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  1. I bought Berzerk for the 2600 with my very own saved up 'change'. Got a great game and pissed of the teller at toys-r-us. "What's the first game you used as a door-stop?"
  2. Douh! I stand corrected...this is what happens when you rely on the computer in your head.My brain runs on Win98 and is no longer supported!
  3. So when can I get my working copy of Shooting Gallery?
  4. Gets in very long line Line moves back one,"Dammit, someone just had a baby"(Futurama qoute)
  5. Need some Sears boxed games?(not mine)(paypal only) http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-of-40-BOXED-Atari-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. I only need five more boxed.I got all mine at atari2600.com.The boxes are not much to talk about, just blank red boxes.
  7. The same type of penny is currently going for over $8000.Wish I had that kind of cash.Of course it still cost more than a penny for the mint to make a penny,they need to just phase it out.(then I can sell all my pennies for $1000 each!)
  8. dwh

    Jr Pac-man

    Another thing that is annoying is the fact that your character can not reverse as fast as the ghosts(it seems to glide a bit before reversing),so following the red or purple ghosts is not a good idea at all. I can barely get to level 3 and consider it lucky to get to four; I can hardly get to level two without losing a life.Whenever I need a lesson in humility I just play Pac-Man Jr!
  9. I thought from the thread title that this would be like a challenge to make a "worse" pac-man.The game that won this contest would be determined by just how quickly the player cries and/or throws the joystick at the tv screen in a fit of rage. The Chinese Connection mentioned above is priceless.
  10. I am going to attempt to win the Earth Dies Screaming, but I see Odessagirl2004 is also bidding, so I expect to be outbid. Just to piss off ismokeblunts, I got Espial boxed for .99 cents a few years back on ebay--my luckiest auction ever.
  11. You guys just don't understand these attorneys.They must word everything with broad definitions, so they can add to or make new "improved" laws later.How dare we try to make attorneys close their loopholes; they would be out of work! Signed, "a not so average person"
  12. My two all time favorite "studies" are as follows-- 1)A study was done to see just how long it takes ketchup to ooze down an incline/ramp. 2)A 12 year study on cancer that came to the conclusion that cancer is caused by cells that do not function correctly-duh! As for violence, I just read today of a gangland shoot-out in Sacramento,CA in a major trafic signal intersection.None of the gang members were shot but a woman sitting at the light had all three of her kids shot(they are still alive though).What we need to do to get rid of these gangbangers is send them to a shooting range so maybe they could kill eachother and not innocent bystanders.All three kids that got shot probably have played vidio games, I'm sure according to people like Hillary, thats why they got shot.
  13. Where did all those conversions come from?Were they offered in cartridge form, and when? I knew about the Homebrews because they were sold here at AA. Inquiring minds need more info.!
  14. I hear yeah, I was sniped four times, by .01 cent, on Time Pilot cartridge (not even boxed) a few years back.It can get irritating after a while, but I figure that with enough patience I will eventually get what I wanted, once the 4 or 5 people that also want the same item have theirs. More recently I forgot to bid on the MASH boxed game with t-shirt; it only went for $35.Douh!
  15. The game is so lame, no instructions are necessary...
  16. dwh

    Reindeer rescue?

    If I don't get my copy soon Reindeer Rescue will end up being my 2006 x-mas exclusive....
  17. When the sun uses up most of its nuclear fuel/gases and starts to expand towards the Earth, then, and only then, will vidio games be DOOMED!
  18. dwh

    Worth $1000?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/16-Ultra-Rare-Atari-26...1QQcmdZViewItem So is it worth it, or should the seller have split it up and made more money?
  19. Donald Ducks Speedboat was released by Atari2600.com a while back as a limited reproduction run, and is fun to play.
  20. I don't have to play Vidio Pinball to be a dork, but it helps!
  21. If you are interested in seeing the Tripod error page, then check out my dead site! But seriously what would be a good host site to display my stuff?
  22. I thought I threw out my games boxes too, but in the last year my dad found them above his office at our business.
  23. dwh

    Holy Moley ?

    I bought mine at the CGE02, but just had to have the signed copy I got off of e(vil)bay for $45.These late release games really do have supurb graphics.Road Runner still blows me away.
  24. dwh


    I'm hurt. The problem with Vidio Pinball is that the "ball" is way to big,so the ball would get stuck in predictable repeating patterns that sucked any pinball fun right out of the game.
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