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  1. I'm still looking to get the Polaris green label and River Patrol. My first car that I bought for $800 was a 1969 Delta 88!
  2. I finally won a supercharger on ebay and it's on it's way thru the mail.I always eyed buying this item 'in the day',but just couldn't afford it back then.Be warned, the boxed supercharger games are getting pricy...
  3. Fine! Which version did you order? I was just assigned an CX-80 version, but saw this thread and hopped on my motorcycle and went the one mile back home to get the trackball controller out of the closet, and saw that it is an CX-22.So I already emailed Albert and got it straightened out.So the message board really did help...having to ride two miles to get the answer did not!
  4. maybe the upside down joysticks were for an add meant to be shown in Brazil--'Cause they are in the southern hemisphere...The retro-70's labels are pretty funny.
  5. About two years ago I oppened up the boxes that had my 2600 stuff in em.Also found stuff online and ordered games from Telegames & others.Then this website came along, and I've been hooked since...
  6. Yet another example of the message boards helping out--I figured out which trakball I got before sending the check out for my copy of Missile Command TB.
  7. dwh

    the big crash

    It is my belief that three things brought the crash.From "the first quarter", I quote again 'atari executives'--there were too many running around in company cars,limos, and planes.The second was all the lawyers who flocked to the billion dollar industry(remember all those college kids becoming lawyers in the 80's?)And the third is demographics(which I was a part of)--the kids grew up and got cars and jobs and wives,ect.I don't buy the 'crappy game' theory too much, because people saw these bad games and not a whole lot were sold--that's why they ended up in the $1 bin.As for Nintendo doing so well--demographics again--these scarry violent games were not so scarry anymore--just ask the people that had the kids who got Nintendo game systems;the parents are the ones who originally played pong,atari,odyssey.
  8. That's a bit too much.I paid $110 for a good copy of the game and a ok copy of the instructions.
  9. The three latest games for the atari 2600 are Allia Quest(cool shooter),Space Treat(sort of frogger in space--which is NOT a bad thing),Marble Craze(the best homebrew out there right now, right along with Thrust)And there will soon be 2 to 3 new ones...
  10. dwh

    Where's the Fun?

    Find someone addicted to gambling, plug this game in and you will see some sick 'fun'.
  11. Just got my 'not working right' copy of Marble Craze fixed (marble only went thru 2 sections of maze then you saw a flash of the third section and then it cycled thru the three--weird)So now I can definately say THIS GAME ROCKS! As for Marble Craze II;can't wait to see what other atari game characters wind up in there...
  12. Here's the front,could not get good picture of the writing on the back of the blue label one...[/img]
  13. Just got another copy of Artillery Duel by Xonox from ebay by mistake.When checking to see which copy has the better label I noticed that the new copy has a purple background on the label and does not have the Xonox logo and copyright info. molded into the plastic on the back/end.Is this a later release without the original molded copyright info in it?Any other single-enders have this?And lastly, I did check to see that the colors on both game screens are identical,so no Pal game here;besides the plastic is black,not grey.
  14. Some times I get confused and win something I already got(and hope the label is better,so it's not a total waste)I only pay with a personal check so that it delays the transaction 10-15 days, so that I can keep putting some money in the bank.Only had one check bounce,but it was for $225 or so,at least it wasn't a fee of $8 on a $5 check...sometimes 30 items just ain't enough to watch stuff on ebay,but I just make sure that if I put a "watch this bid" in that it's for an item that will accept a check...And yes sometimes I log in and see a bunch of stuff that I've won and say "whoh",but usually it's stuff I wanted to win anyway;but 10 to 12 items can add up, especially if you can not combine shipping.
  15. Bummer! I thought I was getting a root canal last time too, but instead they just capped it off and left the nerve endings there--so no cold ice or drink on that tooth!(brings the total to about five sensitive teeth)And yes they still charged $156 for the gold cap--so someday it might be-- "how would you like to pay for your copy of Quadrun?" "Do you take gold and if so, do you have any pliers"
  16. The cow thing is funny as hell. Years ago, my cousin, who has cows and horses, had a debate with a computer enthusiast about what each of them 'collects'--the cousin won the debate with this,"At least I can eat what I collect, what are you going to do with silicon chips?" As for me, I like collecting the games and could be using the cash on something stupid like(cows!?) drugs....
  17. You could always find a large oven and melt them together!Especially all those carts that don't have any labels. "oh, what's that smell?"
  18. I'm glad you have found your "special purpose" 7th edition is way better,plus I just got sick of reading the old one.
  19. dwh

    numb thumb news

    I don't see them, what search criteria are you using? Only saw these twice and I think Broncoman outbid me on one auction.
  20. Wow for $1400 I could buy 14 #9 rarity carts instead, but I will agree that if ya have everything already then getting these really rare items is all there is left. Downloading the ROM is so much cheaper....
  21. Just finished updating my website--look at page named 'new items sept 2002' to see the items I mentioned & more...
  22. Just got a copy of Tac-Scan in the flip-top box with inst's and the original stickers(did not know it came with the stickers)Got these three 'gems' in the last year-Back to school pak-Action pak-Racing pak.And lastly-got all the CGE2002 releases for the 2600(except for Marble Craze, which I ordered later).I'll take some pics and put em on my pathetic website,for those of you that want 'proof'.
  23. Maybe you can use this in the end of the movie-- They look around and don't see anything--the camera pans back and they are standing on a "hill" of et carts, but do not know it.... This happened to me years ago when I went to see an native indian settlement in S.F Bay Area.The natives ate a lot of shellfish and the ranger took us to see the mound of shells & I say,'Where the hell is this pile of shells' and the ranger tells me that we were all standing on it.... Long Live the ET Tread!...
  24. My rule with ebay is this--no picture, no bid, but as you wrote,it is all a gamble--I have seen good pictures and received crap,so one never knows.
  25. Just to add to your misery--not only are the copyright dates different, but the box art and styles are slightly different too!I did not realize this until I set up another bookcase outside of my closet(yes, I'm running out of room!),and could actually look at the silver label boxes....As for your question--as a collector the variants do matter,for the rest of us that just want a copy of the game to play, it don't matter much.
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