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  1. That happened to me to..got two colecovision carts via ebay and have since traded them off.So sometimes the mistakes help your collection along. I have War Room for Colecovision just because it is related to the Odyssey 2 stuff I have, but no Colecovision to test it on.
  2. Only if you are willing to pay $100 for your copy... Get Stratogems!
  3. My pre-order(I picked the basic black cart) and an Odyssey 2 order is in. Who knew that this one sentence could be worth over $400... Oh well, the price of being a vidio game collector.
  4. To make even more money, the binder with all the cool info in it, is now in a separate auction.
  5. The homebrew game Warring Worms got the many variations theme right.But, basically, I would agree, more variations, damn it!
  6. These prices are why I am glad I do not have a pay-pal account-- I would be much poorer than I already am... I do not have those two boxes either.
  7. Nice! The odyssey(1) boxed games are cool.I just can't justify buying stuff for the original Odyssey, I'm too much of a slave to everything that is for the Atari 2600.
  8. [quote name='Feralstorm' date='Fri Aug 18, 2006 3:47 AM' post='1122806' back on track, flicker never really bothered me unless it's unusually bad, like lots of things on-screen at once in Adventure or Wizard of Wor - bad. The flicker on Wizard of Wor just made the game end sooner for me.By the time you get to level 8 or so, everything is moving so fast...and due to flicker you can't see them,that's just cheating! I forgot about the whole moon flickering on lunar lander/star ship,"Oh the humanity!"
  9. dwh

    Hunchy 2

    I have only gotten to level 10 once,very briefly, then the guard chased me down;did not have enough time to look at the layout and figure out a way around him. Oh yeah,BTY, the game does kick ass!
  10. Mine are in plastic boxes with lids(so they can be stacked),with labels on one end letting me know which companies games are in which box. I now have three of these boxes with Atari Age released games! Two boxes are full, the third box is just getting filled with new games.
  11. Careful, Magnavox might sue this site and force us to change it to OdysseyAge(!).After reading the Ralph Baer book, it seems that he spent half his life in court for Magnavox.
  12. Demon attack and atlantis are not as rare as the parker bros games,but cool to own because of so little third party games for the O2.
  13. I live rural, so I have no choice but to shop on-line. (I'm not a shut-in, I just don't get out much)
  14. Edtris 2600 and SoundX came out in 1994, two years after Salu and HES released their last Atari games. Only two years!It's almost like the 2600 never stopped being supported.
  15. I would like to know too.I think I missed out on Indy 500 XE.
  16. Which introduces another interesting question: Is "for sale" good enough or shouldn't at least one copy be sold? And how about games that where never sold but only available as gifts/bonus? My question is, how many games does the AA store sell of certain good games? A good rule of thumb(or maybe not?), would be a game that sells 50 special edition games, then sells 50+ regular release games at AA or some other online venue.Then you could assume the title has gained homebrew status by 1-being programmed,not hacked & 2-has sold 100+copies, thus making it popular.
  17. I also wanted to mention that the whole at arcade and home vidio game market was not created but made strong by Atari;any other company afterwards was just working off the business model made by Bushnell, even after the crash.
  18. dwh


    Game instructions for Atari brand water- 1)open water with cap pointed up towards ceiling,or your game will be of shorter duration. 2)drink water,drink slowly for longer lasting game, or drink quickly for short game play. 3)when all water is gone,from drinking or evaporation,your Atari Water gaming experience is over.
  19. Looks frustrating as hell!Bring it on!
  20. dwh

    The Box Bug

    I've collected both loose and boxed games.First I got the loose games,then got the 'bug' to get the boxed ones as well.So you might end up with two collections as it where,which is cool in a way,but expensive in other ways;money wise or GF/Wife wise.
  21. Are we going to see this bumper sticker in the near future? "My car runs on Combat cartridges"
  22. I am currently hooked on Hunchy 2(got to level 7) & Stratogems. In otherwords, check out the homebrews. My alltime fav is Pac-Man Jr.
  23. So exercise and eat right so you can outlast the other collectors Great theory,if we could just stop these young 15 to 25 year olds getting into the hobby we might have a chance... I'm taking the games with me, no ones getting them;a coffin made of game cartridges?
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