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  1. Turn on the closed captioning...once you do, you will be hooked.I'm so lazy now, the CC is on all the time.

    As for the movie, it was OK.The special effects and stunts are worth seeing.The different kinds of terminator machines are interesting.The end is confusing;I assume the terminator/human regrows its heart?

    As for the whole methos of terminator, if the machines rise up, humans are basically boned...it's as simple as expodential math.Once the machines are making machines, it's over.

  2. Quote,"Holiday QB is the holiday cart for 2004. This was the second year of what's become an annual tradition here at Atari Age. Sadly I missed out on the first year, but I won't let that happen again!"

    So did I, but got very lucky on e(vil)-bay and got a copy.

  3. Quote,"The jpgs are suitable for printing and putting on your chrono-corkboards that I'm certain each and everyone of you have hanging in your living rooms by now. You may also use them to make chrono-t-shirts or even tatoo them onto the backs of your children for use as handy and mobile references."

    Sick!, but funny.Lets just hope nobody sees these printed out and on display at a tatoo place.

    Keep on chronogaming, I still enjoy reading it.

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  4. That's weird that the program would add rows to the second player while you remove multiple rows on your side.Probably just something as simple as a + or - somewhere in the program.You would have to make player one the novice player side, to even out the fun.

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