don’t do ridiculously expensive presents. I got a slap around the head last week because (among other things) I spent £200 on a waterproof jacket for her. It’s a good jacket though But I digress, that’s what happens when pain has kept you awake all night and your morphine is starting to kick in, giving you terrible diarrhoea of the keyboard. BOT.. I think I’ll get way more use out of this cart than the S-Drive Max I built for myself. I could be wrong, but I just can’t resist the feature set of this stunning piece of work.
  3. Well, so long as were asking for systems Now that the LTO Flash seems to be done and dusted with. Would an Intellivision adapter be possible? Y’know, because I was stupid enough not to get an LTO when they were available.
  4. I appreciate that, I actually have a set on order from them already, hopefully they'll arrive soon, but they way things are they may well be understandably delayed. I'm sure I'll be branded as a heretic in these days of people fitting HDMI to retro consoles and so on, but I like the old snowy/wavy RF image. Not always, I'm nearly as much in favour of a nice clean signal as the next man - I can't bring myself to butcher my machines for HDMI for example, plus it wouldn't work on the CRT I use but every now and then, I do like to remind myself what it was like back when I had only the RF for my computers and consoles. Nostalgia I dare say. I still like to fire up my Philips Videopac G7200 and see games on that tiny B&W screen, takes me back to the very first TV I had for my bedroom as a boy. Yes I'm a sentimentalist 😜 ------------- Very much appreciated @Schmitzi that's very kind of you indeed. I'll be in touch.
  5. Well the PHA2036 is certainly PAL, so one would assume it would work. It’s channel 36 if I recall correctly, which is obviously available on UK TV’s. What sort of price would be looking for, including postage of course? Cheers, Stu.
  6. Hi, I’m forever reading this forums for help, and I generally find the answer I need, so I don’t post much, I really should do more. Anyway, as the title says, this is a long shot, I know, but if it’s worth asking anywhere, it’s here. So, does anyone have a spare UK modulator they’d consider selling to someone in need? Cheers, Stu.
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