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  1. I use a RGB to component adapter called Gen2Jag or SNES2Jag from Jody Hicks(Judas-Prime on here) and some HD Retrovision Cables. That should work ok on your PVM and is portable to a consumer television.
  2. My N501 did that as well. My two other Toshiba Nuons are still working great
  3. It's an apples to oranges comparison. One attempts to replicate the actual circuitry via a HDL schematic rather than create a software abstraction layer on top of existing hardware.
  4. IDK why people insist that FPGA is a magic bullet. Every hardware scenario has to be tested millions of times to ensure it's accuracy. Heck even the SuperNT, which was tested in this fashion had a minor issue with Mega Man X upon it's release. This was by a company with resources, who paid Kevtris to develop it. The open source community will struggle with accuracy much more than they did.
  5. There is an adapter for Jaguar -> component(via HD Retrovision cables) made by Jody Hicks(Uncle Jody on twitter). I use one on my Jag.. its pixel perfect on a consumer grade CRT
  6. I am really glad to see these items go to good homes rather than to Goodwill where they would have been inevitably destroyed within a few days.
  7. Thank you! I have already put the mac book and that iMac to good use, they ended up going to my brother and his finance. I am going to put out a post on the Facebook Apple Collector group for the rest.
  8. Ill take the G4 Mac Mini, intel mac Mini and the Intel Transition Developer Kit. Thanks, Cole
  9. Battlesphere was most definitely indie homebrew, but it was very good indie homebrew. There was active development for years following the closure of Atari Corp
  10. I would like to purchase one of these as well once more are available.
  11. Alot of gamers would be willing to pay for a license to a rom if it where made available. I have done that with a couple of C64 releases(Sam's Journey and Steel Ranger). Many want a copy of Battlesphere(for example) that isn't a bootleg and if where made available for sale I'm sure that they would happy to support the developers instead of being forced to compete with Ebay sellers which provide nothing back to the original devs. Hopefully developers make that an option.
  12. Please put me down for one SainT.
  13. In this thread, Lee(eltoozero) has created a board as a kit that can be wired up for a controller and Nick(nicolaspersijn) is constructing them prebuilt in this thread a few comments above. Reach out to Lee directly for more info([email protected]) or to Nick(on here) directly
  14. I made a comment a few spots up that has a couple of Aliexpress controllers which should work great for this. Ive bought from the seller, Marco several times. He uses authetic arcade plunger style micro switches in his gear which should wire up nicely to the boards.
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