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  1. The first winter freeze is upon CA and the West.Hope no pipes break....

    1. CPUWIZ


      You know a lot of people are gonna laugh at you, right? Even though, it's supposed to go down into the 30's over the next few days, it was frigging 77 degrees yesterday!

    2. dwh


      currently 22F here.

    3. CPUWIZ
  2. Just cleaned out ,washed out and rebed the chicken coop.Fun stuff!

    1. Fixitguy74


      That's what she said!

    2. Grig


      Break 'er easy, cluck cluck!

  3. Life in the slow lane..going nowhere, never mind

  4. Happy arbritrary end of the year day!

  5. A break in the pouring rain here in CA;cleared the ditches out, loads of fun!

  6. dwh

    Terminator Salvation

    Turn on the closed captioning...once you do, you will be hooked.I'm so lazy now, the CC is on all the time. As for the movie, it was OK.The special effects and stunts are worth seeing.The different kinds of terminator machines are interesting.The end is confusing;I assume the terminator/human regrows its heart? As for the whole methos of terminator, if the machines rise up, humans are basically boned...it's as simple as expodential math.Once the machines are making machines, it's over.
  7. Looks like Leno is cancelled...And, you are right, Conan makes NY jokes that the LA idiots just can not get;it's almost too agonizing to watch.
  8. I got two female kittens from my neice a little over a year ago--then about a month later I look and notice that these two cats are NOT female at all.They are still great never the less.
  9. "Now I get the 'No refunds' clause of the skydiving contract."
  10. dwh

    Eli's Coming

    Don't give up your day job! Pretty funny, reminds me of when I did 'flip-page' drawings in all my textbooks-you know the ones where you flip through the pages and it animates something lame.
  11. dwh

    Holiday Qb

    Quote,"Holiday QB is the holiday cart for 2004. This was the second year of what's become an annual tradition here at Atari Age. Sadly I missed out on the first year, but I won't let that happen again!" So did I, but got very lucky on e(vil)-bay and got a copy.
  12. Quote,"The jpgs are suitable for printing and putting on your chrono-corkboards that I'm certain each and everyone of you have hanging in your living rooms by now. You may also use them to make chrono-t-shirts or even tatoo them onto the backs of your children for use as handy and mobile references." Sick!, but funny.Lets just hope nobody sees these printed out and on display at a tatoo place. Keep on chronogaming, I still enjoy reading it.
  13. I played the hell out of this game "back in the day".The Odyssey 2 was able to show all those planets and the players ships without flicker;Atari couldn't come close to this game.
  14. dwh

    Tetris for Channel F

    That's weird that the program would add rows to the second player while you remove multiple rows on your side.Probably just something as simple as a + or - somewhere in the program.You would have to make player one the novice player side, to even out the fun.
  15. dwh

    Schach for Channel F

    "I think I won my first game because I was excited and focused, which usually makes me smarter and better looking." I thought drinking alcohol made people smarter and better looking?!, not vidio games.
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