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  1. Happy arbritrary end of the year day!

  2. When Al ships my latest order out, then a late christmass will be had by me.
  3. Got it...reading it...This is one big book! Already read about some myths that are just false.Just finished the chapter,"Somebody get me a mallet!" and can totally relate to the warping plastic cases since I did quality control at a platics factory 17 years ago.
  4. dwh

    Video Pinball

    I first saw Video Pinball at an eighth grade classmates home, back when everyone only bought two or three of the 50 to 60 dollar games a year.Also played the hell out of it when I finally owned my own copy, mostly because there was no other pinball game out yet.
  5. I read the Kindle version...nice book.The number of laughs you get out of the book depends on just how geeky you are.
  6. Mine are in the mail, there were a few left on Amazon.
  7. A break in the pouring rain here in CA;cleared the ditches out, loads of fun!

  8. Wow. Wish I had the room to organise my collection like that! Your basement is bigger than the place I live in...
  9. Ahhh,generator fumes and snow!

  10. Ahhh,generator fumes and snow!

  11. You have taken 'woodgrain' to a new level!
  12. dwh

    Halo 2600 Pre-Order

    I'll buy it later from the AA store,if that ever happens...just don't trust pay-pal.
  13. This got me thinking about the hype over all the different add-ons, back in the day.Hopefully we do not repeat history and this item really is released.And once it is,Curt can have the satisfaction of actually creating and releasing an add-on peripherial that does not go instantly to vapor-ware...
  14. Nice! Very nice....where do you live 'exactly'? Just kidding, good job!
  15. A lot of games would have been made if the crash had been delayed just six months in some cases...
  16. After reading this forum topic, I should be scrambling to sell my Infogrames/Atari,Inc stocks ASAP, right? Who knows, good luck to Nolan and the rebranded Atari,Inc...
  17. Sure wish I had $965.60 lying around! Very nice work...
  18. What a scam!....just kidding, hope it sells out in 12 hours this time!
  19. Is level #4 solvable with those two blocks in the third room by the doorway? Forget it--I figured it out...
  20. After looking at the wiki link--wonder how the nazis explained away the fact that the so-called 'sub-human' slavic peoples also had a swastika?The whole idea of linking people to a symbol is just lame, especially with such a universal symbol.And to have some androit auction house computer differentiate anything is just plain stupid.I have used the swastika pattern in some of my artwork because when used correctly is conveys movement.And yes it symbolises an evil regime,but at least we should talk about that, or can talk about that;instead an unenlightened Germany just bans it...
  21. You should send a copy of this to the CIA to use as a torture device!That's my way of saying I am horrible at this game!The movement routine is much better though.
  22. I can't even finish level 1! Wow, talk about brain fade...
  23. Got it working! Now I can try playing games in developement here at AA...
  24. Good job! I'll contact you when I win the lottery....in other words I don't have near enough money to even consider buying the rare Avalon Hill boxed games.That's my current problem with collecting 2600 games.The ones I need are $300 and up...
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