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  1. Of course it's an Apple II. It runs Apple II software, uses Apple II peripherals, takes Apple II expansion cards, and was designed by Woz. I don't know why this is even a question.
  2. I would absolutely love to try the light gun support, but those AimTrak guns seem really hard to come by for anything close to a decent price.
  3. One thing I should point out is that the original FF7 (for PC, anyway) had basically this same demo, and at least *some* of the criticisms apply to that as well. The first few minutes of the game, which is literally what this demo is IIRC, are just not that great. The battles in the original too were very simple; they were turn based, but they involved almost nothing but physical attacks, just like the remake. If you took that and just made it real-time, which is what the remake demo does, it's going to feel basically like a hack-n-slash game. The original game battle system became almost obscenely complex as the game went on. I have no doubt that that's going to happen with the remake as well, and it's not really going to feel much like a hack-n-slash by the end. I am mainly concerned that it's going to be too chaotic to really *do* anything with all that complexity, though, but maybe the game's got a trick up its sleeve that we don't know about. The demo in general only shows a tiny fraction of what the overall game has to offer, that's for sure.
  4. Well after months of searching, I finally got one! So far I'm really enjoying it, and I haven't yet really explored even half of what it can do. I've just been playing the built-in games plus starting to add on some of my own via USB with the Addon Tool. There are some relatively minor nits to pick as with anything that tries to do so many things, but it seems to do most things well and I'm really happy I got it. Really impressed with it overall. I know some people are super-critical about stuff like this, but I think it's a pretty good mix of modern functionality and nostalgia.
  5. Always pronounced it "wick-o" I actually remember those ads from the time. Commercials are always a good way to find out the correct pronunciation of a brand name if there's a question (and YouTube has basically everything), although you can occasionally get into regional stuff that way too and then all bets are off.
  6. A friend of mine had her Coleco Adam on the floor in front of the living room TV. (She had a ColecoVision before it, but kept the Adam in the same place.) Personally I don't think that much has really changed. I had my Apple IIc in my bedroom on a desk, and most everyone I knew had their computers similarly stationed, though most of us used them for playing games about 70% of the time... same as now. I know IBM tried to market the PCjr as a living room computer, but I don't know how many people really used it that way. I think most computers even back then were used on a desk, whether or not they were mostly used for gaming. And that's still true.
  7. I was that way some years ago. I think the normal cycle for most collectors is to first hoard, then cull, then reach some kind of natural balance you (and those around you) can live with. At some point I think most people realize their collection has grown to the point that there is just no time to play it all, at which point it has crossed a line. I definitely don't play even all the stuff I've kept, at least not regularly, but everything I still have is something I at least have on display and can appreciate. I feel like if you're just shoving stuff in rooms where you can't even easily get at it, you're not even really appreciating it, much less playing it.
  8. If you're specifically talking about the LCD screen, I don't think it was really incompatible with most software - the software didn't even know you were using it. It just distorted the image to fit the aspect ratio. Obviously it wasn't very successful, which is why it's such a rare thing and expensive if you find one on Ebay. But I remember wanting one at the time. I had a IIc and I remember there was an ad showing somebody using a IIc at the beach with the LCD screen and the battery they made for the IIc. That was pretty compelling; I mean this was before laptops really existed, but it was also still very much in the age of the Apple II. If you were invested in the Apple II ecosystem, as I was, this was your only option for a portable machine. I'm sure that was Apple's thinking at the time too. There never was a *more* portable Apple II machine than the IIc with the flat panel display.
  9. I disinfect most of the things I buy for my collection whether or not there's a specific virus going around... Most of this stuff was owned by disgusting kids at one point. Or disgusting adults.
