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  1. Wouldn't it be funny if the kid you sold the Stuntcycle to is the person listing this auction!
  2. Just to keep everything in perspective;the 2600 is more advanced than the three computers that run the space shuttle....
  3. Just bought a $54 bookcase to store boxed games in.All the loose carts are in plastic stackable boxes.
  4. Besides the Atari 2600 stuff, I also have gotten Oddysey 2 games loose and in boxes--only missing one game,and don't have the voice module.I can't afford to collect anything else right now;would like to get Colecovision stuff some day...
  5. dwh

    Fire Spinner?

    I have played this on the 255 multicart I bought at CGE 2002.If this game ain't finished,then how to control the guy is a mystery.I was under the impression that the object is to catch the flame;don't know if ya throw it back or wait for it to burn out?At one point I had the flame the guy was holding spinning around...I'll try it again tonight.
  6. dwh

    Hozer Video and Carts

    I have also sent another $100 for copies of Marble Craze(hopefully with tin box),Allia Quest,Gunfight & Asteroids with vector look and driver controller mod.<now I got to go turn some lights off!>(if you think paying utilities is a pain,come move to CA where every other state of the union rips us off!)
  7. dwh


    I had a copy of Xevious made from Hozer Vidio.Even though it's only 70% complete, that's better than the alternative(0%).Now that I've read this thread, I'm going to have to plug Xevious in tonight.....
  8. The Minature Golf and Slot Machine with the box are getting pretty rare Great find!
  9. Yeah I'd buy one;wish I had bought more books at CGE 02 but saved money for new released games instead...
  10. So now the game that has the most picture label variants has yet another!
  11. These homebrews do get confusing;for example, I have 3 copies of Warring Worms--one is 'Baroque Gaming' edition #5 of 50,another one is from the 'Midwest Classic 2002',and the last is #88 from CGE 2002.And then there is the Xype edition games with the label recall/label replacements.Also got a Mr. Roboto cart with the 'midwest classic' title screen.It's cool when the title screen makes the cart unique-letting you know which show it was from. Now back to the original topic--I got #50 on Space Treat, but did not pick it up until Sunday at CGE02.It's a great game that picks up speed on level#9(variable speeds on the different objects you must pass)
  12. Just looked at the 'in development' page here at AA,so not only are there protos, but a lot of original titles everyone is impatiently waiting on.I would personally like to see Klax(ntsc) and Save Mary released in the cool looking boxes;these two also seem to be great games to play.
  13. Snow White is pretty much unplayable and RS Basketball works, but the computer keeps stealing the damn ball!
  14. Just found this ebay auction http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1373953408 Were these newsletters only in Europe?
  15. Great show!I was pleasantly surprised that there were a lot of the new released games to go around(except for marble craze)I thought for sure that I'd only get one or two of the new 2600 releases,but ended up getting em all!(after a trip to the ATM,of course)As someone else posted here, it was cool to see those rare carts just sitting in cardboard boxes,and it is nice to know that we are dealing with nice,trustworthy people that did not just steal any of em.The Dig Dug drop was scary;only like ten people were on the floor in the middle going thru all the boxes...I think some children were trampled or something;oh well, you win some, ya lose some. Besides the show,I went to the strip and rode all but one of the rollercoasters;the best one is on the top of the stratosphere,the wildest one is at NY NY hotel. Also went and saw Hoover Dam;it was 'only' 110F in the shade that day... And last but not least, I gambled some money away.
  16. The voice phrases are played in between levels/screens. Due to my bad hearing, I have to turn the volume really high to hear the voice.It also looks like the 'humanoid' has been redrawn a little. All in all, it's a cool hack.
  17. dwh


    How bout this for 'jaded' choices I just bought the multicart for the 2600=255 games on one cart.
  18. I'm going to have to go get glasses to see those pics!
  19. dwh

    Hey kids, COMICS!

    YAWN;slaps face, oh yeah, great comic.
  20. Yeah, I already found these items cruisin' thru e-bay.Don't see numb thumb mags very often;of course, my copies are in a land fill
  21. dwh


    More comics! Mojofltr is from 'come together' by the Beatles.right?
  22. Only 70 copies at CGE!So only 7% of 1000+ people will have a shot at the CGE copy.Oh well, that's what makes it a 'collectable'.
  23. for those collectors out there-- There are two odyssey 2 units in the USA-one has plug in joysticks, the other has hard-wired joysticks--then there is the euro-version called vidiopac G7000.Then there is the voice modual and the voice games and lastly a chess game memory add-on(which just slipped by me for $12 on ebay ) The harder games to get are Smithereens, any voice game, and Power Lords, and complete copies of the master series games. There were 47 carts released in the US(and almost all of em programmed by one guy!),so it doesn't take long to make a decent collection.
  24. "nickle-a-play"--I had a better nicke scam;take nickes into garage and smash em with hammer on concrete floor until the size of quarters-it worked! As for the comic--my first $70 I ever made on a paper route went to the arcade;and it only lasted about a week...
  25. I have only collected the more obvious label variations and I have been hooked into getting the sears carts(I recently got all the text label ones).I have not started to get any pirate label variations,mainly because I have not gotten into buying stuff internationally over ebay.Now if someone put up ebay auctions consisting of different copyright years of carts or all the variations of combat or vidio olympics, I'd bid on 'em...
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