  10. I'm excited but wary. Like you, I played through the original a few times and it's one of my more memorable life experiences, not just gaming experiences. So probably any change to it is something I'm not going to see as an improvement, because it's changing something that's almost a sacred memory for me. But at the same time, I've been waiting for a re-release of the original game with updated graphics for so long, so I can't just not buy it. It'd be like being a Star Wars fan since 1977 and then not buying the Blu-Ray release, when all that you had before was a VHS copy. I played the demo and while the graphics are really nice and the story seems more or less faithful, I am having a really hard time getting used to the battle system. I gave up on FF games about the time they went fully real-time, and this FF7 is fully real-time. Even "classic" mode is just real-time for dummies. The FF7 battle system was so intricate that it basically had to be turn-based for you to have the time to understand and properly deal with everything that was going on in the more high-level special battles. I can't even follow the action in the initial scenes of the remake! I kept winning by just attacking and doing what the tutorial was telling me to, but I had no real sense of what the hell was happening. And I have no idea how that kind of fast-paced action is going to work in the bigger battles. The demo felt like winning a fighting game by button mashing. I'm also a little concerned about the initial release taking place solely in Midgar (at least that's what I understand is happening). They're breaking the game up into smaller individual chapters, each priced at full price. I remember not *really* feeling like FF7 was all that great until I got *out* of Midgar. Then the world opened up, new characters appeared, various new environments each with their own personality were available, and the plot really got going. I feel like staying in Midgar for an entire game could feel really stifling. I'll still buy it, though.
  11. Well, you definitely need Bayonetta 1 & 2, unless you have them for Wii U (not many people do). I'd still get Mario Kart just because it's one of the best *handheld* games on the system. Even if you had it for the Wii U, you didn't really have it in a form that you can take anywhere. Whenever I take my Switch outside, it's really the only game I end up playing because it's great in short bursts and the graphics are such that everything's very easy to see on a small screen, which isn't always the case for a lot of Switch games.
  12. As a buyer, I've both tried submitting BO's and also just hit the BIN on listings with the BO option. It depends on what it is and how willing I am to take a risk. IIRC sellers have 48 hours to respond to a BO, and a lot of things can happen in that time. Someone else could hit the BIN, or submit a slightly higher offer than you (and maybe they even already have). It's in the seller's best interests to wait the full 48 hours until the offer expires to see if he gets anything better, so to me the question is "do I want this thing now, guaranteed, or do I want to take a chance it's still available 2 days from now at a slightly lower price?" As a seller, I usually offer the BO option, and occasionally I get some takers but they're usually low-ball offers. Since I started using the "auto-reject if lower than" option, I don't see very many that come through at all. Usually I set the auto-reject threshold somewhere where anything above that, I'll take, so if an offer does come through I almost always take it. Honestly, I usually initially price stuff as a seller a little higher than I think something's worth. (If I'm doing an auction, I do the opposite and start at $1, but I'm talking about fixed price listings.) You never know; sometimes prices drift upward for whatever reason, maybe there's something specific about my individual piece that I don't even know about that would make it more valuable, or maybe someone just really wants it on a given day. But that means if someone does submit a BO that's 10% lower, they'll usually get it. But they may have to wait that 48 hours so I make sure nobody else just hits the BIN...
  13. It's not news. It's some guy's opinion about what may happen in the future. And it's true - it may! Lots of things may happen. But there's no point talking about them until they do.
  14. To be honest, I didn't even remember writing my last reply up there, and it was only 3 years ago. Who's this moron talking about Roman chariots?!
  15. "Junk" means something different in Japan than it does here, and you are talking about a listing from a Japanese seller. He has at least tried to use the local parlance by also saying "As Is", which is what "junk" actually means in Japan. It doesn't mean it's useless or even that it necessarily has anything wrong with it. This one seems to have some kind of output problem, but the "junk" description just means he has gone no further in diagnosing it and won't take any more responsibility for it. It could be a bad cable for all anyone knows. I have bought plenty of "junk" items in Japan that had absolutely nothing wrong with them. All it usually means is "untested, as is". Also the reason it's $99 is obvious. The shipping is free and he's shipping it from Japan. So the actual price is more like $50.
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